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[eBay Plus] Weber Baby Q Q1000 LPG BBQ (Black/Titanium) $236.90 Delivered @ Weber eBay


Product Description

  • BBQ ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. It’s not until you see a Baby Q roasting a whole chicken that you realize why the Weber Baby Q is a big deal! Your ideal travel BBQ with plenty of cooking space to get you started!
  • EASY TO SET UP & USE: BBQing couldn't be easier than with the Weber Baby Q BBQ grill. The push button piezo ignition affords easy starting every time you use our maestro of grilling & broiling. Simply connect your LPG bottle and you're ready to BBQ. A 9 kg gas bottle will give you over 46 hours of quality barbecuing on the move.
  • A BBQ THAT IS BUILT TO LAST: The Weber Baby Q barbeque grill features a durable cast aluminium body & a lid. Taking things up a notch, the BBQ comes with rust-resistant split cast iron cooking grills.
  • YOUR ULTIMATE BBQ PARTNER. The Weber Baby BBQ grill can be carried around easily due to its compact size, providing hassle-free storage & seamless transportation. The non-stick grill & easily removable drip tray make for effortless cleaning.
  • EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE OF BARBECUING! Convenient and easy cooking with a cool-to-touch thermostat lid handle & easy to read infinite burner control knob. At home, out in the bush, or down at the beach, the weber Baby Q gives you total flexibility.

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  • +1

    Wait until midday for extra 10% cashback?

    • The only code I can see on Shopback is BFDEAL. So this probably won't work.

  • +3

    Bugger! Hoping for a deal on the Q2000

  • Can you really roast a whole chicken in one of these things?

    • +1

      Havent looked at all the other deals, but you're better off with the Q1100 or Q2200 (i think that's the codes)
      They have a higher buldge on the lid to fit roasts, and a thermometre built in.
      ….of course, you pay extra for that though

      These are fantastic for steaks anyway, so just get one already ;)

      • These rarely go on sale as they're only stocked by particular companies.

        • The official Weber stores were shoving these out on sale a couple months ago as they have just been replaced with a new product line.

      • We can do two side-by-side in our 1100….hard to fit if they're big though.

        Haven't put a chook in the oven since we got this, and chicken is our go-to given meat prices these days.

        • Can I ask why the BBQ instead of the oven for chicken? I was thinking that ovens should be more energy/cost efficient because they are insulated so need less power to maintain temperature. The Webers lids are a thin layer of steel and lose huge amounts of heat through the lid, and through the back vent.

          I've recently bought a larger one, but have avoided multi-hour cooking because they seem so wasteful.

    • +1

      Yes, have done many times. Biggest chook was prob about 2kg - takes roughly about 1hr per kg

  • +1

    Also hoping for a deal on bigger ones.

  • Is this a good started BBQ for the average home cook who's only ever BBQ'd in the local park?

    • Yes if it’s just for a couple, for families I’d recommend the larger ones

  • Anyone come up with an idea for a cheap stand for this?

    • Wondering the same! Looking for a cover as well if anyone can recommend

      • Official stuff - cheapest is TGG or DJs

      • You can use this as a cover

        Now just need a cheap stand! Doesn't even need to have wheels TBH

      • TEMU has knock off options from $13.50 / Amazon for $17.

  • +2

    What size baby can this bbq fit?

  • Is this a single use Code?
    Bought Xbox with the Same Code. Wouldnt let me use it for Weber ("You already applied this code to an order.") And doesnt offer me any Codes Under the price, like it normally would.

  • Difference between this legacy model and the newer models?

    • +1

      I think the new model has an added burner that allows you to create a wider range of temperature - lower for slow cooking and hotter for quick cooking.

  • Hello all,

    Just be mindful that Weber are rolling out new models. I was told by a Weber sales rep (at one of the stores) that they are only going to discount the old model as part of the BF sales.

    I see this is marked as 2nd generation (the old one).

  • bought a 4 burner for 350 from bbq galore, this seems like a tiny camper sorta bbq but i do apprecaite weber quality

  • +1

    Thanks, picked one up - should be perfect for me living solo over summer.
    Can pack up and take away as well.

  • These don’t get hot enough to sear a steak. Ziggy a better bbq.

    • +1

      Never had that issue it gets plenty hot enough..

    • -1

      Rubbish. 5-10min on high to heat up and it will sear.

      • -1

        I had one, it’s true. A slightly windy day and this stews and doesn’t sear.

        And yes, I know you cook with the lid closed. This means meat cooks softly before it has a chance to sear. Totally overrated.

        • I've got to agree with this- the standard grill doesn't sear well at all. Doesn't hold enough heat. The solid pan option seems to work better. This is using a three burner Spirit with a 15 minute preheat in a sheltered location.

          The standard grill leaves some pretty sear marks, but imo that's mostly cosmetic.

          I think the more upmarket Webers have a 'sear station' section for a good reason.

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