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Meals $5.47 Each Delivered (Usually $10.95, Min $50 Order) + $30 off First order with Newsletter signup @ Fast Fuel Meals


When you open the site, a popup will ask for your email address, after which you will get a $30 code to add to your already 50% off meals Black Friday sale.

Minimum order value is $50.

Buying 20 meals comes to just under $4 per meal. You are definitely getting heaps of very tasty meals for cheaps with this deal.

EDIT: I just checked as people weren't getting the popup. I clicked the ozbargain link to open in a new private window and its still coming up

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • thanks, I didn't get a popup in firefox or chrome.

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    I got a code but no box to put it in and in Sydney Metro adding $10 frieght

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    Went to the site, got the popup and entered my email, and copied the code that was provided.

    Added 10 meals as a test, totalling $109.40.

    Site added $10 for delivery (not sure how to qualify for free delivery per the post?).

    At checkout, there is only one place to enter-in any sort of code or coupon. Tried to use the code but it says "Enter a valid gift card."

    I get the feeling that the 50% Black Friday deal excludes all other offers or arrangements (i.e. no free delivery, and no other coupons allowed).

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      Same issue

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      +1 same issue

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      Same issue

    • Also tried and same situation.
      I wonder if Op got it to work earlier (or didn't check) and they have since removed the ability to enter coupon.

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        I think that may be it as few people seemed to get free delivery and code didn't work, though why the popup still shows is odd…

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          Yeah I guess they forgot to disable popup during promo. I'm still going to order though, as 50% off still reasonable and like trying new prep meal places. Thanks for sharing :)
          Was just gutted I didn't get a double discount as per the original deal title :)

          edit: they also have a scrolling green banner on top of the site "Buy 16 meals and get 9% off your order" - looks like they forgot to disable this text too (as doesn't take 9% off currently).

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    Same, no place to enter code and delivery $10.

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    Yeah I had the same problem went to try and enter a code and I couldn't.

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    Just ordered 36 meals without the $30 off.

    $206 delivered. Still ok deal

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      $5.72 a meal is still not bad I think a kfc zinger or original burger maybe can get around that or 3 pieces of chicken

      with prices going up everywhere honestly it is a deal

      I got 10 meals for $54.70 + $10.00 delivery = $64.70 total so that comes out to about $6.47 a meal so basically $6.50 which in my area can really only get you some small to medium chips or a hot pie maybe close to a large potato bake.

      No mess no clean up is a nice convenience to pay for every now and again.

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    has anyone's order arrived on time?

    mine was supposed to arrive today but no correspondence or reply from the fast fuel team at all

    • I got mine on time.

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        Have they ever replied to you?

        • I never had to contact them, though I did receive a sms the day before saying 'Your fast fuel meals is on board for shipment tomorrow' the day prior, then 'your fast fuel meals has been delivered' the day of delivery.

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            @Heaps for Cheaps: hmm ok well have not received either.. ill give them 2 weeks and if nothing comes ill just dispute it with the bank and try get a chargeback hopefully it arrives

            • @AlienC: That's very odd and dissapointing. Worth filling out their contact form, though wouldn't expect a reply until Monday…

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                @Heaps for Cheaps: I did problem is I messaged them awhile ago also when the code in this deal was not working so I just got the black friday deal but no $30 off or free delivery.

                Still good deal at $5.47 roughly per meal + $10 delivery but yeah no response through their contact us page and I messaged them the same day this deal went live so nearly a week and a half now so got me worrying.

                But it seems they are still operating since you got your meals so I will just be patient and hold out :)

                • @AlienC: Yeah, and I also see them at Woolworths, in the fridges, so that's a safe bet.

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                    @Heaps for Cheaps: Oh yeah nice.. which ones do you like or steer away from

                    I noticed they had a laksa one might be worth trying

                    • @AlienC: "I noticed they had a laksa one might be worth trying"
                      I have purchased a few times, but normally go for the supercharged chicken, but really love them all. Though I do try to avoid the lentil one or anything which is lower on the calorie side - trying to get higher protein/cal for value.

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                        @Heaps for Cheaps: success my delivery came.. btw did the $30 off work for you at any time and what minimum requirements did you need to use it?

                        at $6.50 per meal it is not bad.. in this time and age where that can't even get you a pork roll at most places now

                        thanks again heaps for cheaps

                        • @AlienC: Great news. The $30 did work and my order was around $150… What people posted looked like the promo code section was removed a short while after I posted…

                          • @Heaps for Cheaps: Ah was it separate to the gift card section?

                            That is where I tried to put in the sign up code.

                            At the checkout screen.

                            • @AlienC: I don't recall now but there was a section for coupon code whereas then it looked like it was a gift card code, but i wasntpaying that much attention

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