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Oris ProPilot X Kermit Edition $4,760 Delivered @ Gregory Jewellers


Cheapest price I've seen for the Oris Kermit. Get on it!

This watch has the Calibre 400 which runs at 4hz, has a 5 day power reserve and Oris claims -3/+5 seconds per day accuracy.

More Black Friday Deals from Gregory Jewellers. Their Seiko prices aren't very good.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    thanks op, bought 7

    • only 7?

      • +2

        He has 7 wives

        • How many felines per female spouse?

    • Accuracy is impressive right off the bat , however price and that face/dial……nope

  • Cheers just needed 2 or 3

  • +2

    This is actually the watch I wanted to buy!!!
    Very tempting.
    The movement actually rivals rolexes but has longer reserve. It's a lot of watch for the money and 1st of every month is a time to celebrate

    • +3

      Rolex submariner would be better yes it's more expensive however it will hold/appreciate in value whereas this will not. This will depreciate.

      • +1

        Talking about movement buddy, not the value.

        I do agree with you on the value. But the accuracy are quite similar.

        • +1

          The movement is pretty good, but it doesn’t compare to Rolex and their superlative chronometer accuracies. I own a calibre 400 and while it is impressive… -3/5 (8 points range) vs -2/2 Rolex (4points) vs 0/5 Omega’s Master Chronometer (5points) so in other words the worst Rolex is still ~twice as accurate as the worst calibre 400. Money adjusted yes it’s good value but from a pure timekeeping perspective I’m certainly not lying to myself that I have a ‘Rolex rival’ as you say 😁

          • +1

            @KeplersLaws: Have the Rolex movements improved . That's brilliant!
            When I was scoping the GMT master 2 6 or so years ago it was similar specs from memory.. I could be wrong but I thought that's the range. But yeah -2/+2 is very very good
            Edit: the movement improved in 2016 that's why it's become so accurate. Times closely to when I was looking. Makes sense now

      • +11

        Posers buy a watch for the value. Watch collectors buy a watch because they appreciate the watch.

        • -6

          Spoken like someone who can’t join the Rolex club

          • +11

            @Mdaddy: Spoken like someone who doesn't know me.

  • +26

    Got 4 for my Rottweiler….he's a watchdog

  • Got 8.

  • +1

    Thanks op. Bought 0

    • Congrats, you just saved 100% of $4760 in a cost of living crisis!

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    i am waiting for OOS so i can complaint later.

  • +1


  • This is actually a really good watch for this price

    • Factor in oris only servicing.

      • What watch company allows independent watchmakers to service it without repercussions? Far as I’m aware all watch warranties are voided moment you get anyone other than the watch company to open it up (even for a regulation)

        • Yes I know what you mean but most warranties are done after 1-3years (Oris 2 years).

          I'll leave it for you to find out if you ever have to service one. It means sending to Oris Australia in Melbourne and waiting 10-12 weeks on average. It also cost a third of the cost >$500 for a $1400 Aquis Date, so up to you. I've sold that watch as it was a liability, and they don't supply good watch makers and spares so it's a no-go. I suppose most people won't bother servicing them, sell them within a few years or keep them and let them go to ruins.

          Last year I purchased a Caliber 400 from Jomashop and ended up sending it back- the new caliber promised -3/+5s per day, mine was a disappointing +17s. Couldn't even get it regulated somewhere, nor wanted to wait 12 weeks, and because of Joma's own 2y warranty it would have been a reimbursement job or replacement. Either way a headache, so at least buy from an authorised dealer.

          This advice is from an Oris rep:

          You may get ten years out of it, but it might need something closer to an overhaul rather than a service. Generally, mechanical watches ought to be serviced every three to five years. You can stretch it out to six or seven years, but usually, the timekeeping of the watch begins to suffer.

          As for not wearing the watch much, the internal oils in the movement will dry out whether the watch is worn every day or only once a month.

          Up to you - I love the brand but they still don't have the same following or retain value. Have to ask what you'd be able to resell the watch for straight away.
          Buy at your own risk!

          • @G-rig: That sucks— Why couldn’t you get it regulated somewhere? It’s a regular (no pun intended) balance and my watchmaker sometimes doesn’t even charge

            But Yes, the oris Melbourne rep that I spoke to also was a little full of it (telling me new calibre 400s sometimes have a unique self regulating settling in period)

            • @KeplersLaws:

              That sucks— Why couldn’t you get it regulated somewhere?

              Ok where? It would be 12 weeks off to Oris Melb.. My watchmaker and I decided it wasn't worth the trouble - if something happened he wouldn't be able to get any parts at all so just sent it back. That in itself was a monster task to the USA.

              I know what you mean, and who is really going to crack open the back of a sealed diver every 3y to service it? I think it should be running spot on for the price (RRP almost $5k). At least get it from a store and you can take it back for a better one if it's not within spec.

  • +1

    Yes. Been waiting for this. There goes the next kidney

  • Looks cool, but don't have the class to pull this one off methinks.

  • What a Muppet of a watch!

  • Hmm I suppose this would be a great gift for my AusPost execs…

    • That would be an insult to Kermit.

  • +2

    If only they had a blue cookie monster one

  • Buzz's girlfriend… woof

  • “It’s not easy being green.”

  • I saw this in person ages ago and thought about buying it but there was no way I was paying $7000 for an Oris. As much as I love it I still think $4800 is too much to spend on an Oris…

    • +1

      Why not? It’s an in house movement comparable to omega’s master chronometer, it’s a fully independent brand, and has 10 years warranty. The Kermit and green is not my thing but I’m impressed oris has used all its revenue from spruced-up Sellita base calibers over the years to develop this thing. The propilot in grey is stunning to me but yes perhaps, as you hint at, all that’s missing is the brand name clout if that’s important to you😅

      • +1

        Whilst Oris may not have the name recognition of other brands, they actually have a bit of a unique and admirable history.
        The tl;dr being, they got caught up in the quartz crisis, purchased by the Swatch group but then managed to buy themselves out of the Swatch group and become independent once again.

        The launch RRP for the Kermit was rather ambitious however, I think it offers quite a bit for this sale price.

  • Great watch, but spent way too much money overseas, otherwise would cop.

  • Description: In addition to 300m of water resistance

    Specifications: Water resistance: 100 Meters

    Me: Just 10.5 times more than a car I bought in 2013

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