[Unobtainable Deal] Google Pixel 6 128GB $383.60, Xiaomi Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip Plus 10m Bundle $25.90 @ Mobileciti eBay

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eBay Plus needed for both items!

Yeelight - $25.90

Code will go live at 10 am.

All time low for the Google Pixel 6. Only 200 units available.

And also kicking off from 10am AEDT is OzBargain's favourite Yeelight RGB lightstrips in a 10m bundle. The code will show on the listing and added to this post when the deal becomes live. Be sure to jump in quick as they'll likely sell out quickly. Only 500 units available. Not quite the record low, but very very close.

Compatible with Mi Home, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Razer Chroma and Samsung SmartThings.

The Yeelight Aurora Lightstrip PLUS (10M) Bundle can vary flowing colours and sync with music. It can be programmable to turn on/off and switch colors as you wish. You can control remotely with the Mi Home app supporting from control anytime and anywhere. AI-ready for hands-free control through Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Flexible enough to be moulded to any object to create light in any shape you want. One button control to conveniently change colours. The Yeelight Colour Striplight extension enables you to alter the length to create the desired ambiance. The extendable strip allows you to create light in any shape you wish. It can be extendable from 1m up to 10 meters and can be conveniently cut to meet your desired length.Near record low for the Yeelight


Mod: Moved to forums, unobtainable deal/requested by OP ("due to eBay getting the dates wrong"). The deal can be reposted when/if it goes ahead in the future.

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    What other phones are on discount

  • +6

    Sucks for the guy I sold my Pixel 6 to for $400 a few weeks ago… :(

  • Pull the trigger and ordered the Yeelight for extra $1.1 just then.

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      It's showing $37 and extra $5 off for ebay plus.. Which makes it $32. How did you get it for $26-$27?

      • Same here

      • later today?

      • I think I saw it listed at $32 earlier this morning (with $5 ebay plus bringing it to $27).

        Otherwise they may have used their $10 code (on $30 spend)

  • Any deals for Motorola Edge 30 Ultra?

  • Kicking myself for not getting the Pixel 7 for $699 at JB. Went in there yesterday to get one and the deal had ended. Anyone reckon they might have a similar deal before xmas? I was planning on getting it as a gift for my wife.

    • Was $349 with the trade in hack couple months ago

      • I was happy enough with $699 (compared to the regular price of $999). Just didn't get onto it in time :(

        • Office works had it for $999, I got them to price match it to $749 off becextech and they did with the 5% beat guarantee getting it to $711. Then a month later I bought another one for $697 but they have really limited stock now so it's very hard to get

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    Google pixel 6 OR Motorola G54

  • -1

    Just an FYI to anyone planning to buy a pixel. Close up shots with the camera on my Pixel 7 are horrible and blurry at the edges :(

    • -1

      This is a pixel 6 though

  • never had Yeelight before…for it to work does it have to be plugged in all the time or is it rechargeable or something?

    • +1

      Plugged in

  • Google Pixel 6 or Samsung A54?

    Both same screen size, but pixel 6 is an old flagship?

    • +1

      Pixel coz GrapheneOS

  • The battery life on the a54 is likely what's going to tip me over

    • Yep. Me too. Probably longer os updates also?

  • can we order 2 lights at the one time with the incoming code ?

  • Not live yet?

  • +1

    So what's the code? It's not BF22AU is it

  • Nope not working

  • Whats the code?

  • I only can see the code "HGTNOV", not as much discount!

    • yeah same, that is giving $60 off for $487 (HGTNOV)…

  • fail!

  • BF22AU not working here

    • Even with that code, it won't get to 399

  • What is the code?

  • +3

    Currently trying to work out what's happened. Will report back when I have codes. I have moved start time forward as a result.

    • Gimme

    • Worth removing the sentence where it mentions it starts at 10am!

    • @HamBoi69 still awaiting what happened??? A lot of people (my self including) were looking forward to this deal.

      • -1

        I direct you to the mod edit in the OP. If you need the Google Pixel 6, it is $487 as per my new post

        • -1

          The mod post is just blaming eBay and doesn't shed sufficient light to the situation.

          it is $487

          That is 27% higher than the price you originally stated?

  • @HamBoi69 Stitched us up?

  • Pondering…
    * Google 6 support to Oct 2026 -> $383 / 3y = 128 $/y
    * Google 8 support to Oct 2030 -> $977 / 7y = 140 $/y
    So, $12 per year for a much better phone.

    and if you consider OS updates (Oct 2024 vs Oct 2030) makes it $383/y vs $140/y

    • This really only applies to people who replace their phones after it dies, or up until the security update support window.
      But some people replace their phones every few years with an older flagship.

    • -2

      i love that you think you'll be still using a phone bought in 2023 in 2030 :)

      • +3

        Some people do that. I used my Galaxy S7 from 2017 to 2023. Another year wouldn't have hurt if I didn't kill it.

      • +2

        Galaxy S7 here. 2016-11, and only in the market because emergency calls won't work anymore from mid Dec.

    • I'd wager that the Pixel 6's battery is more likely to last 4 years* than the Pixel 8's battery lasting 7 years.

      (Adding a year as the Pixel 6 were superseded in Oct 2022, so it's likely that the final ones were manufactured around that time)

      • +1

        Yeah, similar thoughts. Though I'd me more worried about accidentalty breaking an expensive (long-term-investment) phone. FWIW, Google will provide 7 years of spare parts, and my oldie S7 runs on the original battery 24h+.

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      Pixel 6 now and buy a pixel 8 pro on black friday in 2026

  • Get paid tomorrow… Rip

  • When dows this start

  • I'm not getting the prices unfortunately. Maybe the code was limited? I tried using BF22AU but eBay said it's not valid for the yeelight or the px6.

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    not bothered to create a new deal.
    correct link is this and seller is wireless1.

    • +1

      Thanks mate. That worked

      • cheers, created a deal as well coz this one moved to forum

  • Is it one lightstrip or 2m plus a bunch of extensions?

    • 5m 1 x lightstrip + 5 x 1m extensions

  • Can i buy both item and use BFEX30 twice?
    Yeelight is already active sold by wireless1
    or this coupon can only be used once?

    • +1

      I used BFEX30 3 times in the yeelight in three seperate transactions. Worked every time.

  • How do you install these light strips at corners.. Any suggestions for RightAngle connectors used? I am planning to install in my kitchen above glass splashback under cabinets. Looking forward to here from people who have already installed it.

    • you gotta fold it
      cut the silicon off and fold it triangle shape

      • Thanks.. That worked.. :)

  • is Pixel coming today?

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