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[PS5] Elden Ring - $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Camelx3 alert! Good game back under $60 for Black Friday.

Thanks to @bargainperson's comment, PS4 Version is $56.58 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

Mod 21/11: Now $59 (From $59.95)

Update 21/11: PS4 price unavailable

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    I feel like 'good game' is selling this extremely short

  • Is there any reason to buy this and not the PS4 version with free upgrade?

    • PS5 vers is cheaper?

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      Apparently the PS4 version running on PS5 is the best version to play for frame rate. I played PS5 version and had no issues though.

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      Running the PS4 Pro version on PS5 will provide the best frame rate. The PS5 ver uses a dynamic 4K, iirc around 1500p at a minimum, with better visuals ofc, but still doesn't lock to 60fps. Whereas the PS4 Pro ver in back compat is 1800c at a locked 60 as far as I'm aware. I couldn't tell the different in image quality or resolution between the two at a glance but I would notice the dropped frames and pop-in

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    Try finger but hole

    • +6

      You don’t have the right, O you don’t have the right

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      Could this be a dog?


  • Not sure if that's an issue on my end, but Amazon.com.au wants to charge $10.30 for delivery.

    • That’s not right

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        They don't have the right, O they don't have the right

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      You're buying the ps4 version from overseas and under the threshold for free shipping. The ps5 version is over $59 so free shipping… or you could add another item worth a few bucks from Amazon USA.

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    Epic title… my GOTY possibly game of all time

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    If anyone is into PC gaming, you cat get the code from CD Keys for $52.49

  • Argh, bought this on Steam Deck but haven’t got around to playing yet but PS5 is certainly tempting.

  • -5

    Not a good game 😤

    • +8

      Tell us you couldn’t get past the Godrick Soldier without telling us

  • If I buy the ps4 version, can I use the same disk on my PS5 console and get the game?

  • Resisting…

  • I recommend buying the PS4 version it comes with a free upgrade to PS5 and also the PS4 version running on PS5 stable 60 fps.

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    I've waited this long, I may as well hold out for the complete version with DLC in like 12 months.

  • Damn, the PS4 version is $19.99 on Amazon USA.

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