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Plex Pass 25% off Lifetime Subscription $119.99 (Was $159.99) @ Plex


Enhanced Media Experience:

Skip Intros and Credits: Save time by skipping over intros and credits in your movies and TV shows.

Hardware-Accelerated Streaming: Enjoy smoother streaming, especially when playing high-resolution content, by utilizing your device's hardware for transcoding.

HDR to SDR Tone Mapping: Preserve colors and enhance visuals when converting HDR content to SDR devices.

DVR and Live TV Recording:

Record Over-the-Air TV: Capture your favorite over-the-air broadcasts with a compatible tuner and digital antenna.

Schedule Recordings: Set up recordings for your favorite shows and never miss an episode.

Watch Live TV Anywhere: Stream live TV from your antenna or tuner to your devices, even when you're away from home.

Music Enhancements:

Lyrics: Access lyrics from LyricFind to sing along to your favorite songs.

Sonic Analysis: Discover new music and create playlists based on mood, genre, and other criteria.

Premium Audio Features: Enjoy features like Loudness Leveling and Sweet Fades for a more consistent listening experience.

Additional Features:

Mobile App Activation: Unlock the full functionality of Plex mobile apps without additional purchases.

Plex Labs Access: Get early access to experimental Plex features and apps.

Parental Controls: Set restrictions and manage content access for different users.

Mobile Syncing: Download content to your mobile devices for offline viewing.

Multiple User Accounts: Share your Plex library with family and friends, each with their own account.

Trailers and Extras: Stream trailers and bonus content for movies and TV shows in your library.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Thanks, been waiting for this one

  • How much is it for life time subscription?

    • +1

      $119.99 AUD

    • +1

      US$89.99 after discount. shows as AU $119.99 at checkout

  • +1

    Price in title?

  • how does plex compares to jellyfin?

    • +2

      +1 for Jellyfin, free, works great and constant improvements & updates.

    • +9

      Issues with Jellyfin:
      * Clients suck.
      * Media matching not as reliable.
      * Intro skipping not supported by many clients.

      One day it might get there, but it’s not there yet.

    • +1

      Supports most of features listed but for free.

    • +1

      Try both and see which you like. Other than hw transcode almost everything else is free in plex.

      Plex has more feature rich clients for many devices while jellyfin is bit behind.

      • +3

        I tried both Plex and Jellyfin and chose Plex because I am time poor and just want something that works without too much tweaking and troubleshooting. Also Plex was easier to set up for my users. If you have the time I’d definitely recommend testing JellyFin first.

        • I have been plex lifetime user for more than 10yrs now. Tried jellyfin couple of times just to see how it feels, but I am fine with plex. Plus as you mentioned it's easier to invite people.

    • -3

      Plex is getting worse. They do this intrusive tidal advertising now where no matter what you think you selected in the menu at start up it will go to tidal with a full page advertisement.
      Ive got this subscription yet I'll be going to jellyfin soon

      • +9

        on which device? i use plex everyday and i'm yet to see this ad.

        • +2

          Same here. I know Plex is working on stuffing this additional functionality in like the Discover features and the ad-supported channels, but you can unpin all that and never see it.

      • +1

        This makes me feel like a dinosaur. Totally agree.
        I don't get the Tidal advertising, but feel like the 'experience' has got worse as the UI gets glossier.
        Like I'm hunting to find my content in the search cause it's trying to make me watch "free" content that barely matches my search term when the term exactly matches one of the 20 things in my local library. Annoying.

        • +2

          Everyone who is annoyed at the advertising/recommendations should just go to settings > discover and turn everything off.
          I don't get a single ad or recommendation

      • Take a few minutes and sort your plex home screen out. Just go through and unpin all the crap (that's put there by default) that you don't want. It's easy as, I do it every time I set up a friend or family member with my server. Never see anything close to an ad after that and I've got clients on PC, Android, iOS, LG TVs, Samsung TVs, and Sony TVs. Zero ads.

    • +2

      Over the years I have tried,Kodi, OSMC, Emby, Jellyfin, Plex. Settle with Plex and play for lifetime subscription 9 years ago. They all very good and worth exploring before you settle. Plex is more polish, less work and less technically challenging to maintain. The server can be install in almost all platform i can think off. I have it on a promox lxc container with GPU pass through for hw encoding, I am a big fan of free to air and it can take all 3 different old model of dual usb tuners (6 in total) without driver issues (include $8 sony play tv playstation 1 tuner). Plex have client on most platforms and tv, and can easily connect locally or away from home.

      Plex client: Plex, Plexamp, Plex Dash

      Other interesting free program to go with your media server:
      Radarr, Sonarr, Overseerr

  • Use Jellyfin. Nothing beats free. Plus it is built with .Net

    • +2

      Plus it is built with .Net

      I think Plex is built with C++ - this is more pluses than in .NET. :)

      • And more C's!

  • I paid $99 for this four years ago. It seemed a lot at the time, but that now works out at roughly $25 a year so far, and dropping. It's not perfect, but even so I reckon it's been worth it, if only to watch the thrill of the challenge chicken (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kikWoGMvqAo) being thrown during Pickleball TV. It helps that I also have a HDHomerun (https://www.silicondust.com/) tuner so use that to record free to air, as well as watch FTA channels via Plex from TVs that aren't connected to the physical antenna.

  • +2

    Nothing beats the skip intro on Plex and the app support across all of my devices. Once Jellyfin catches up there I’ll give it another go.

    • -3

      Picking one feature and claiming that all that matters is ridicules.

      • Telling others what feature should be their priority is ridiculous.

  • +3

    Paid $50 through VPN
    That was worth it

  • +2

    Hey guys. I'm running a plex server On a nuc. The hardware acceleration will benefit me significantly right?
    Anything else that is a good improvement over the free version?

    • Ummm… Live FTA TV and DVR recording if you have a suitable tuner, skip intros/credits, plex mobile apps are free for all home members, download/offline feature…. obviously may or may not be of any use for you.

  • +3

    I've had the Plex sub for a few years now and have found it to be mostly good.

    I just wish they'd give us an option to turn off the infuriating shrinking credits "feature" that was added a while back. It really takes you out of the movie experience when the credits go postage stamp sized and you have to fumble for the remote to get them embiggened again.

    • +3

      yes.. that’s my gripe as well… a lot of movies these days have post credit scenes

    • I'm pretty sure they have added that very recently for plex pass holders! There was a reddit post here where people were talking about a new update that fixed that issue, citing the update on the forums. I haven't tried it myself, but it might be worth checking out!

      One thing to note is it seems to be a per client setting, and might not be available on apple yet since it apparently takes a bit longer to come out for apple devices, but if you haven't updated, it could be good to update and see if it works like everyone's saying!

  • Any word or advice on purchase via VPN solutions? It used to be the best to wait for these sales, then get it at a discount, but since the change in the Turkish dollar it's not been as simple as far as I'm aware…

    • The old VPN method no longer works unfortunately. Best to purchase now in my opinion. I missed out on the VPN trick by a few days and have been waiting for this sale.

  • 100% worth it for a lifetime subscription for those on the fence about it.

  • thanks. I just ordered lifetime pass. Don't really need it but will try the hardware acceleration. using it on synology nas DS720+ so supposedly the hardware acceleration should improve playback (although I've never had issues on the CPU playback except for really big files 10-20GB size)

    • I’ve found that on my mini fanless PC the pass enabled hardware acceleration really helps with on demand transcoding. Will probably extend the life of my CPU as well.

  • any user ID to share good medias?
    which country should vpn subscribe with the best rate?

    • +1

      What do you mean by user ID?
      Also, VPN doesn't get you a cheaper price any more. They have removed regional pricing.

      • ok noted on vpn.
        which user id I can add for those plex user share good media

        • you can dm me

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