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[Prime] Apple iPhone 14 Pro 512GB (Silver, Gold, Space Black) $1599 Delivered @ Amazon AU


6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display featuring Always-On and ProMotion
Dynamic Island, a magical new way to interact with iPhone
48MP Main camera for up to 4x greater resolution
Cinematic mode now in 4K Dolby Vision up to 30 fps
Action mode for smooth, steady, handheld videos
A vital safety feature — Crash Detection
All-day battery life and up to 23 hours of video playback
A16 Bionic, the ultimate smartphone chip. Superfast 5G cellular
Industry-leading durability features with Ceramic Shield and water resistance
iOS 16 offers even more ways to personalise, communicate, and share

Even 1TB as well - $1849

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Price in title please

    • +12

      based on the item description i don't think they could be bothered doing much

      • Figured as much haha.

  • Wish JB price matches Amazon 😂

    • Thought they did, policy change recently?

      • This is Prime so they may not price match due to membership exclusivity but would love to be corrected if wrong.

        • reckon this is right, but only one way to find out :-)

        • +1

          Last time I tried JB were ok as long as you could prove you had an existing prime membership (showed them on my phone) after which they were happy to do it. Definitely better than officeworks instore.

          • +1

            @vawiyoci: Yeah OW is so stingy with pricebeat that it is offputting tbh.

            • +9

              @Grey 13: Their call centre is great, but every recent time I've tried in-store the staff react as if the price difference is coming out of their own personal bank account or they're gonna get flogged after hours. Do the store managers get punished if they approve too many price beats within a month or something?

              • @vawiyoci: I've been trying to price match my local store over the phone for the last two hours and still waiting for a call back, no success yet

              • @vawiyoci: It cuts into their commission

                • @reloxation: The manager's or the floor staff's? They get paid in commission for items sold like JB Hi-Fi then?

                  • @vawiyoci: Floor staff. They're paid rates + commission, so if you're asking for a discount that's going to cut into it

    • +3

      Successfully price matched the 1TB over the phone, no mention of Prime and all ok!

      • Any chance you can send me screenie of receipt? Still no outcome y/n from my local, waiting for sales team to respond apparently…

        • +1

          You really should use the livechat on their site. they'll give you a link to a checkout that lasts for 24 hours.

          oooof just gave it a shot and I'm queue position 192.
          Must be busy

          • @theguyrules: I had the same thought process but I was bloody 200+ haha thought oh well, let’s call

        • Sorry mate I just saw this now, no problem if you still need! Just send me a message

    • +1

      I've had JB price match Amazon before. Granted, not for something this expensive.

    • I've asked, there is no 14 Pro 512GB at all in JB Hifi's inventory, I bet you matched the 1TB one.

  • +17

    $1600 for last years phone… 🍎…

    • +6

      Missed the 512GB? yeah sure if it was the 128gb one but it might be worth it to some people.

    • +13

      not for you… jog on…

    • +1

      Tbf, the iPhone 15 is inferior to the 14 pro in many aspects and no one seems to call them out on that.

      • +1

        Please elaborate. Genuinely interested. Deciding on one…

        • +3

          The 15 isn't inferior, the improvements since last generation are just… very minor.

          USB-C and the "Action Button" which replaced the mute switch are the two biggest changes in my opinion.

          It's also worth noting that the 15 is the first iPhone to be produced, partly, in India and they're having quality control issues. Majority of phones are fine, some that do have issues have been fixed in software updates, and a small minority have needed to be replaced.

        • +2

          I was in the same boat, looking for an upgrade to my wife's base model 12. The USB-C thing isn't an issue for her because she still has an iPad with a lightning connection, so if anything it would be less convenient to carry around two cables. The things that sold the 14 Pro to me is the superior screen refresh rate and camera array/video codecs etc compared to the base 15. And the 15 Pro is quite a bit more money for not a massively different phone compared with the 14 pro. At least for her use anyway.

        • +1

          iPhone 14 pro has Always on display, 3x telephoto camera, 120htz, LIDAR camera, ProRes video, same CPU, stainless steel, etc.
          The only thing that iPhone 15 has that the 14 pro doesn’t is usb-c.
          If you go to any enthusiast, 99% would recommend the 14 pro over the 15. The only reason to get the 15 is usb-c

      • Tbf, the usb-c feature make it 100% better.

  • +9

    These phones are so expensive with overpriced memory upgrades that 90% of people buy base models and retailers are left with heaps of higher end ones

  • +4

    Ugh, I want a new iPhone before my Japan trip in December but I really don't want to upgrade unless I can get one with USB-C. but $1849 for 1tb is nice.

    • -1

      Get the superior Galaxy S23 Ultra for similar price, with 200MP cam sensor, 8K video & productive S-pen. Unless you want to wait for S25 Ultra in January (directly from Japan?)

      • +6

        Nah I've had enough Galaxys in the past to have sworn never again.

          • +8

            @taki: Well after 15 years of running androids of various brands I'm going back to iPhones because they… Work.

            Specs mean nothing when your battery life is a quarter of a day after a few years, or random things don't work as they should for inexplicable reasons despite being a competent, attentive user who handles their device delicately and hygienically. Every single Android I or my family have owned has had some kind of glaring problem, if not several. The iPhones? They're as functionally faultless as they were nearly a decade ago in some cases.

            I'll now happily pay through my ass and lose some customisability (that I rarely exploit) to get a thing that gets the absolute MINIMUM acceptable function right every time.

            • -1

              @rabidjawa: If you bought the same price of Android vs iOS and took care of them the same way, you'll find Android's ecosystem waaaayy better. Plus, Apple as an ethical company? 🤮

            • +1

              @rabidjawa: Iphones also crap out on battery after couple of years. I'm not a fan of anything I used both Mac OS and Windows, both Iphones and Androids, and buys Iphones/Samsung for relatives and help setting them up or troubleshoot when need to. After 3-4 years most phones either need new batteries or you'd need to bring a powerbank for full day use anyway. Iphones from base to pro models all have their quirks and freezes, so are Samsung phones. I gave away an Iphone 6 and an Samsung S7 both still work flawlessly til this day (well except for new battery replacements obviously).

              With that said, Androids in general, and particularly Samsung standby time aren't great, IPhones don't seem to drop battery at all when you don't touch them. However the S23 series this year just last for days it doesn't matter.

            • +1

              @rabidjawa: As much I want to disagree with you, I think you are just right.
              I am no longer the tinkerer I was. I just want my phone to work.
              Also, I used to boast that I could buy $500 phones but I changed them every 2 years. (lack of OS updates)
              I see that an iPhone 14 or 15 (heck even iPhone SE 2022) will be supported till 2030. So if I get a half decent phone even for $1200-1300, I would be net even in cost after 6 years.

          • -3

            @taki: Have my up vote, can't fight the iSheep here.

    • Same spec 499?
      Pls show spec comparison lool

  • +2

    For a second got excited thinking it was the 14 Pro Max.

    • +1

      I'm running a 12 Pro Max but kinda wanna drop down to the non-Max for my next upgrade. shame there is a difference in cameras.

    • Same here…. Need a deal for 15 or 14 PM

  • +1

    got 2 Pro 1 Tb
    one for present


    Wanted to replace my Iphone 13 pro

    • 1 for "present", 1 for future. Both outdated (no fast USB-C, inferior vs Galaxy S24 Ultra in Jan, even S23 Ultra)

      • according to my due diligence I am happy with it.
        Same applies to Tesla Model 3. People cancelled orders cause the new body is coming out although with the same hardware.
        10400 discount. I am happy with it))) it is all about your own due diligence not what the others say

  • If anyone tried price matching please post here!!

    • +5

      Tried JB hifi over the phone. Said it was prime promo so “no”.
      OW doesnt stock them

      • Thanks @Trungga

    • I was able to mate, called my store and did it over the phone receiving a link to pay.

    • +1

      JB doesn't stock 512 14 pro fyi only 1tb

  • Where can I get discount Amazon Gift card so I can purchase this?

    Also is this better or the base model iPhone 15 better or pretty much the same?

    • You might want to check the Ultimate GC going on special - I think the Visa ones can be added to wallet/converted. Hoping to get this price matched at JB as I have some gift cards

  • Do you think this is a better deal than the Harvey Norman one they had last week? I currently got the iPhone 15 pro max 256gb on pre order at Harvey Norman which came with the 10% gift card but if cancelled I need to pay out the 10% gift card though will be saving nearly $400 by doing that and buying iPhone 14 pro 512gb since the iPhone 15 pro max 256gb is $2200.

    • +1

      The Iphone 14 pro max is $2099, so the 15 pro max is a better buy for for amount

      • +1

        Price depends on the size of storage you purchase. I’d also add in Apple Care plus too but that’ll cost extra, but recommended.

  • +1

    Just ordered a refurb 14 Pro 128GB in "As New" condition for my wife from Mobile Federation on eBay for $1369. Am tempted to return that one and grab this deal - brand new with a lot more storage.

    • +1

      Just got one for my wife.
      for around 200 more, it becomes brand new and 4 times the storage, it is a no brainer for me.

    • I had been eyeing the same for the last few weeks, but 256 version.. Instead pulled the trigger on this, new and 512 for $221 more. Well worth imo

  • -3

    Wow, $1600 for just an iPhone. That is too expensive!

    • cry or try earn more

      • -1

        Why would I? There’s nothing innovative about the new iPhone. Same phone every year. They rake dumb people like you because they know you’ll fall for the same trap in buying their outdated tech lol.

        • yup youre so clever, peasant
          maybe try comprehend that 1k or 2k is meaningless as a factor of my earnings

          • +1

            @ChatCPT: $2k is nothing for ozbargain multimillionaires.

            • @Griffindinho: exactly and ol mate over here cant afford 1600

              • -1

                @ChatCPT: Never said I couldn't afford it, that's ignorant of you. Just wouldn't waste the money when they are much better Phones out there for a lower price.

          • @ChatCPT: Also the iPhone listed above is almost 2 years old. Why on earth would you spend almost 2k for it?

        • +1

          Careful, don't want to offend the the "rich" fanboys too much.

          • @Harami99: You're right. They'll want to retaliate by having arguments and war fights with everyone lol.

  • Got one thanks

  • looks like OOS

  • Gah, just bought a 13 pro max 512gb for $1575 (brand new) on eBay after my iPhone 12 mini started having issues due to poor battery.

    I thought 13 pros had better cameras and lack of dynamic island actually made viewing better plus larger battery will make phone last a lot longer with reduced number of charge cycles.

    Do you guys think this is a better deal?

    • I believe you're right about the battery, not as sure about the camera shootout. I like the smaller-form of the 14 much more, plus it carries a newer chip. If someone was offering me a choice of the two, I'd take the 14 but that's just a personal preference and not scientific.

      • From what I have seen, they had nailed the 12mp cameras till 13 pros and 14pro brought the first gen 48mp with pixel binning resulting in 12mp shots too. They are just not as crisp. Also, A16 chip was power hungry in 14 pros on top of smaller battery size.

        I terms of form factor, I jumped from Note 10+ (6.9inches) to iPhone Mini 12 during pandemic. Now getting more out and about and started to need much more battery life such as long family touring trips. Bought Pixel 6a as a phone in between but it definitely lacks the polish of iPhone (can't believe I said that after being an Android user for all my life before Mini 12).

        Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it.

        • +1

          Stand by your own research! You've made the right choice for you.

          • @Charlie Dont Surf: Thanks. Re camera:
            - Main Camera - 13pro has f/1.5 vs 14pro f/1.8 i.e allows more light + higher individual pixel size.

            • Ultra wide - 13 pro has f/1.8 vs 14pro f/2.2 again allowing a lot more light.

            • Telephotos are the exact same.

            This genuinely surprised me and I kept leaning towards 13 pro/max just because of that. I know specs aren't everything but such difference in aperture is truly surprising.

  • If you’re upgrading from an iPhone 12, maybe the difference is bigger if you go for a iPhone 15 instead. There are some deals going on atm if you scour around. Black Friday specials are also around the corner so tech prices may drop further eventually, but yeah I’d go for the iPhone 15 Pro Max if you have the budget for it.

  • I need to upgrade my iPhone 11.

    Is there any benefit to the 15 over 14 aside from USB C? I figure the lightning cable will still be around for a while considering the masses that won't upgrade from the 12, 13 and 14. So we have another 5 years of the lightning cable still being prevalent. I guess it doesn't make any difference unless you forgot your cable travelling or something.

  • The game ended.

  • i dont get it.. why not getting s23 ultra yesterday??? that is far better phone which cost at least $500 diff?

    • To each their own. As someone who's been on both sides of the fence, Android and Apple each have their unique advantages/disadvantages.

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