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[eBay Plus] Roborock Dyad $236.60 (Was $399), XGIMI Halo+ 1080p Projector $768.60 (Was $1299) + 26 More Deals @ eBay


After this mornings failed attempt, my personal chef and I have managed to compile a working list of deals from eBay this morning. The real bargains are the roborock dyad, and xgimi halo+, should be all time lows.

Item List Price eBay Deal Price Discount Coupon Code
XGIMI Halo+ Plus 1080p FHD 900 ANS Recreate Portable Projector $1,098.00 $768.60 30% off (2 uses) BFTOPDEAL
Roborock Dyad Wet/Dry Cordless Vacuum - White $338.00 $236.60 30% off (2 uses) BFTOPDEAL
SteelSeries Apex 7 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Red Switch $137.00 $95.90 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
SteelSeries Arctis 7+ Wireless - Multi-Platform USB-C Gaming Headset $206.00 $144.20 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
D-Link Full HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-8300LH $42.00 $29.40 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
JBL Endurance Sprint Waterproof Wireless In-Ear Sport Headphones $43.00 $30.10 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
UBTECH JIMU TruckBots STEM Programming Education Robot Kit $76.00 $53.20 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
TCL 30 SE (Dual Sim, 128GB/4GB, 6.52 inches, 6165H1) $183.00 $128.10 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
Anker 737 Portable Power Bank 140W 24000mAh $190.00 $133.00 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch (42mm) $206.80 $144.76 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
Harman Kardon Citation One mkII All-in-One Smart Speaker $129.00 $90.30 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
360 Dash Cam HK30 HD Video Camera Recorder $45.00 $31.50 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
Motorola Moto G54 5G (Dual Sim, 6.5'', 128GB/8GB) $284.00 $198.80 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
Ultimate Ears UE BOOM 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $139.00 $97.30 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
Beats Studio Buds True Wireless Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones $158.00 $110.60 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
Apple iPad mini 4 (Wi-Fi + 4G/Cellular, 128GB, 4th Gen) [Refurbished] $239.00 $167.30 30% off (3 uses, $100 cap) BFEX30
3SIXT Magnetic Mesh Band for Apple Watch 38/40mm - Black $13.00 $10.40 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
D-Link Full HD Wi-Fi Camera DCS-6100LH - Black $47.00 $37.60 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
Soundcore Life P2 True Wireless Earbuds - Black $32.00 $25.60 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
Nokia X20 (Dual Sim 5G, 128GB/6GB, 6.67'') $298.00 $248.00 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
Himo Electric Bike H1 - Grey $358.00 $308.00 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
Google Nest WiFi Mesh Router 3 Pack GA00823 - 1 Base Unit and 2 Wifi Points Unit $339.00 $289.00 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
Oppo Find X5 Lite Single SIM 8/256GB Opt - Black $338.00 $288.00 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
TCL 20 Pro 5G 256GB/6GB $328.99 $278.99 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
TCL 306 (Dual Sim, 32GB/3GB, 6.52'', 6102H-2AIZAU12) - Atlantic Blue $145.80 $116.64 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
3SIXT Helix Apple Watch Stand (Series 1/2/3/4/5/6) 3S-1188 - Silver $12.75 $10.20 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
D-Link COVR-X1870 AX1800 Dual Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Router/ Add-On Point $106.80 $85.44 20% off ($50 cap) BFDEAL
Google Pixel 6 5G (Dual Sim, 128GB/8GB, 6.4 inches) - Stormy Black $547.00 $487.00 $60 off HGTNOV


Original Coupon Deal
Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • G54 even cheaper than last week. Sub $200 is crazy

    • Yeah, I just got one delivered on Friday and I bought it for $236, is there any price protection on these items?

    • Must have been, no stock left.

  • eBay plus members only

  • +2

    Picked up a Dyad to replace my trusty Dyson V6 - thanks. $236.60 as reported.

    • What were your reason for switching? Are they better?

      • +1

        probably age? the v6 is probably approaching end of life.

      • Just that the V6 is 8 years old. It's on its second battery and doesn't last long, and doesn't hold much cat hair. I have a Roborock S6MaxV and have had a good experience with it so I trust that the stick vacuum will suck. I also have wooden floors and tiles so the mop will be handy.

        • Dyad isn't a dry stick vac replacement. Although the name has 'dry' in it, it uses water. If you're struggling with cat hair with a normal vac, it will be worse with Dyad.
          You mentioned the mop would be handy (it appears as a secondary feature for your use case). It's actually the other way around. Dyad is mainly a mop, not a stick vac.
          Hope it helps and you can get your money back if there's a return period.

    • tempted to do the same except that it reportedly doesn't do well with long hair. Once you've used a proper detangling head, there's no going back…

      • Can you recommend a vacuum that's good with long hair/has a detangling head?

    • +1

      Refund it while you can, its gonna break in a few months.

      • Yep or battery failure

      • Thanks, I'll make sure to register the warranty just in case.

  • +1

    The 'BFDEAL' promo code should stack with the Shopback extra 10% off eBay (capped at $20 promo) https://imgur.com/a/IrtG1ZS

  • +1

    Got the Arctis 7+ headphones for $144.

  • +3

    Lol the description for the D-Link webcam. That IR must be very powerful
    Best-in-class power for visible hair reduction in just 4 weeks, lasting for up to 6 months.1 Use the device once per week for 1 month to see the first results and get long-lasting smooth skin.

  • +1

    Does the Roborock work on carpet?
    It doesnt show carpet in any of the photos and its not mentioned in the description anywhere i can see.

    • +1

      Any thoughts on the Roborock Dyad Wet/Dry Cordless Vacuum?
      It looks really good in the photos.

      • I could be tempted on one of these, for house with full tiles throughout, except 3 bedrooms carpeted

      • had one. Screws rusted on the bottom. Check out reviews online from people who've had it < 6 months.

    • interested as well

  • UE boom OOS

  • +11

    To anyone considering the Roborock Dyad, I would not recommend it. We threw ours into the bin a few months after buying it. The machine clogs so easily, especially if you have pets. We have a short-haired dog, basically, with no shedding. It still doesn't stop the dreaded E5 message coming up. The rollers will also stink if you don't remove and dry them after each use. There's no drying functionality, so once you've used it, the sopping-wet rollers will inevitably begin to stink. If you forget to dry or wash the rollers after use, what will happen the subsequent use, it will spread the smell around your house. A decent mop like the Koh spray mop is better, and you can throw them into the washing machine and easily reuse them.

    They could have solved the roller problem by including a spare set of rollers with the Dyad, but they didn't. The after-sales support is also quite atrocious. You get what you pay for.

    • You could have at least chucked it in MY bin…

      • Sadly, it wouldn't have been much use to you. Water got past the filter part and into the motor. It began to rust internally, and the motor started to seize up. We knew it was time to go when it started making concerning noises, and the rollers stopped spinning properly. It really is a shame because we are a Roborock robot vacuum household. We've got the S7 MaxV Ultra, and it's a godsend and doesn't skip a beat. And an S5 still going strong upstairs we've had for years now.

    • I actually want a mop/wash type floor tile cleaner for my house, full tiles throughout, except carpeted bedrooms.
      Either upgrade my Xiaomi robovac to a washing/mopping one, or get a decent and good quality, floor washing vac style

      I work shift work and it's worth it just to save time/effort

  • +10

    DO NOT - DO NOT - DO NOT buy the Dyad. Its vacuum turbine rusts and the drive motor on roller brush breaks easy. Its (profanity) trash.

    Im in the process of refunding mine after using it for about 10 cleans.

    Read up the forums on E5 errors and roller motor issues, a ton of them posted.

    • Have had mine for over 10 months, no issue.

  • Buy the Tineco s5 dry wet vacuum instead

  • Code for Pixel 6 doesn't work?

  • G54 back in stock

  • +2

    Anyone bought the XGIMI?
    I really want to buy it, but I don't know if the deal is working and someone has a good review to check it?
    Worth buy it? The price is 750+ with eBay plus to everyone?


    • +1

      Yeah, I love my Halo+. Though I've never had a projector previously, so have nothing to compare it to.

      Usually stays in the bedroom, projecting off the ceiling. Watching Netflix, Disney+, iView & YouTube.

      Great in the dark. Not bad in the day, with the blind down, though not as good as a normal TV in the day. Sound's pretty good for movies & TV, not the best for music.

      Paid $960 in July. So the current deal looks like a real bargain!

  • Can anyone check if the roborock Dyad code works for them please

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