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Redmi Note 10 5G Global Version 4GB 64GB US$108.73 (~A$166.07) Delivered @AliExpress


I’m after a basic phone to park a number or two. This is comparable to Samsung A04s ($188 @Amazon, so theoretically $178.60 @OW), which was the one I was originally going for. Nothing fancy.

Note: price includes the redemption of 220 coins.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • you link is poiting a product from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/816137

    • Thanks, just fixed it.

  • You parking burner sims?

    • I needed to change to a better number that I got from Boost sims, but can’t find a way to gracefully transfer it over to the new one since it’s clients and whatnot. Thought I’d mass-text everyone then still park the old one for a few months just in case.

      • Fair nuff

  • Great phone. Only issue you might have is with MIUI which can be… patchy. I dont think HyperOS is being rolled out to these models but i could be wrong about that ?

  • mediatek?

    • Yes. Dimensity 700.

  • +2

    I've had this phone for two and a half years and it has been great. On Android 13 with the September security update and looks like it is on the list for HyperOS from lists I've seen.
    I would recommend for $166, but I don't expect it to get updates past the 3 year mark (April)

    • +3

      I've also have this phone since release and it's been faultless .. perfect for typical mail/maps/browser/calendar/photo/video use. .. worth mentioning that it also has NFC (for virtual credit cards) and this feature is missing from a lot of even newer Xiaomi mobiles .. 😯 .. …. ……………..

    • HyperOS? Does that come with HyperBloat, HyperBug, HyperChangemysettingswithoutasking?

  • 'Note: price includes the redemption of 220 coins.' please explain .. 🤔 .. ??

    • It’s a type of a virtual money on AliExpress. You get a little bit of discount when you use coins if the deal allows for it. You get coins by checking in daily, playing their mini games and after placing orders.

  • Great phone on the paper but I had to return one of their tablets because the wi-fi reception signal was trash, don't tell me the manufacturer didn't check the wi-fi?
    A good spare phone to keep as backup one, for the kids or for work and study but for something I must relay on, I'll choose better regarded brands.

    • I’ve had Xiaomi phones in the past but never any issues with wifi, bt or tethering. They tend to be stable and great value for money. Chances are you had a faulty unit.

      • I’ve had Xiaomi phones

        Do you know the difference between Xiaomi and Redmi?

        • Redmi is the name of a line of products that Xiaomi makes. Like Whopper is to Hungry Jacks. You can have whopper with cheese, whopper junior etc.

          • @frugalftw:

            Redmi is the name of a line of products that Xiaomi makes

            Likewise Poco use Xiaomi knowledge but they are totally different phones.
            Whopper it's an exclusive product of Hungry Jacks while Redmi is a subsidiary of Xiaomi but they produce different phones otherwise they would be in direct competition.
            I assume you're confused with the rebadged practice where manufacturers and retailers exchange the same 100% identical goods but sold under different names.

            • @billadm: I didn’t know it’s a subsidiary because it follows the word Xiaomi in every mention. Googling suggests the split happened in 2019 when Redmi came out of that relationship and turned into its own thing. Thanks, that’s something I wasn’t aware :)

              • @frugalftw:

                it follows the word Xiaomi in every mention

                It's a brainwashing marketing practice, it's like Bankwest has became known to the public because it's a subsidiary of Commbank but it's a shitie bank, well, Commbank isn't any better :)

              • @frugalftw: The actual phone manufacturer between Redmi, Poco and Xiaomi remain the same however. Obviously to meet different specifications.

                • @Clear: Does that mean they all have bad internal antennas ? Have a Poco 3 with 1 bar reception in rural area so doesnt get used.

                  • @Bargin Boy: Not at all. Is it the Poco X3 and who is your provider? Earlier models lacked proper 4G support in Australia, i.e. B28 and that causes poor signal.

                    • @Clear: So far tried Boost Amaysin Catch and Woolies with one bar on poco x3 phone.
                      Using C3 at the moment and the Woolies sim which is worse than the Catch sim.
                      So I`m guessing Motorola or Samsung might be a safer bet than another china phone.

                      • @Bargin Boy: I am not sure but band aggregation is what makes the difference. Not sure if MVNO have this feature.

                        Also if the phone is missing some Australia bands (many china phones has this issue), then you will not be able to take advantage of CA.

                        • +1

                          @syswong: Poco X3 (assuming global or Taiwan model) has full 4G band support. The C3 has very little 4G support in Australia.

                          These days all the big brand Chinese phones like Xiaomi/Poco have proper 4G support as B28 is now used in more countries than just Australia and Taiwan.

                          • @Clear: This last time (first and last time) got one of these “global” version is a con. Same area same operator and getting totally different signal quality and speed with another phone. Friend of mine install an app and shows it’s clearly missing bands.

                            The phone also has issue with bank security. Must be a China stock reload with global rom. That purchase was done through a so call reputable store (that is if you believe in Aliexpress comment and ratings). Never buy any thing more than $10 again from the site.

                            • @syswong: Yeah, i'd assume only to get a 'chinese' phone off aliexpress and assume it's the 'chinese hardware/version' even if they put global rom on it. Then i'd replace that global rom once again, with one that hasn't potentially been put on there with malware or backdoors.

                              Not sure if it's a hardware issue what bands are available, but i have heard that our telcos over here don't always accept phone using certain bands of our networks, even if the phone has then available.

                              Would i buy from Aliexpress? Maybe.

                              • @TiredKitty78: Depends on the boot loader doing it your way still fail google security check most of the time.

                                Then the issues we are discussing is actually hardware (missing bands) and you cannot fix that with a rom. Its also a phone feature, not all phones supports Carrier aggregation.

                                That is why my initial comment on why people keep falling for AliExpress? It just not worth it!! But hay it's a free country, what can I do.

                            • @syswong: And what was the phone? Global ROM and global version are 2 different things and only applicable to old Xiaomi phones. Ones released in the last few years don't have this issue of missing bands.

                              • -2

                                @Clear: Yes and I am a virgin with two kids!!

                                Its ok, its a free country and if you choose to believe in thugs from China, that your choice👍👍

                                Again saving so little money for such big trouble? good on you folks🤣🤣

                                • @syswong: Flips out for no reason. Alright then.

                                  • @Clear: I did not flip out for no reason, I told you my experience and you insist on your opinion, then there is no point discussing further

  • +2

    This is not a basic phone; it is a normal phone with the right price.
    -I’m after a basic phone to park a number or two. This is comparable to Samsung A04s ($188 @Amazon, so theoretically $178.60 @OW), which was the one I was originally going for. Nothing fancy.
    * No need to be shy! No one has to entertain apple and sams fanboys/girls who use phones for showing off and think
    they rule universe with their phone.

    -'typical mail/maps/browser/calendar/photo/video use. .. worth mentioning that it also has NFC'
    *It has all features then, what else one can do with a fkn phone. They are all phones, not codifiers or decoders of the
    universe. Gees

    • No one has to entertain apple and sams fanboys/girls who use phones for showing off

      That reminds me of a friend's daughter when she returned from school and asked her mum to buy an iphone because everyone had one!
      But the main problem is the brainwashing advertising and spoiled parents who want to show up their children.
      We must thank Asian countries (unfortunately we don't get phones from India) that build these competitive gadgets otherwise right now we were forced to spend $1,000 for a basic phone!

    • Hahaha it’s more on the fact it’s a few years’ old and 4G ram is a potential point of contention. I had looked at the 8G/256G variant and they cost only about US$40 more, but this long into the lifecycle makes it not so attractive: software might be the bottleneck, not hardware. Adding on top is the longer delivery time, non-local warranty, etc. This is kinda for those who know what they are doing.

  • Bargain!

  • Why people love AliExpress, its junk yard with garbage services…..

    The Samsung A13 5G equal or better in every aspect and its 128G with Australia warranty. Goes for $199 at Amaysim.

    Don't know why you guys even up vote this deal??🤔🤔

    • +1

      Most people don’t have issues with AliExpress

      • -2

        Yes many people only care about how cheap it is. That's why people have problem with decoupling with China, who care about human rights, IP thief and national security? All we want is cheap goods.

        Having said that in this case is not cheaper, in fact it's worse if you consider there will be no warranty for you phone compare to buying from Amaysim which you have two years Australia warranty.

    • +2

      Considering you need to also purchase an Amaysim plan to buy the phone at this price, the actual price is at least $30 more.

      ps get off your soapbox for a while.

      • Consider you are paying $65 more for a 128G and two year Australia services, I wonder who should get off their “you know what” and stop thinking with it….

        The sim has twelve months to use and how hard is it to port to Amaysim for a moth and then port back out? It isn’t a cost because it absorbs into usual monthly usage.

        • Also worth to note screen res 1600x720p for the Samsung vs this 2400x1080p

          • -3

            @dcep: You are picky on screen res when the phone is running a Dimensity 700……OMG

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