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Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein - 1lb $18.61 USD Shipped


After getting the Smartshake shaker this afternoon.. had a look around Vitacost and found ON 100% whey to be very cheap :)

Normally I get the 10lb ON whey in store for $140+.

With referral bonus, the 1lb comes down to $8.61USD shipped, which I think is a really great price!
2lb is also available but comes to around $19.

My referral link:

Simply create an account and the discount code will be sent to your email after a min or 2.

Every order also comes with 2 free samples! ON whey is available too :)

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    Usual price use search for 2lb offer a few weeks back.

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    arrggh, how much of this referral spam do we have to endure each day?


    this protein shake will go down well after eating a bucket of KFC lol


    is this deal really that bad? i bought 4lb straight away realising its soo cheap..
    was looking for ON 100% myself and surprised to get it for under $10 a lb.

    i didnt know about vitacost until this afternoon….


      This same deal get posted multiple times a week, every week since it was discovered a few months back. lrn2srch

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    Kill it with fire!


    got my ON 100% whey today, after ordering on 18/9/2012. seems to take 3-4 weeks. good deal, but has been posted 791023219321 times

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      my bad guys.. guess im a noob on the sports and fitness side of ozbargain :P
      if i knew this deal has always been on then i wouldnt have posted..

      haha but yer i was soo excited a few hours ago finding out ON 100% is so cheap….


      Did you get from vitacost? Reason I'm asking is because I'm worried about customs.

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        yeah got it from vitacost. i bought 2lb, and at $18 it's pretty much just a bet with $40 reward. everyone on the vitacost deals seem to have gotten theirs, albeit some longer than others (melbourne seems to get it the quickest??. just remember, it's not a guarantee.

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    Way over priced. 1lb = $18, then that would equal to 10lb being $180. Might aswell get the 10lb for about 160 on ebay.

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      guess you didnt read properly. after referral.. its under $9 a lb.
      thats why i bought it straight away.. knowing its 160 for 10lb on ebay.

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    Bugger off mate, if its only a deal when you factor in the referral bonus then its not a deal.


      Well would you consider it a deal if its $9 a lb without referral?
      Just sign up an account and refer urself. U get the same result. Fyi I already removed the referral link

      I think someone may still be benefited from what I found :)
      Mate if u think its rubbish.. theres no need to hate


        I have no issue with giving you a referral, the issue is that the deal only exists AFTER the $10 discount. There are THOUSANDS of items on vitacost which are <$10 which make them free after you apply the discount (just pay shipping), are you going to post each an every one of those? Maybe one per day? OF COURSE NOT.

        EVERYONE knows about the $10 referral bonus, vitacost deals are only appropriate when the bargain exists BEFORE applying it. That way a) everyone can access the deal, not just new members and b) it prevents opportunistic spammers like yourself from posting five times a day with a 'deal' that really isnt one.

        Dont reply to this, im not going to read it and you'll just get negged into an oblivion because you're wrong and you know it.


    is there a quantity limit?


      No, but the $3 shipping is only for up to 3lbs total weight so the more you buy, the more expensive shipping will be.

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