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Silicon Power Ace A55 2TB 2.5" SATA SSD $118.99 Delivered @ Silicon Power Amazon AU

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I was looking for 2nd SSD as gaming drive. I found this low price SSD - 2TB 2.5" SATA SSD from Silicon Power

Silicon Power Ace A55 2TB SATA SSD, Up to 500MB/s, 3D NAND with SLC Cache, 2.5 Inch SATA III 6Gb/s Internal Solid State Drive for Desktop Laptop Computer

Some other shops have at $118.00, but it's not free shipping - if you have them locally, then this is a better deal.
MSY - Link
Umart - Link
MWave - Link

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • I don't suppose you can make this into a portable SSD? If it can what kind case this would need? Price looks good

  • Is it good for CCTv cam recording connected into USB port of the PC?

    • +1

      I was going to say no, but looking at the specs, this particular model allows for 1000 TBW (terabytes written), so it would probably conk out after 8 years if you have one 1080p camera recording every hour of every day at 15 frames per second.
      Divide that figure accordingly if you have more cameras.

      I think four years for two cameras is acceptable, but having to replace it after two years for four cameras is pushing it a bit. That said Tb/$ is only going to go up by that time.


      • +1

        15fps is pretty high for most use cases.

        Just for reference, What bitrate did you calculate that at?

        Obviously if your software supports h265 or av1, you'll be able to 1/4 your bitrate over h264

        • +2

          Fair call. Moving it from MJPEG to h.264 brings the lifespan up to 169 years at 1080p/15fps. That's four years with four cameras. Double those figures for h.265.

          More than acceptable for most home and small business use IMO.

          • +1

            @Bedgrub: Thanks for clarifying :)

            Anyone stuck on MJPEG probably isnt looking for ssd level storage, haha.

  • +3

    PNY CS900 2TB was $82.50 last month at Amazon https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/804439
    Maybe sub $100 for 2TB will appear again this week.

  • New to PC building and trying to put one together. Is this a good product to buy?
    Not sure if I should wait for BF sales next week or go with this one

    • These are just fine for a data drive you read from a lot, amd write only moderately.

      If your pc supports NVME (often mistakenly referred to by just its slot, m.2) then that should be what you aim for for a boot and application drive.

      Basically, good data drive, probably not ideal to say, edit high bitrate video off of.

      • i dont uderstand most of your comment

        • +7

          Then you have reading to do.

          Not meaning to diss you, but thats a 'preteen building their first PC' level comment; anything in there thats foreign, is study material.

          Watch some famous youtuber build guides to start with.

          • -2

            @MasterScythe: What he meant to say was before he did the "no offence" then proceed to offend ( the way he worded it, is the way people do to non savvy people to have a leg up, just ignore him) is that it would be a suitable second drive for storage for your games etc…

            • +2

              @CrackLlama: Sorry you were offended somehow. Not the intention.
              The intention was to do nothing more than communicate the level of the missing knowledge, not to attack.
              I probably should have said 'primary education' rather than 'preteen', but hopefully the illustration gets through clearly regardless.

              When skills and knowledge are in question, being honest with people is important because in this instance, they said they wanted to build their own PC;
              If terms like 'Read', 'Write', 'Boot', 'Application', 'Data' and 'm.2' are going over their head, then it's clearly not time for that yet.
              I didn't suggest they were incapable of achieving it, I just suggested study.

              I don't personally know the guy, I have zero reason to want, or need, a 'leg up'.

  • Can I use this for the fat PlayStation 2?

    • If you have a SATA version of the HDD/NIC adaptor, yes.

      Most of the ones that got sold in Australia were PATA; but not exclusively.

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