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PHILIPS OneBlade Pro Face Shaver Trimmer with Rechargeable 90min Li-Ion Battery QP6530/15 $78.49 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was looking for blades for my Philips OneBlade and noticed the shaver itself was part of the Black Friday deals, so sharing for anyone who's looking for this bad boy

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • not for nadz

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    Good for face. Cleanest shave with zero irritation

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      How close is the shave compared to a razor? Closer?

      • I have the non pro version. It's not as close as a razor, but it's faster and there's no irritation.

        Using a double edge safety razor I can get away with shaving every second day, with this it's an every day thing to stay presentable enough for the office. I tend to use the oneblade probably 70% of the time though as it's so quick and easy.

        • Yeah definitely not as close as a razor, I find that is good for the speed and ease of use, but I like to go over everything with a rotary/razor for a cleaner finish.

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        For me it looks like a 12-hour post-razor shave! (If that makes any sense)

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    Can vouch for this, tried many manual and electric shavers over 35 years and this has been the best for my face/beard hands down.

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    Does anyone know the difference between all the models? Also the difference between the 360 Pro and Pro? Cheers

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      Good question, I'm curious too and now have a research topic for the day lol

      • Yes it’s a bit hard to find the differences quickly, unless reading the descriptions for each 😰 hopefully someone can share their research 😉

        • Saw today in-store Costco has this with the body kit bundle which also comes with 2 blades for $99.. so really paying $21 extra for 2 blades seems like a better value deal

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      regulars and pros are usually separated by battery size (60 for regular and 90 for pro) and the adjustable comb, regulars and 360s are separated by the swivel head.

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    Gave this a try last year to trim my beard. I've now got a second Wahl lithium ion coming today.

    Does an alright job but for me the blades wore out way too quick. Wish they were reversable, I felt l was wasting half of each blade.

    • Was there a Black Friday deal for the Wahl that ordered?

    • Agree with this, I got one and found the blades wear quite quickly, keeping an eye out for alternatives now.

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    Any good deals on the blades though?

  • For international travel, do these go in hand luggage or checked in? Presuming with the battery, hand luggage?

    • That is something I’ve always wondered as well. Not fun having to keep in carry-on all the time

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      I have travelled with this multiple times and put it in my checked luggage each time. No issues.

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    Oneblade 360 charge via USB at Shaver Shop is a good deal too.


    A light option for those who travel and don't want to pack another charger.

    Replacement blades could add up to $80-100 per year though, I'm guessing.

    Interested if any OzBargainers have experience with longevity of the blades.

    • Yeah lasting 3 months is about right.

      They won't cut you ever but they do wear out.

  • Anyone tried this for down under?

  • I love Philips razor one blade.

  • Can't find anywhere on the advertisement whether the charging cord comes with it - but im presuming it surely would?

    Does anyone know for sure?

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