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15% off Storewide Online & in-Store (Exclusions Apply) @ IKEA (Free IKEA Family Membership Required)


15% off everything at IKEA. Instore and online.

24th November to 27th November.

Services, gift cards, food products, and other exclusions apply

6% off IKEA Gift Cards via Gift Card Exchange

20x EDR Points on IKEA Gift Cards @ Woolworths tomorrow - thanks to RichardL

The previously mentioned IKEA Family 90 day price protection may be US only. Sorry.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Hopefully this applies online so we don’t have to risk the stampede.

    • I was thinking the same. Can you imagine it this weekend!!

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      Yep that would be a nightmare. It says online and in-store.. so I think we're good!

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      Instore and online, according to website.

    • includes online

    • Hopefully suitable for click and collect orders

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        If you're after something really popular I wouldn't risk click and collect, they will probably be completely swamped and in-store customers will manage to take them off shelves before the staff get a chance to get your item. If it's a small item the postage is generally quite cheap, you're better off getting delivery as it comes from a separate warehouse customers don't have access to.

    • Shit, was planning on being there at opening time to buy something, but from your comment i might pass and wait for the next weekend

    • +2

      Kids running around, people walking the wrong way, people stuffing display items in their bags dialled up a hundred times. What a nightmare that's going to be.

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    No exclusion ?

    • +12

      Swedish Meatballs

      • +7

        Actually yes : *For IKEA Family members only. Services, gift cards, food products, and other exclusions apply. See full Terms and Conditions.

        • +13

          Easy guess, the meatballs are NEVER on special, ALWAYS excluded… they are running some sort of a meatball price cartel

        • Can we use Bupa Ikea 5% off gift card?

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    • So that's 0.9 * 0.85 = 0.765? I know that 10% is returned in EDR, but that seems like a really good discount with some hoop-jumping.

    • +11

      Be warned, I've tried to use lots of IKEA gift cards at once online and it slows down and eventually fails, and then you are unable to try again for 48 hours with the same gift cards. Wouldn't risk it with more than 2 or 3.

      In store should be ok I think (as long as your gift cards are active)

      • +3

        I've used at least 7 or 8 in one transaction online, around July last year.

      • I used 20x gift cards 3 weeks ago, in one transaction. Had no issues at all.

      • +1

        I just did 48 cards, no issues at all

      • I've legit used 188 gift cards in one transaction, and did not fail.

        • I guess I got unlucky. It did happen more than once for me though

    • +8

      … or if you know what you want to purchase and have a BIG W store near you, you could go to BIG W and purchase fixed-value Ultimate gift cards featuring IKEA and get 10% bonus value loaded onto the Ultimate gift card.

      • I bought a bunch of these at 15% off. Do you know if we can simply use Apple Pay for UGC at IKEA, or do we need to change to egift cards?

        • +7

          You can use Ultimate gift cards directly instore at IKEA like any other Visa card (and they can be redeemed either by swiping the physical card on the EFTPOS terminal, or storing the Ultimate gift card on Apple Pay or Google Wallet or Samsung Wallet). However, if you want to redeem more than one Ultimate gift card in one instore transaction and you are at a self checkout, you will need to ask an IKEA staff member for assistance. Alternatively, you can convert Ultimate gift cards into IKEA gift cards through the Ultimate gift card website first, then redeem the IKEA gift cards instore.

          If you want to make a purchase from the IKEA online store, you must exchange your Ultimate gift card to IKEA gift cards first.

          • @WookieMonster: Hey Wookie, can you exchange a bunch of Ultimate gift cards into a signel Ikea gift card or is it 1 to 1?

            • +1

              @nakata: You cannot consolidate multiple Ultimate gift cards into one IKEA gift card through the Ultimate gift card website.

          • @WookieMonster: Hey Wookie, do you know if you can consolidate multiple physical IKEA gift cards into one IKEA e-gift card. I have 22 physical IKEA gift cards and looking to purchase online.

            • @cheaponos: I don’t think that is possible, because the IKEA gift card terms and conditions says you cannot use IKEA gift cards as a payment method for more IKEA gift cards.

              Is there a reason you want to consolidate multiple IKEA gift cards? Someone said a few weeks ago they once redeemed 45 IKEA gift cards in one online transaction.

              • +1

                @WookieMonster: Thanks Wookie. I have seen some comments having issues redeeming many gift cards online, but then that comment was fine with 45.

                • @cheaponos: You could always call IKEA and see if they can help you out (especially as a goodwill gesture), but you may get told that there is no redemption on the IKEA website!

                  I can understand your apprehension though, particularly since I presume you will be trying to use them during this deal. I expect IKEA’s website to get absolutely hammered…

                  • +1

                    @WookieMonster: Thanks again. Backup is to go instore.

                  • @WookieMonster: Hey Wookie. The Big W 10% promo on Ultimate GC's that ended last night is now loading the additional 10% on to the value of the card. However, when you go to redeem them as IKEA GC's to use online (via the Ultimate website) each card will end up having the 10% leftover on it as the IKEA values are in $20, $50, $100 and $200 lots only.

                    Do you know how we get the 10% bonuses onto a new GC? Or is the only way you can redeem the full balance by going in store and daring fate with a stampede? :-P

                    • @KangaDrew: 1 x $50 + 3 x $20 = $110

                      • @CodeXD: You can only redeem one GC to the basket on the Ultimate website at a time. There doesn't appear to be a way to redeem multiple at once. So I have 6x $50 cards that I would only be able to redeem for $50, leaving a $5 balance on all 6 cards. So I'm trying to work out how to redeem those balances so they can be used.

                        • +1


                          Or is the only way you can redeem the full balance by going in store and daring fate with a stampede?

                          It sounds like you will need to do this, but that assumes you can even make it through the front door lol

                          • +1

                            @WookieMonster: I thought you may say that lol Thankfully I already know what I want and it's just some plants and pots in the outdoor section, so cutting through the masses should be OK. I'll just need to switch on the NC on my Airpods and play some chillout trance to keep me in the zen zone haha

                            Thanks mate! Best of luck with your BF/CM madness!

                  • +1

                    @WookieMonster: Just reporting back that I was able to use the 22 gift cards on the Ikea website with no problems. Mind you I placed the order at midnight Qld time. Had everything in the cart ready to go and card numbers and pins written down in notepad ready to copy and paste. 😆

      • +1

        Forgot Ultimate Gift Card added IKEA to their list of stores.

        Unfortunately TCN doesn't include IKEA.

  • +13

    Im so annoyed i just spent $900 on IKEA last weekend…

    • +11

      …feel your pain there… Buy another $900 of stuff, or at least the big ticket stuff, and return it with the old receipt

    • +1

      Easily returnable stuff? They're good with that..

      • +4

        Actually i should do that then… These are all still in the box…

        • +10

          Don't need to take them with you. Go buy them again with the discount then return them on the old receipt.

          • +8

            @jjjaar: So go to store, buy them, checkout, walk back in???


            True OzB style!

            • +7

              @4iedemon: Turns out there is 90 day price protection. Don't even need to buy them, just go to the service counter.

              • +4

                @ATangk: Wait, I don't think they have that in AU, only US

                The number you mentioned is the US number as well.

                • +3

                  @4iedemon: Now I feel dumb and cheated.

                  • +1

                    @ATangk: 400+ votes, dont be!

                    • @4iedemon: Checked with ikea today. 90 day Price protection is US only, but there is a 2 week price protection in aus apparently. This was in person over the counter but couldn’t confirm with proof as we had purchased about 2 months ago.

                      • +4

                        @thenudge: Don't worry! We managed to do the Ozb style just today!

                        We repurchased all we needed through C&C then returned them after a round trip from the C&C section to the Return Area using the old receipt.

                        It was quite a smooth process overall.

                        In total we saved $200ish but also spent $60 eating vietnamese food nearby hahaha

    • +1

      Same. Just bought a new couch and dining table two weeks ago. All assembled and now this?

      When did IKEA start doing good Black Friday deals? 😔

      • +7

        The post I saw it from said first time ever. Can't fault you but at the same time, IKEA's prices have almost doubled on some items since pre covid.

        • +3

          IKEA is now designer prices. It's mental

      • +1

        Go back to the store. Buy the same items at discount. Push the trolley straight to the customer service desk for a refund with your old receipt. The problem is, you might end up buying a few more items while you travel through that maze.

        • That’s interesting - is this a thing you’ve experienced?

          Doesn’t each item have some sort of a unique serial number associated and scanned to the product?

          • +3

            @YoursTruly: Unique serial number? You must be joking
            Each product has their own item number/SKU (not indifferent to other stores) but two of the same item would have the same item number.
            As long as the item number on the box matches what's on the receipt (some product, some colour, same everything), no one can tell it isn't the one you bought previously.

          • +1

            @YoursTruly: The only place I've ever seen do this is Uniqlo. What a farce that was trying to return an online purchased item with an in store receipt…

      • Is all ikea flat packed, large kitchen cabinets etc?

      • I would ring them and just ask - there's probably an easier way for them to do it. They are actually normally incredibly helpful

      • +1

        I was speaking with one of my IKEA clients a couple of days back, and I was told that, yes, this is the first time they have ever done it. So it'll likely be gangbusters in store.

    • @4iedemon

      $135 a decent discount worth the return?
      If so, spare yourself the pain and do so asap before the weekend rush

      • +1

        Deal isnt active until Friday.

        • I meant the return process.

          But I see comments in here that you can trolley the same items to the returns counter but with the old non discounted receipt at hand.

    • Ugh, I spent $2k on a besta wall cabinet I've been putting off for the last 2 years because I noticed the prices had decreased slightly. I didn't think IKEA had sales.

      • Bam exactly the same here, $2.5k on a Besta design I had been refreshing for a year and recently dropped in price slightly… so after Googling they never do anything for Black Friday I made the move. Then this comes up! Waaaaaaay too much stuff to go return and rebuy, had to get it delivered. Even my wife is like "since when do they do Black Friday" LOL!

        • Turns out IKEA has 90 day price protection if you scanned your IKEA Family card at checkout. See description.

      • Go to IKEA with your receipt and claim the difference as a refund. See the description for the 90 day price protection IKEA actually has.

    • $300 for me so not as bad as yours but it still stings. Mine are still in boxes but no way I am carrying kitchen cabinets back!

  • +1

    Does it apply to already reduced prices?

    • t&c says: "Only one offer a time: The Promotion is not available in conjunction with any other special, discount, promotional offer or IKEA Family or IKEA for Business member offers unless otherwise stated. Where multiple percentage discounts apply to a product, only the larger will apply".

    • Late in the day for it(the sale is still on!) but from my experience, yes.

      I got some items on the weekend from the 2nd chance section, and they were all also discounted 15% on top of the marked down ticket price when I scanned them at the checkout.

  • -4

    I thought we weren't allowed to wish death on people

  • +9

    For anyone who purchased prior.
    I assume the way forward, buy on sale day and return immediately with old receipt.


    • +2

      good idea! I recently bought a bunch of furniture. I'll try this out.

    • +2

      What if I paid with a gift card, would they then give store credit instead?

    • Do you think IKEA would care if I collected a bunch of stuff (app. $1400) for 15% off, and immediately travelled 20 metres to the return counter and used my old receipts?

      • IKEA might care, not sure about employees at the return counter as long as your paperwork lines up.

      • Has it been more than 365 since you purchased it?


        • No

        • +1

          This is outdated. I just got back from returning 5k of kitchen cabinets that I bought in 2020 but never installed due to covid. Customer service told me the new policy is that you cannot get a refund for items older than 365 days but they will give you a store credit. A truck and car load full of boxed items happily accepted tonight. Only prob is they credited 2020 prices!

          • +1

            @Chetnik73: they credit how much you bought, it is same as my discontinued 10year guarantee ikea tap, they cannot get me a replacement (lacking cartridge) and they refund the original invoice amount. And the similar one, 30% more the price.

      • Check the description. IKEA Family has 90 day price protection.

        • +2

          That's from the US website though.

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