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20% off Selected Items (22% eBay Plus) Max Discount $300 @ eBay (eBay Plus: Steam Deck 64GB $614.64, Sony WH-1000XM4 $311.12)


With eBay Plus

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00am AEDT on 21 November 2023 and ends at 11:59pm AEDT on 30 November 2023, for as long as it is advertised on the eBay.com.au site (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

Eligibility. This offer is available to eBay Plus members and non-eBay Plus members as set out in clause 4 below.

Conditions This offer entitles you to:
non-eBay Plus members to 20% off; and
eBay Plus members to an extra 2% off (total 22% off),

the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

“Eligible Items” means items listed on eBay.com.au where a link to these terms and conditions and the coupon redemption code BF20AU (for non-eBay Plus members) or BF22AU (for eBay Plus members) is found in the item listing, or the item appears in the following URL:


Redemption. To redeem this offer during the Offer Period, enter the redemption code BF20AU (for non-eBay Plus members) or BF22AU (for eBay Plus members) into the redemption code box during checkout. This code cannot be used in conjunction with any other eBay offer, coupon or voucher. You can only use the redemption code 5 times during the Offer Period. The code is provided to you as an eBay User and the limitations on its usage apply on that basis even though you may have registered a number of different eBay User IDs.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +1

    Great that this runs until the 30/11, can wait and see what else Amazon may drop over BF and CM and still have this offer to fall back on.

    Thanks @dealbot

    • Was gunna do same, hold - but I’ve seen couple of things go OOS this morn already as ppl seize the opp….

    • +1

      HODL for XM4.

      • What is a good price point for xm4's? I know they have been as low as 180 in the past.

  • +1

    Is there a full store list where I can use the voucher?

    • How do you know code will apply to this item?

      • +1

        When I click on the promo link and click electronic then gift for gamers. This item is listed there, let hopes it happens..

    • feel bad, I lost $3 as I bought it for $400 last time.

      FYI, westpac bonus only tracked if you got the base cashback tracked, in this case, not working because a discount code was used.

      • It always worked for me even if the original is tracked at $0

  • Where’s this big AirPods Pro 2 deal, dealbot?

    • +2

      Friday ;)

      • Care to share any more details plsss

        • For real, how does every other person on OzB seem to know how much its going to be and when its going to drop?!

  • +11

    Let's see what is in there…usually 'eligible items ' = useless stuff

    • +7

      I don’t even bother browsing their eligible items any more. It’s always junk.

  • +9
    • No TVs?

      • +1

        Looks like just a couple of garbage 24-32", so basically no

  • Also a 'BFDEAL' 20% off promo code working


  • +4

    Steam Deck 64gb




    • not OLED version?

      • +2

        Not yet.

      • There's no OLED version for 64gb (which is now updated to 256 GB on the new one, so it's pretty confusing).

        (old) 64GB -> (new) 256 GB = LCD
        (old) 256GB -> (new) 512 GB = OLED
        (same) 1 TB -> OLED

  • +1

    See Jack everywhere

    • Actually surprised the PC parts I’m watching haven’t had a visit from Jack (yet?!)

  • +2

    bought sennheiser IE900 for 935 aud, judging by the inflation rate this price is indeed 623 aud before covid, which is slightly lower than a grey market ie 800 back in 2013.

  • Do we have upsized cr or sb yet for eBay?

  • I love my Sony WH-1000XM4's (best purchase I ever made)

    • +1

      They like you too.

  • Looks like eBay are utilising the services of a lower league UK soccer player again.

  • +2

    XM4s are still in stock

    • yeah, looks like it was restocked, says more than 10 avail.

  • XM4 or Bose QC SE guys? Probably mostly for home use.

    • For music, get Sony. If you want to commute, get Bose.

  • Nice!

  • I should have downvoted this. Rug pull garbage heap left on sale. Reminds me of Catania Sicily Sunday market where they have random dolls with 1 arm and their kid's old underpants on a mat for sale, basically anything they don't want from the back of the cupboard

  • Anyone found any decent GPU deals on things like RTC 4080 cards ?

  • Coming from xm3
    Which one js better XM4 or 5?
    Seen more positives for 4 here than 5

  • +3

    The price jacking situation is severe and and the bargain is not as big as the headline numbers

    I have been eyeing on getting the Wacom Intuos Pro Small tablet for some time now: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/174697698018
    It could be found at around $300 any day

    Now with Black Friday discount/promo code,
    the RRP jacked up to $350 and the 20% code brings it down to $279.20,

    $20.80 savings is just 6.93% :/

  • All time low for this AM5 B650 ATX motherboard (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/product/msi-mag-b650-tomahawk-w…):

    MSI MAG B650 Tomahawk AM5 Wi-Fi Motherboard
    https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/175446194321 ($303.42 ebay plus)

    • The MSI Carbon for 270 still seems to be the best deal!

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