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Asus ROG Phone 6 5G 12GB/256GB $796, Zenfone 10 5G 8GB/256GB $1039 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Combine with 15% off gift cards.

All time low on the 256GB ROG, 33% off RRP$1199, $680 after gift cards. Very powerful and long battery life from the large 6000mAh battery.
Key Specs:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1
  • 6.78" FHD 165Hz 1ms AMOLED screen
  • 50 MP main + 13 MP ultrawide + 5 MP macro + 12 MP selfie
  • 6000mAh battery with 65W wired charging
  • Ships with Android 12, upgradable to 13
  • Dual-sim (both nano)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 65W charger included in box
  • Gamecool 6 cooling system

First sale on the Zenfone 10. ~$890 after gift cards, 31% off RRP$1299.
Key Specs:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • 5.9" FHD+ 144Hz AMOLED screen
  • 50 MP main (OIS, gimbal) + 13 MP ultrawide + 32 MP selfie
  • 4300mAh battery with 30W wired, 15W wireless, 5W reverse charging
  • Ships with Android 13
  • Dual-sim (both nano)
  • 30W charger included in box (very rare) and a case as well
  • NFC and Headphone Jack
  • IP68

TLDR: Flagship model for those who prefer a smaller form factor device. Very powerful in terms of performance with good battery life and a stable camera.

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  • +27

    You're doing a cracking job with all these ripper deals @shxhshzhz
    I appreciate your time and effort :)

    • +18

      Thanks 😁

  • How often do Asus update their phones with the latest Android updates?

    • +7

      This will only get one more major android update I believe. Asus advertised two years’ only, but four years of security. Should’ve banned this stuff before unique charging cables etc.

    • +1

      How many updates will the Zenfone 10 get?
      two Android OS upgrades
      Instead of a two-year blanket promise of updates, the Zenfone 10 will receive four years of security upgrades, but still only two Android OS upgrades. (It launches with Android 13, which means it won't get anything past Android 15.) That's still not as good as its peers, but it's better than before.

  • +1

    It's really hard to understand how you can sell a phone over 1k with USB 2.0.
    I mean, unless you're apple, and even…

    • +2

      it's got two ports mate

      • They said over 1k, which means they referring to the Zenfone 10 with it's single USB Type-C 2.0 port.

  • How are the cameras on these?

    • +2

      Serviceable from my research into the ROG7 over the past week.

      They're not bad but don't expect it to compete with the Samsung and Google options at the same price point. The low light performance in particular suffers quite a bit.

      The other issue with ASUS ROG phones is that they apparently have iffy support for VoLTE/VoWiFi with Aussie providers. Definitely Telstra.

      At the end of the day, this is a gaming phone so gaming performance is front and centre compared to other things like the camera.

      • +4

        Dunno if it works on the ROG, but on my Zenfone I have to enter *#*#3642623344#*#* in the dialer to enable it (loses it every reboot).

        • +1

          That's handy to know… but damn, that would be annoying to have to enter that code after every reboot.

          They could have at least used the konami code or the Mortal Kombat blood code from the Mega Drive version… something easy to remember for gamers - lol

          • +1

            @Mugsy: Yeah at some point I saved the first part to a contact to save time. But I reboot so infrequently that I forgot the contact name I used. 😄

          • @Mugsy: It is the number equivalent of ENHANCED4G, so it's not that hard to remember.

      • The other issue with ASUS ROG phones is that they apparently have iffy support for VoLTE/VoWiFi with Aussie providers. Definitely Telstra.

        Reminder that VoLTE is mandatory for voice calls to work after the 3G shutdown commences…

        Vodafone: 15 December 2023
        Telstra: 30 June 2024
        Optus: September 2024 or whenever their network falls over again

        I mean, you could always front the service from a VoIP DID…

        • Right on.

          It's why I stopped considering the ROGs and got a S23 Ultra today.

    • +2

      Just install Google Camera/Gcam mod for any android phones and people don't need to worry about photo quality.

      Search from Google: celzoazevedo and you can try to install and use many gcam mod for your android phone.

      One of my friend uses $2k iphone and he admitted that my night photo quality is better than his photo taken from iphone … I use <$500 android phone with gcam ;-)

      • For my old P30 (thanks OzBargain) which has pretty good camera quality back in the day, I couldn't find any GCam mods that work. I felt like I tried them all.

        • +1

          I think because the P30 "Kirin" processor is not supported by Gcam mods. Need a developer to modify gcam with support for Kirin processor …

      • Just adb install 2" sensor

    • Zenfone 9 came 3rd in MKBHD's blind photo test behind Pixel 6a, 7 Pro. Out of a field of like 20+. But image preference are personal.

    • Does not compete with pixel 8

  • -1

    Bring back the flip cameras

  • +7

    Recently got the 512gb 16gb ram Rog 6 in the last ozbargain post.

    If you can get over the gamer aesthetics it's an absolute beast of a phone for everyday use…..currently 7pm, I been using it all day and I'm at 76% battery lol.

    To the poster above its got a USB 3.1 and another 2.0 USB port.

    • +1

      How is the display in direct sunlight?

      • +1

        Great, no worse than the iPhone 13 pro max which switched from.

  • -2

    Maybe a dumb question, and no offense intended to the op but without a source, how do we know this is correct? Couldn't I just stick up a deal saying iPhone 15 max $599 in 2 days and be full of horse doodoo?

    • The catalogue was uploaded anonymously to OzBargain so it's not horse doodoo.

      • Oh really? Will go and have a look for it…

      • Thanks. Not very easy to find (the catalogue) and obviously everyone prefers to be spoon fed rather than looking through the catalogue for some reason(!) but it would have been great to have a link to it in the deal. Obviously I'm a special ❄️ (so I won't link it either in case it causes angst).

      • OK, my Google Fu must be rusty as I can't find that leaked catalogue.

        You wouldn't happen have seen the Samsung Galaxy Fold5 in the catalogue would you? My Mrs is eyeing one for her birthday/xmas pressie

    • +1

      But why would somebody do that?

      • +2

        They're bored, like to see people get excited then get angry… This is the internet, people do a lot worse for absolutely no good reason.

        • No offence but you must have seen a lot…

          • @0031nek: Um, not quite sure I get what you mean (so definitely not offended).

  • Always wanted an rpg phone but after using the Xperia 1 4 for a while now I kinda just want the creature comforts of a normal phone lol

    • +1

      rpg phones would be one's final fantasy :-)

      • Now I'm almost a full functional adult with money I would do silly things for a FF Collab phone like how oppo used to with other brands

    • +12

      you should just be banned for constantly commenting this nonsense

      • -6

        would be funny if I did get banned for posting benchmarks

        • The moderators here have already deflected quite a number of complaints regarding your comments already (there were 8 unique reporters and more than a dozen comment reports), but we have to draw a line somewhere. It's one thing to provide your opinion about something but lazy / low effort copy and pasting of the same comment over and over again just to piss people off isn't acceptable behaviour, and will be treated the same as SPAM / trolling.

          This should be quite obvious with the extremely high number of neg votes on your past comments, so please read the room.

          Consider this your one and only warning. Thanks

          • -5

            @scrimshaw: I’ll be linking geekbench as I see fit as it is a well respected benchmark, I’m providing information, if people are too fragile to handle a benchmark that’s not my problem

            If I do get banned that’s your pejorative, but just shows how dogshit this place has become, not going to be worth my time anyway

  • +2

    Any audio jack on these?

    • +2


      • Thanks mate. LOL, somebody negged me for asking, even though it doesn't say on the JB link.

  • Excuse me I'm confused how this discount works. Why is a ~30% off? I'm not really understand. Really appreciate for explaining

    • And can use it to by Pixel 8/8pro?

    • +1

      prices in titles are the sale prices. Use 15% off gift cards to save further.

  • Have one since early 2023. Great phone.

    3.5mm Jack+6000mah battery+front facing speakers+high refresh oled+no cam punch hole is one hell of a combo.

    Down sides? Heavier than normal phones, camera is meh, relatively short 2 major android updates + 4 years of security updates.

    • Does it have volte? Which provider are you using ? Cheers

      • It does. I use boost.

    • As mentioned above, get GCAM and delete to stock camera software.

  • -2

    I get that Australian market never get the best phones, but come on, $799 for a Snapdragon Gen1+ on end of 2023 as a deal is a bit too sad….

    • -1

      snapdragon gen 3 ain't even out yet, so basically anything last gen should go dirt cheap or what?

      • -1

        snapdragon gen 3 ain't even out yet,

        Xiaomi 14 is already out.

        so basically anything last gen (read: 2 gens ago) should go dirt cheap or what?

        let's just say, Nubia Z50 with 8gen2 is at $600, I get that there's no AUS warranty, but you should see the point.

        Motorola X40, Redmi K60 Pro with 8Gen2 is at around the same price to this ROG with 8gen1+

        it should really fall to around $500 ish mark. not dirt cheap, but it should be reasonable

  • +3

    Everything ASUS I've bought recently has died way too early. It's weird, when I was a lot younger building pc's for mates years ago they were the standard for quality.

    • -1

      I got a zenphone like 5-6 years ago or something and that phone lasted less than 12 months. It was super chonky as well.

      I wonder if they've improved.

      • Wife has a Zenfone 7 still going strong

      • I got one in 2018 and it's still going strong

  • is there a bonus for trade in?

  • I I need to purchase Gift cards when's the earliest I can buy the Zenfone 10?

  • Had an rog 3 and was underwhelmed after a year of usage, doesn’t last long and bad options for repairs

    To be fair I should’ve gone back to jb on first sign of issues and probably would’ve had some manufacturer warranty

    • Rog 6 and 7 phones are powerhouses.

      Going to grab myself a Zenfone 10 though…..I'm over chonky phones.

      • When I got my rog 3 it was also a powerhouse at the time. So it’s just hard to know based off specs alone I didn’t really like the asus android ui either but maybe I wasn’t very savvy with it

  • 4g volt has been out for how many years but we can't have it in a gaming phone using telstra, seems to be some work arounds but it's a bit of a risk. Seems like telstra has some beef with some of these more niche phones. The Sony phones have similar issues, Volt works fine EXCEPT with telstra.

    Points towards telstra being the problem rather than Sony and Asus. As far as I know.

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