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LG 65" G3 4K OLED EVO Smart TV 2023 $3495 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ Limited in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


LG G3 OLED 65 for $3495. Available now for perks members. General access at 7PM tonight.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


  • Goodguys are doing price beat online. Use price beat feature. https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/lg-65-inches-g3-4k-oled-evo-s…

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      Wow $10 off….

      I think JB is also having 10% off delivery/installation so may still come out ahead?

      • +1

        Good point! Didn't know that.

        • JB and The Good Guys are the same company…

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    Called it.

    Expected Prices
    LG G3 65" $3500

    LG C3 65" $2500 to $2100
    LG G3 55" $2750 to $2500
    LG C3 55" $2000

    Can someone confirm the 65 and 55 in G and C models as well?

    LG G3 65" $3500
 (Deal) JB HiFi, Good Guys
    LG C3 65” $2888 (Not a deal)
    LG G3 55” $3500 (LOL absolutely not a deal)
    LG C3 55” $2188 (Within margin of error, a deal, can wait)

    • Yeahhhh I don't really wanna spend 3.5k on a TV. Hoping for a c3 sub 2500 65 or Samsung s90c which I understand has been around that price before. But I didn't have approval then! Hehe.

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        C'mon my brother. It's peanuts.


        And it's still going 16 years later.

        • Have a wedding/honeymoon to pay for! Haha. I'd get crucified. 2.5k was agreed budget hehe

        • Oh you got yours cheap.

          Guy I worked with paid $12k for his. It was originally $18k from memory.

          I picked one up a few years after his for $2500 (I think)

          Now worth $100 if you are lucky.

          Mine is still going. I wouldn't say strong. The buzzing caps are getting louder and louder.

          • @xordis: LX608 are worth about $500. They get snapped up quick.

  • It went as low as $3150 on appliance central a few months ago albeit it was probably a price error. it was fixed within a few hours.

    • You could get a similar price with 15% gift card stacked.. but yeah that sounds like price error

      • -1

        Where or how to get 15% gc?

  • I paid $4k when G1 “65 came out

  • Are the 55 C3’s expected to go any lower than this over the week at other retailers? Or is this as good as it gets this year?

    • Who knows! Though I'm thinking sub 2k is the goal for the 55 model imo

      (appliance Central has it for 2075)

    • See above expected prices, should be $2000 — Appliance Central featuring it for $2075 gives credence to this

  • Yep I did see that and do think that’s not a bad price. Would love $1999 😂

  • +4

    Waiting for the 77 or the 83. Anyone know if theres any Black Friday deals for those sizes?

    • Also waiting

    • Ive also been tracking the Samsung S90C and QN90C as alternatives, but the store was only willing to give 15% store loyalty discounts and the Samsung dude seem to think neither will be on Sale during Black Friday (same for the S95C and QN95C).

    • Same. I purchased it from jb last sale for around 5600 ie 77. No rush for delivery so will keep pushing it out and if drops below, will refund and buy elsewhere.

    • +1

      Appliance Central lowest atm at $6450 for the 83 C3.

      JB, GG both sub 7k and HN around 6.8.. Hoping to go sub 6k in the next few days.

    • 5999 g3 77 & 7999 g3 83 are suggested prices.

  • +1

    Same price as the 55", makes perfect sense JB.

  • https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/155676225691?

    Bing Lee Ebay even cheaper? 100 off with code without ebay plus 175 off with plus?? (40 delivery though)

  • Why are there no 48" deals?

  • Price seems to have now dropped by $10 to $3485. Just an FYI :)

  • perks members sometimes get discount codes for more money off the current sales called after hours etc.. does anybody know if we will be getting them during Black Friday sales?? Would love 10-15% further off

  • 77 inch or nothing. C'MON JB

    • TGG has the 77 for 6k

  • G3 83" OLED from JB best price $6,905. I have a secure cart link if anyone needs it. I'm having second thoughts!

  • Was planning to get the 65" C3 for $2.8K, is G3 worth the extra $700? Main use is movies/tv/netflix in a quite a dark room. please help. thanks

    • in a dark room probably not much difference. G3 has wall mount and stand included. C3 only has stand right?

      • thanks for the info.. yes I didnt realise about the wall mount

    • +2

      absolutely! G3 has MLA, C3 does not. MLA massively increases brightness of the TV espeically in HDR. G3 peaks at 1400 nits wilhe C3 peaks at 800 nits from according to rtings.

  • VideoPro now has the 65" G3 for $3388 for those looking for a price to match.


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