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Asus RT-AX82U V2 AX5400 Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Router $249 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi All,

First post ever, please don't flame me. I was looking for ASUS routers when I stumbled across this router from JB HiFi. Seems they had this deal in the past (see this post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/783403) and has brought it back. Not sure how many units there are but when I last checked, there were plenty around my area in Victoria. Good luck. Perhaps this could be price matched at OW or BingLee for a further discount?

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Looks good homie, but you just need to link to the product not the image. 😉

    • Alright, cheers. I think it's okay now :)

  • Mine from Tmall single 's day, is on the way. Cost $100 less. Not sure what's the difference between local stock and overseas. Will see.

  • I am so tempting, which one would be better gl.inet flint 2 ax6000 or this one. Thanks heaps

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      I'm going for Flint 2 purely for the price point.

      I don't think there is going to be $100 worth of differences between these two. I am not a power user and I'm happy with the encryptions Flint 2 provides.

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    hmm will i get better coverage than with my ax58u ? the 58 is 12v the 82 is 19v so replace,ent power supply. ishtar be trickier if needed on a sunday?

    • RUOK?

  • DSL version is also $449 - $116 = $333

    I paid $449 last week - sads

    • I did the same when my D-link blew up 8 days ago, Managed to bargain them down to $399 but knew this would happen. I went in store yesterday and they refunded the difference

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        Yes I just had the difference refunded - FYI it's an uption up to 2 weeks after purchase.

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    Dam that's the one I wanted - dropped $245 on Asus RT-AX58U Router instead

    good price - jump on it if you need 1 - all good reviews from what I read anyways

  • Would this be worth upgrading over my RT-AX56U? Don't really need it for gaming, more for use with my 1000/50 fttp connection.

  • Wish this had 2.5G WAN 😥

  • Purely for aimesh in my single story house, worth getting this, or ax3000p ($149) or just Ax54hp ($89). I have dropouts at the back. Main router is an ax86 pro

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    I need better coverage for my house and yard. 450m2 block with project home (thin walls) with router centrally located . I assume this will offer better coverage than my old AC DLink but not sure how much. Would this be a worthy upgrade or should I be looking at something like a deco x55 3 pack?

    Any thoughts appreciated. House is wired internally with FTTP on 50/20 non and a stack of devices for our family of 5. I am not tech savvy and just want simple solid performance and coverage preferably with free parental controls included. Up to or around $350 max would be preferable. Any thoughts appreciated!!!?

    • I did a bunch of reading reviews:
      I do want a landline to the home which you may not want.
      It is likely your existing modem is not FTTP compatible.
      The modem(-routers) I considered at the top of the tree for function and feature where made by either Fritzbox or Synology (RT6600 ax), but these could be considered overkill.
      Do you want to use Wifi extenders or mesh?
      Would you try to get a garden variety Telstra smart modem 3 with wifi booster?
      The User Interface on the Synology is user friendly. review below mentions:"Safe Access​: Built-in online protection and Parental Controls for the entire network based on Internet access rules."
      Review here:

      • Thanks a lot for this. The Synology looks good but the price is more than double this deal on the Asus. I just don’t understand the practical real world difference in performance to know if there is any benefit in forking out the extra cash.
        I don’t care if I go mesh or not but I note a lot of mesh in my price range don’t have many lan ports (I currently have 3-4 connected at a time for tv and consoles where the router lives). I like the fact that if asus doesn’t perform I can just grab another unit and create a mesh at a later point.
        I have no knowledge of the Telstra smart modem but have seen these mentioned a few times now. I’ll check them out too

        • That is what I ended up buying, the gen 3 Telstra smart modem and WiFi booster. I do want to connect up some security cameras, so range will be important. I intend to buy the Synology if I have to if I face range limits or an el-cheapo wifi extender does not work out. Your house setup sounds extremely ideal. My hse is old style solid walls, so very limiting for wifi penetration. In my reading, good external antennas make a difference for range, so consider that.

          • @marcozmitch: That’s interesting. I found a few gen 3 smart modems on market place for around 100. I’d have to find some extenders too.
            Interesting comment re the antennas. I thought the chunky antennas on this asus would be good.
            I did find the asus xd6 for 399 and I might pull the trigger on that. No external antennas makes me uncertain but that seems to be the go with mesh systems. I just really want something easy

  • Does this support gigabit speeds on wireless? My Asus RT-AC88U doesn't, and I just upgraded to a faster internet.

  • Got 2 of these from Optus. I've tried to set them up as an AImesh system, but I just can't get it to work. used asuswrt-merlin too. Optus firmware just breaks all the good features :(

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