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[PS5] Final Fantasy XVI $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Went down to $68 Friday, $64 Saturday, now a further drop to $59.95 for Black Friday.

Released On: JUN 22, 2023
Metacritic 87/100

Edit 21/11: Down to $59 from $59.95 now.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Worth picking up for someone new to the FF Games?

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      It's has it's own story and timeline independent of the other FF titles (like most FF).

      It's a good entry point.

      I mean if you know the lore its cool to see reoccuring characters like ifrit, moogles, chocobos etc but it's just a novelty in my opinion.
      Its a absolutely awesome game, get it. Its on the longer side but i loved that i got my money out of it and the boss fights are epic, (minus the QTEs).
      IMHO absolute steal at this price for a newish game.

      • I actually thought it's on the shorter side. 40-50 hours to finish game + all side quests. Can't do that with FFVI to FFXV

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    Great game, my favourite since the PS2 era.

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    Was my fav game of the year and best FF since ffx

  • good story but somehow the inconsistent framerate kills it for me though i plan to finish the game still.

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    Best game to show off your OLED TV, blow your "eyes" with the colours

  • Really wasn't a fan of this although I will say it's a bit of a step back in the right direction for the franchise. Framerate is crap even on performance mode.

  • Down to $59 from $59.95 now.

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