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Lubluelu SL60D Lidar 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner $215.20 ($209.82 w/ eBay Plus) Delivered @ Lubluelu-Store eBay


Appears to be an all time low for Ozbargain's favourite budget robovac. Also available in white for the same price. Free 4 day express postage included as part of this deal.

Currently $249 @ Amazon which includes change of mind until 31/1/24, though eBay plus does offer free returns, albeit only 30 days.

Replacement mop pads are also available for 20/22% off.

Original Coupon Deal

update Sat 25/11: only white left in stock & showing as "almost gone"

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +2

    Great price. Great vaccum.

    • Works good on polished floors? I've been watching & waiting to pull the trigger.

      • +1

        The drive wheels are pretty grippy. I have no issues on my timber flooring.

  • -3

    Oh man….this is very tempting. How does the change of mind works with amazon…can it be returned after the use?

  • +8

    I've been loving mine after upgrading from my V1 Xiaomi.

    It seems to do everything the expensive robot vacuums do, I have no idea why you would pay more.

    The only real feature I would want in a vacuum is the ability for it to raise the mop when on carpet but I'm not paying $1200 extra for only that extra feature. Instead it just automatically avoids rooms with carpets until you remove the mop attachment.

    • I didn't even know this, are we supposed to keep the mop attachment on?

    • I only opened mine last night and did its first clean, but I have found after mapping the house you can set customised settings for each room where I have selected my carpeted living room to 'closed' for the water setting. I assume that just means dont mop this area (although the cloth would still be dragged across the carpet).

      • I would guess it's better to run the vacuum without the cloth, then run the mop with the cloth and water tank. But I'm just guessing.

    • We still have the v1
      What does this do better?

      • +2
        • Much better cleaning quality, I think it has higher suction and also has a second side spinner.
        • Much better handling of obstacles (My V1 would get stuck on my bar chair base, pedestal fan base and occasionally a spot where the carpet ends)
        • Less noisy (or at least a more pleasant sound?)
        • Handles hair a little better.
        • So many more features on the app (list too long to mention)
        • It can mop
        • If you were in the market for another robot vacuum cleaner and don't need mopping which one would you choose today?

          And are there any that can be used without wifi or any internet aka a dumb robot vacuum cleaner that can just be pressed on and off with a physical button (assume you cannot use mobile hotspot for battery reasons and because you will be out of range of the robot vacuum a lot)?

          • @AlienC: I think they will all vacuum without wifi if you press the button, I know my previous Xiaomi one did.

            I would never want that though as you can't set any settings and you would still need to set it up on the wifi.

            • @samfisher5986: Thanks for the reply I understand.

              I have a special case where I cannot access any internet or WiFi or network of any sort so that's why I'm on the hunt for the best value dumb robot vacuum cleaner with no mopping required.

              $200 seems like a good price right now considering you can't even get the version 1 xiaomi ones at that price.

              Personally for me time is not an issue I have up to 3 hours to clean and get the job done.

              Any if they fill up too quickly I can just deploy more.

              Price of convenience and saved time health and energy will definitely pay off.

  • +1

    Lets see if Amazon price match so get rid off gift cards. thanks OP.

    • How do you do that? Amazon don't offer price matching.

      • i think in one of the last deal amazon did drop the price….hoping of course do the same

        • update: amazon has upped the discount to $65 from $50. still not same as this but tells you they definitely scanning what's out there

  • can these be used without the mop function?

    • +2


      • thanks, I just noticed from your response above that the attachment is removable.

  • Can anyone share their experience with this and carpet?

    • +2

      It does a light vaccum of carpet.

      You need something like a Miele corded vac if you have carpeted rooms. I don't think even the Dyson's cordless are strong enough tbh.

      • out of the other competitors near this price range is this the best bang for buck? assuming you don't need any mopping function

    • +1

      Low pile carpet, rug and short haired dog here. Cleans them all with a breeze if not better than my miele. I use max power in carperted areas and normal for timber floors.

    • +1

      I have a dyson V8, no pets and don’t wear shoes inside the house. quick vac over the main walkways once a week, and a deep vacuum every 4-6 weeks. so fairly clean house. first few times I ran this I was amazed at how much dust it picked up (granted under the couch and bed doesn’t get the best vacuum).
      it does miss bits of lint sometimes, but it’s very thorough in its route. my housemates and I were also thinking the carpet even looked ‘fluffier’ after a couple of runs. I have it running on max suction

  • Showing $299 on amazon.

    • +2

      there is $50 coupon on amazon listing when you scroll down…still not good as this one.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. My foray into robo vacs has commenced….


  • Mine forgets the map if I run it after say 2 weeks and it starts all over again with scanning rooms and creating a map. Has anyone had a similar experience? How do you make sure it understands that it is still the same map? is the charging point its place of reference to detect if it is an existing map? User manual doesnt seem to cover this… :/

    • Did you move the charging point

      • nope it has stayed where it always was

    • Just delete it's new map and go back to the original. Firmware up-to-date?

      • it only has one map the older one has been probably overwritten. How does multi map work I wonder

    • i have issue with its map too, but it doesnt forget the whole map, it adds more space but skewed. i could not find how to delete the map so i just delete the device from tuya app and readd.
      Another issue is it gets stuck several times already whereas i dont have the same issue with my roborock s5 max. So im returning this and getting a roborock q7 max(its on sale in Amazon if anybody is interested)

    • +4

      Hey, so I think the reason this happens is because the dock is quite light so the vaccum moves it around accidentally when docking.
      Once the dock is sufficiently displaced the room registers as sufficiently different, as it measures the room relative to the dock placement, so it measures a new map.
      I'm going to use doublesided tape to fix mine to a specific position, or something.

  • How do these compare to the likes of the Roborock Q Revo?
    In terms of emptying, how often do you need to empty it?

    • +1

      Every two days depending on variables (animals/surfaces/amount of people in your house). Can buy a bigger capacity bin but no mop on it.

      • +10

        Or you could also get the auto empty bin for it: Lubluelu SD80

        Lubluelu Direct for $136.50 delivered with code BF30.

        Amazon for $189.99. Can save $10 if you use Zip Pay.

        No longer listed on eBay.

        • Nice find, do any coupons stack with the BF30 code?

        • Just received the auto empty bin, just realised that the dust bag is not reusable…

          • @DanielYuuuu: Same here, how did you connect the dust collector with the robot vacuum.
            Mine doesn't have connection instructions!

        • Any luck with dust bag replacement from other retailers? I've been scouring the web for similar dust bags but haven't had any confirmations from anyone.

          From what I found, the auto empty bin could be similar the viomi s9. Can't confirm dust bags if similar until I receive my unit I guess.


          • @yakzu10: are there any auto empty bins that don't need to keep buying dust bags and can just empty the bin itself?

            any near the same price range as this robot vacuum cleaner? $200 to $250 for the vacuum?

            if the auto empty bin needs replenishable supplies it might be a deal breaker for myself.

          • @yakzu10: When I get mine I'll order some viomi s9 dustbags from aliexpress to see if they're compatible.

  • +2

    Mop pads seem to be cheaper on Amazon or am I missing something?
    4pcs mop for Robot Vacuum SL60D https://amzn.asia/d/1nsAucf

  • are the parts easy to get for this unit?

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought one.

    • +5

      You're not living up to your username.

  • Tried using the code but sadly doesn't seem to want to work for me

    • Ebay Plus?

    • Non-eBay Plus use BF20AU, eBay Plus use BF22AU.

      • I have eBay plus - it's showing as $269 but "this code cannot be applied to your order" - strange

        • Yeah that is weird.

  • Is this identical to the Midea M7?

    • Similar but not quite the same. The easiest to spot differences are found on the underside.

  • +2

    Do these function well on tiles?

  • +3

    This thing is amazeballs. Wood floor and carpet + border collie hair = gone!
    We bought it a week ago in the initial pre Black Friday sale on eBay. Also have the dock - that’s not bad either as a base.

  • does the auto empty dock function as a charging station aswell?

  • +1

    How does this compare to Q7 Max?
    About to pull trigger on that but keen to hear comparison between the two

  • So my partner was about to get the eufy L35 hybrid from JB HI FI for $477. Link
    Would this be comparible?

  • +7

    Last time I bought a robot vacuum was about 6 years ago, it was a cheap Aldi thing and was garbage. Gave it away.

    Have been doing casual research over past 18 months, wanted to buy a decent one for my elderly parents, but didn't want to spend a fortune. The general consensus has been that sub-$1000 is not worth it.

    But the reviews of this unit were quite good for the money, so I ordered one on Monday. Arrived Wednesday. Set it up Wednesday night and I'm really impressed. Of course it's not going to do miracles, but for 200 bucks it's very impressive. The mapping has been spot on (so far). My first 25 minute clean resulted in a significant pile of dust and grit, despite the house having been vacuumed last weekend.

    So impressed, I bought another one tonight for my parents!

    • Nice. Yeah my impression is it is not the best but for under $200 it will definitely help with the overall cleaning duties around the house and office.

      My question now is if I can bring it to work and use it in dumb mode operation aka no connection to wifi or mobile hotspot or anything I wonder if I can just press a button and let it do its thing even if it does not do any mapping any cleaning help around the place will help.

  • +1

    Thank you bought one.

  • Looking for our first robovac and this looks good however I noticed JBHifi have the eufy RoboVac G20 Hybrid for $299 ($300 off) or the eufy RoboVac L35 Hybrid Robotic Vacuum for $477 ($722 off).

    Out of these 3, is the OZB deal still better or shall I grab one of the eufy vacs?

    • +3

      Bought one on Amazon and it arrived 15 hours later.

      This is my first robovac. First run of sweep worked flawlessly, I'm suprised its this good for a little over $200. Also purchased extra mop pads however they arrive a day later.

      It was able to navigate between each of my dining chairs and table, cleaned under the sofa, coffee table and tv unit all without getting stuck. The software and mapping is fairly easy, even without instructions detailing the settings.

      Easily transitions from floor boards to rugs and carpet. The dustbin was sufficiently full and the home was fairly clean, albeit needing a vacuum.

      Highly recommend if you are in doubt. Thanks OZB, love this community.

      • Thanks for the review, helped convince me to buy

  • How about Warranty on these ones. I just ordered Dream L10s ultra from Amazon, but looking at the review on Ozb I am thinking to return that and get this with auto empty bin. I don't mind putting mopping pads when needed to mop. Any suggestions?

    • 2 year warranty offered by the manufacturer as a minimum. There's always the ACL song & dance you can try if it fails afterwards.

  • Amazon has $65 coupon for it now. Comes down to $235 on Amazon

  • +2

    This looks identical to the dreame d9, im pretty sure it is, just half the price. Which makes it an amazing deal.

  • I've been looking for a vacuum, how's this deal with pet hair? That's primarily my problem.

    • +3

      What animal do you identify as?

      • +1

        Ape brained lab

      • +1

        I bought this anyway. Comments here are very positive and it's worth a shot

        • Me too

  • Bought it and now trying to understand how different levels in the house work.

    We have step down to the lounge where we want it cleaned the most and the base there. Do we pick it up and target another map for the rest of the house, what's does it do since it won't get to the base?

    Also anyone have a muscle mat rug, basically a think padded rug for our baby to play on, it seems to be that little bit too thick for it to get onto it to get the dog hair. A major reason for buy it, any workarounds for this?

    Otherwise for the price it's amazing


    • Robot vacuums are not really designed for different floors, just one floor with 1 dock.

      • +1

        That would limit all the people that live in 2 storey houses that don't want to buy multiple units, seems silly

        • +1

          First world problems my friend.

        • +2

          Its a $215 vacuum…. buy two.

          • @samfisher5986: I don't have a 2 storey house just a step down to the lounge which isn't a large area but high traffic, seems stupid to buy 2 as a solution…..

    • Hey there. I own this vacuum for the past two months and live on a multi floor.

      I have saved two different maps for the two floors. Once it’s completed upstairs, I have to manually put it downstairs and change the map.

      Settings/Room Map Manage/use this map

      • That's great to hear, what does it do when it cannot find the charger on the other floor?

        • It’ll spend about a minute trying to find the charger then give up. I generally relocate it back upstairs, go to the app and select auto recharge.

  • +1

    Can this be activated remotely from the app? Does it connect to Wifi?

    • +1

      Yep it can. As long as it has connectivity to your 2.4ghz wifi

  • Was able to bring it down to $398 for 2 delivered somehow I used the code in this deal and an ebay plus deal.

    Was considering getting 3 as it then became ~$188 each delivered but going to just play around with 2 for now one for each level.

    Hopefully the spotty wifi in the basement does not affect the functionality of this robot vacuum cleaner I am really just looking for a dumb robot vacuum cleaner atm one that does not need any connection to operate just physical button press on and off. I am happy to lose some functionality just for the non wifi dumb ability to operate.

    • Just get a mesh wifi system and have one access point down there

  • anyone have a link for the Lubluelu Self-Empty Station for this thing?
    Seems to be OOS on Amazon

  • +1

    Any recommendations for a good mopping vacuum? Majority of my floors are hard surface and this one seems like it's not the best for lots of mopping?

    • +1

      This vacuum is good for mopping but I guess it won't hold enough water for your whole house.

      You will just have to either find a vacuum with twice the water storage which probably doesn't exist or move to one of those vacuums that collects water from the base unit.

  • +2

    The deal is over, Lubluelu has increased the base price by $90, price after applying the voucher is now $287.20. Pretty weird move by them to do that on Cyber Monday.

    • +1

      Thanks for letting me know, deal expired, I believe they sold out. When I posted the deal they'd sold less than 200, now it's over 600. Restock is obviously at a higher price. Almost 3k clicks and 400+ units sold, pretty good conversion rate!

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