Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless 2.0AH 200CFM Jet Blower Kit $99 + Delivery ($0 with OnePass/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


Just spotted this deal back in stock. I think it was last available at this price back in Dec 2022. Retail back then was $149. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/742629

Stock is available in reasonable numbers but only at a few scattered stores. https://nrby.in/bunnings/0038773

I/N: 0038773

20 Min runtime on 2.0AH battery according to Ryobi website or 16 mins according to Bunnings website. (Thanks to Intake for bring that to attention).
2.3kg with 2.0AH battery.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Fair deal - battery looks a bit low grade for the type of device. Cant see it running for too long.

    Edit: There is is; on the bunnings website itself "Lightweight unit perfect for up to 18mins use"

    I have the older blower with the 4aH and always felt it died before I could finish the job.

    Basically you'll need a better battery unless the jobs you do are under 18 mins (and we all know manufactures like to overestimate - pic shows 16 mins)

    I've got the 6aH battery now and the old blower seems to last a lot longer than the jobs I do with it.

    • +3

      yes because 6 > 4

    • I would also recommend using a 4.0ah battery as a minimum ,but Ryobi claim 20min runtime with 2.0AH battery. This only has an on/off switch so no variable speed so I guess the runtime will be reliably close to this.

    • Battery should last long enough to annoy your neighbours

    • I have this blower and 2 ah and 4 ah batteries, the output is pretty much the same, only the longevity increases ( i can get 20 mins plus out of the 4ah) . Its fine if you want to push leaves /dirt down your cement/ paved driveway towards the street or so,you can buy it for that but pretty useless for getting leaves off your grass lawn or nature strip , dont buy it if you plan on doing it .

  • what's the point of this gadget? Blow leaves to neighbour?

    • +1

      Think of it as a rake, but without having to rake. Blow the leaves into a pile and put them in the green waste bin.

      Of course if you have a property aligning with bush etc, you could just blow them into the bushlands.

      Its great for when leaves and stuff gets in between areas that are hard to rake, just blow it out.

      • Would it be recommended to get a cordless blower/vacuum type device which can suck up the leaves into a bag?

        Blowing leaves into a pile sounds okay, but it would be nicer to get it all sucked up in a bag for you.

        • If you prefer a blower vac, sure thing. Cost more and probably chews more power.

    • +4

      Cleaning off a patio, deck, driveway, blowing out your garage, drying car or motorcycle after washing.

    • Or you can quickly blow the dust/soil/sand out of your garage/driveway/backyard etc.

    • +1

      main use is to blow grass or leaves from non grass areas such as concrete driveways to back to grass area usually after mowing.

    • +3

      Blow into street, wait for council to clean up

      • You mean never!

    • +1

      that's what most people on my street seem to do with them, yeah.

    • Strap two to a shopping trolley and blast off

  • -2

    I bought and returned it after 10mins of use

    2.0A battery is useless. there is no power left after 5mins of use

    even the blower itself is like a toy

    • +1

      I thought as much. Still not bad for $99 for people that have a 4ah or higher battery already. I wouldnt neg it.
      The 2ah can be used for other gear like a power drill etc.

  • +1

    Might have enough power to clean your keyboard.

  • Upgraded model with better battery for $50 more…


    • is that battery better? I bought a kit with batteries like what is in your link a few years ago.

      • The blacker chunkier looking batteries are the newer ones. The silver ones are the older tech.
        They also had black batteries a few years ago, but no battery life indicators on them.

  • I have this, it does ok, but is lacking in power. Ok for grass clippings, but anything more heavy, it struggles.

  • This model is too weak, either in kmh or cfm.
    At least one model up.

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