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15% off + $13.95 Delivery ($0 with $70 Order) @ Byron Bay Coffee Company


Got this through their newsletter - 15% off products with code HOLLYJOLLY

No end date specified.

There is also a persistent free shipping on $70+ spend, automatically applied and works with the code.

What's great is they offer 1kg bags of their chocolate products, so you basically have 3 discounts going:

  • 15% off code
  • free shipping
  • 1kg bulk discount - which represents a 33% discount over their 125g box price

With all that combined, it brings the price per 100g down to $3.55 (their 125g box is $7.80 or $6.24/100g).

This is cheaper than pretty much all competitors. But is it nice?


I only ever buy their chocolate coated coffee beans so I can't comment on their actual coffee range.

I've been buying their choc coffee beans for years, they're pretty good and I don't think they've gone up or down in quality. Pretty consistent. I'm not a coffee person so I can't comment on the coffee portion other than 'tastes like a coffee bean'.

The choc macadamia nuts aren't as good because they have a really thick layer of chocolate, which overpowers the nut itself.

Flavour wise it's decent but not top tier. It's more apparent with the maca because there's so much more of the chocolate and the macadamia nut isn't a strong flavour to begin with.

I also tried their drinking chocolate once, it was nice but $8 for 250g is a bit much for me. But they've got mint and chilli cinnamon flavours to try out.

If you've tried any of their stuff, leave a comment about what you had and how it was.

EDIT: deal ends this Thursday 30th at 11:59pm according to a new newsletter email.

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    Are they another business who isn’t even in Byron bay but are trading off the name?

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      See if this answer your question?

      Their coffee is one of the best in the market.

  • Just got an email with a closing time for the code - Thursday 11:59pm (2 days from this post).

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