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Samsung Odyssey G8 34" Monitor + 980 Pro 500GB $1110 Del (First Time App Buyer, Loyalty Disc, Old Monitor Require) @ Samsung


The monitor is discounted back to $1,299 again today from $1,399 over the last week. Stack this with the recycle old monitor offer (-$100), 10% first time app discount + 10% loyalty discount + 10% bundle deal with SSD for a grand discount price of $851.29.

If you don't want to bundle with the SSD, it still comes down to $971.

Thanks to @XedeX and @Kazusa @imranauz
Step 1) Download the Samsung Shop app
Step 2) Select recycle old monitor on the same page
Step 3) Add monitor and 980 pro 500gb (or any other cheap 990/980 pro ssd to cart) - or select any other eligible SSDs from here https://www.samsung.com/au/game-portal/gaming-bundle/
Step 4) Go to cart and click top right / chat during business hours 7am~10pm - make sure you pick service or support and not product or email [email protected] and ask for a 10% loyalty discount
Step 5) Checkout

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  • +2

    Cool deal, albeit with a heap of hoops. Monitor trade in isn't available in my area (rural QLD) unfortunately.

  • +4

    34" Oled <$1k 😍

  • +3

    The SSD hack doesn’t work with G9 OLED now.

  • damnnnnnnnnn anyone got one? how is it

  • Oh gosh I’m stupid! I accidentally refunded my G9 OLED. Can I get my order back?

  • +3

    How does the SSD deal work? added to cart but can't see any further discount

    • +1

      Select one of the SSDs from here.


      You can just add to cart. The monitors aren't listed there, but the G8 34 inch, G9 49 inch etc are all eligible. You can probably experiment with the cheaper 500 gig ones, I hear they are eligible too, despite not being listed there.

    • Also keen to know

  • This vs 42" C3 as a monitor? Is the purple tint and burn in still an issue with QD-OLED?

    • Apparently yes, but it's less of an issues on version 2 which should be out shortly

  • does this work as a KVM with single type-c connectivity?

    • I dont have monitor yet. But from my research there is no usb-A ports for keyboard/mouse, and no KVM function.

      But the USB-C port supports DP alt-mode (ie video input) and does power delivery (PD 65W) back to laptop/device.

      I am personally gonna find this super handy for my work laptop as my Logitech G915 has simple button to switch to Bluetooth for that, just manually have to grab a 2nd mouse.

  • +1

    It would've been nice if they still offered mini led 34" monitors. I'm not too confident in taking that leap of faith into OLED monitors just yet because of long term durability concerns (burn in).

    • +1

      would've liked it just so i can do work stuff on it, office productivity etc.

      • +1

        Yeah, feels like you are just asking for burn in doing productivity related stuff.

        Apparently even people who stick to gaming still end up getting it. If you play stuff or watch stuff that don't support ultra wide, you could end up with a 16:9 bar in the middle

    • I had an Alienware aw3423dw since launch over a year ago and have done no panel care (static taskbar, leaving it on for hours at a time with a static image) and it had very mild burn in on the taskbar that could only be seen in a pure grey background and is a non issue in actual content, if that bothers you then it could still be a problem, however it’s mostly a non issue if you don’t have ocd to look for the burn in 24/7

      Also these and the aw3423dw have the first gen qd oled panels that are supposedly more susceptible to burn in and have more text fringing than second gen’s seen in the neo g9

    • The AOC AG344UXM would probably be the best option for mini led ultra wide right now. Pretty expensive though

  • Gotta give them a monitor when they deliver you the new one to get the recycle discount

    • +1

      Yeah, I have spare old rubbish monitors lying around that was bought for $50 20 years ago that I plan to give them.

      • It has to turn on and no cracks on screen

        • I have one with intermittent issues. No crack on screen. Looks in good shape. Is it elegible?

  • Is there a link for these hoops? I'm willing to jump through them, despite buying one last week. I want to return it!

    • +1

      Loyalty discount, you have to ask via chat (go to service - not product), if you purchased an existing product with them, or know someone who did, they'll just give you one easy. The app first time, you just sign up to the samsung shop app.

      • I don't see service as an option. I get "Product & Shopping" / "Order" / "Support". Is there a different chat to ask?

        • Select support then

    • +1

      Below are the steps from the other deal. Be sure to select "Yes" to recycle your old monitor on the monitor page before adding it to cart.

      Step 1) Download the Samsung Shop app
      Step 2) Add monitor and 980 pro 500gb (or any other cheap 990/980 pro ssd to cart)
      Step 3) Go to cart and click top right during business hours 7am~10pm or email [email protected] and ask for a 10% loyalty discount
      Step 4) Checkout

      • Let me put that in

  • how is this different from viewfinity S65UB?

    • Quite significantly, OLED instead of VA, 175 hz instead of 100 hz.

  • +3

    Got a feeling Samsung stock levels and delivery times with all these G8 and G9 orders ain’t gunna be pretty… open to being surprised though

  • "Stack this with the recycle old monitor offer"

    Can someone explain this or provide a link? I feel like I saw it somewhere but don't remember where, and cannot find it on the Samsung store.

    Do you need to own an old Samsung monitor or what?

    • Within the product page. You just need a monitor

    • Click on the deal… it's on the same page…


      It asks what monitor brand you want to dispose of, I picked "other" because I have an old BenQ, it always gives $100 no matter what you choose. The most important thing is your postcode. If you are in a metro area, they'll give it to you.

      • Damnit. Had about 4-5 spare landfill monitors at my old place before moving, I just didn't bother taking them.

  • Is anyone able to get the $100 recycle monitor discount? I can’t click the Add discount button, just doesn’t work

    • yeh had same issue - had to keep trying backing out, refreshing, etc etc got there in the end

  • decent price if you'd be willing to risk warranty issues with Samsung.

  • Does this work with corporate discount

    • Nope. Samsung online only.

  • +2

    1399 again.

    • +1

      Goddamn it I was too slow

  • To download the app, do you need an android device? Only have iphone and windows pc.

    Any workaround?


    • Buy an android phone during the black friday.

      • Wouldn't switch to android from iphone even if they paid cash my way. Just personal preference.

        • Worth having both android and iphone for when deals and opportunities arise

    • You could try bluestacks or nox on PC

      • +1

        Thanks! Will give it a try before getting a friend to buy for me.

        • I got MEmu to work but Bluestacks wouldnt download the app

  • -1

    These any good?

  • -3

    Curved is annoying
    Text issues would still be annoying
    $100 for my X34 seems a bit cheap
    Tempting though

    • Pretty sure you can trade in ANY working monitor.

      I def would not trade in a x34 for $100 bucks.

    • Curved on an ultrawide seems essential

    • Go to the local vinnies and pick up any 17" monitor for $10-20 and sell the X34 for more dollars. Yeesh.

  • +2

    They are playing tricky buggers with the price. It's back up to $1399.

    Right when I'm on the brink of buying it in the Samsung Shop app, it crashes my entire phone. Spend the next 20-30 minutes trying to fix it, and by the time I have it in my cart again, the price is up to $1399. Unbelievable.

    • I feel you. I finally got the code off the service rep who was trying to offer me all these other junk discounts. And then I go through all the hoops etc. only to find my final price doesn't seem right. Check again on Ozb and find out the price has gone up. Sad days.

  • The warranty on this one states in the exclusions section: burned-in images resulting from viewing an image on the display screen for an extended period of time;

    Where Alienware on the other hand covers this for 3 years, yeh you can get the g8 cheaper, but I don't think it is worth the risk of literally no support

    • +1

      I'd rather the cheaper price, because the reality is that burn-in simply isn't that big of an issue. People exaggerate the burn-in vulnerability of OLED monitors and massively underestimate how long it takes for permanent burn-in to set in. Unless you deliberately push for burn-in by increasing the brightness and don't have your screen automatically turn off, it's going to take years for it to become noticable.

      LCD Monitors also suffer their own degredation after years of use.

      • The Dell AWF is only $200 more. I might see if it drops even more for this weekend then decide on which to get.

        • +1

          At current price increased to $1399, if you jump through the hoops except the SSD bundle, it'll get you down to $1,052. Alienware AW3423DWF with 7% corporate discount gets to $1,328.

          See which one comes down more this weekend yeah, or see if there's another $1,299 day for the Samsung. They seem to randomly discount an extra $100. I think this is twice now. But it only lasts a day or half a day. Not sure if the site is glitching.

          • @Beachberry: Probably glitching lol. As will their delivery schedules, big time push outs, I reckon - will see

            • @gazer: Lets see. I'm booked in for "Friday". See what actually happens.

              • @Beachberry: Yup, cool - pls do report back here!

              • @Beachberry: Any sign of it getting delivered mate?

                • @gazer: Nah, pushed back until mid next week. Watch it get continuously pushed out until after Christmas.

                  • @Beachberry: ha, yeah for shizzle. Feb ya reckon? March? ;-)

                    I just cancelled my first order at $1134 to go this route (iOS user so finally tried an android emulator and got 2nd one to work) for $934 (no SSD deal). I "lost" my delivery date of 5 Dec and 'got' a new one of 6 Dec….. ROFL.

                    Still hoping for a DWF34 smaaargain as a backstop!

                    • +1

                      @gazer: Well my monitor came, so there is hope =)

                      • @Beachberry: you bewdy! cheers. off to a good start, hopefully your experience with it stays that way - let us know what you think of it, once spent some time with it! had an oled monitor before? had UW?

                        ANC said had to resched mine, so I managed to put back only an extra day to 7 dec now, fingers crossed

                        • @gazer: Nice! Hope you get yours soon. Yeah it’s fantastic. Very clear, crisp, beautiful. I’m upgrading from a cheap 60hz 24 inch monitor that I bought for $100 5 years ago on a crappy old computer, so it’s a big upgrade!! I can’t believe it has its own remote control lol! It’s like a tv. We all got a good price for $850 + SSD.

                          • @Beachberry: Awesome. Cheers, see how i go - samsung order status changed to shipped. Your use case for it? hopefully you dont run into any of the known issues (see whirlpool thread) - using HDMI or DP? Yeah kinda useful to have the TV like OS + remote, just a shame they didnt include an audio out line or SPDIF/optical to make that fully useable for external speakers without the PC on! But internal speakers probs enough get it done at a desk, and extended 16:9 content not fab for burn in risk anyways….

  • An update: the SSD combo no longer discounts the monitor at all (boo), but I went through the hoops of getting a loyalty discount (final price $1,039.20) and in the email it had this tidbit:

    Be one of the first 240 to complete an eligible order and correctly answer the "True or False" question to receive a bonus gift. Terms and conditions apply.

    The true or false question was "The Galaxy S23 FE has a powerful Octa-core processor, that handles gaming, binge watching to video shooting and multitasking." hmm…

    But the free gift was a "Galaxy Watch 5 Bluetooth (40mm)", which isn't bad! Graphite colour was already gone, and Pink Gold had 10 when I first checked and only 4 by the time I put my order in, so I'm sure they're all gone by now. Hopefully mine made the cut, otherwise I'll probably cancel this order and wait until the discounts stack a little deeper.

    Anyway, be on the look out if they run that "free gift" stuff again, cause I was just about to go out and buy a Pixel Watch so this saved me a bunch…

    • I just said True. I had no idea lol. Why would a good feature they want us to answer false

    • And it's gone…

    • Damn Just when I was about to buy.

    • My free gift is on its way lol. Sent via Australia post

  • Why do I feel like Samsung monitors these forums or is it the spike in demand? Price goes back up and the SSD deal no longer exists…

  • Now the SSD Bundle Discount has been fixed. If you didn't get in early, you have definitely missed out now.

    Oh well, back to waiting patiently for sub-$1000 OLED ultrawides.

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