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$100 Bonus Gift Card with Any Google Pixel 8/8 Pro Purchase @ JB Hi-Fi


JB offering a $100 gift card with the purchase of any Pixel 8/8 Pro devices (which are currently on sale already!)

Pixel 8:
128Gb $977
256Gb $1077

Pixel 8 Pro:
128Gb $1277
256Gb $1377
512Gb $1577

Stack with discounted gift cards to save even more!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Is this just me or there is no 256GB options for the Pixel 8 Pro?

  • +2

    And the prices would be?

    128Gb $977
    256Gb $1077
    128Gb $1277
    256Gb $1377
    512Gb $1577

    • +1

      Thanks! Updated OP :)

  • I schwear to god somebody already posted this

    • Harvey Norman is doing the same thing so maybe it was that

  • Can you use the gift card to buy this phone?

    • No. You get it on completing the deal

      • +1

        Can you buy the phone, get the gift card, return the phone, then buy the phone with the gift card

        • No, unless you want them to deduct the value of the gift card from the phone when you return it.

          • +2

            @kerfuffle: Drats my plans of buy phone. Return. Rinse repeat till i can get free pixel 8 pro foiled.

            Abort mission.


  • Stay away from the pixel 8. It's a shiite phone plagued with problems and terrible battery

    • Anyone thinks the same about the pixel 8 pro? Heard so many conflicting reviews I'm confused.

      • +3

        That's the same with all tech. You get the fanbois on one side saying it's the best thing every and the haters who say it's the worst thing ever and everything in between.

        I see it with TV, laptops, phones, etc. Most of the negative stuff it just nitpicking. Just look at the critical issues and ask yourself if it really bothers you?

        Battery stuff. Just look at the battery size. Battery usage can be tweaked by software. Screen on & brightness is the biggest user next is network coverage (3g uses the least power) .

        My tip is look at how people reviewed your current phone, then you'll know if they're full of it or not.

      • +3

        I picked up my pixel 8 pro about a week ago. I came from a S21 Ultra. My issues with it so far are:
        - The phone receiption isnt as good (Telstra network). It drops out and is patchy when talking to people in the house and garage. The S21 didnt have that problem on the same network.
        - The dual sim function is terrible. I had to install a workaround automation batch file just to be able to have two different ringtones for each sim. There is no way to have a different message sound for each sim but i guess i can live with that.

        As for battery, i always had my S21 to charge to 85% to prolong the battery life. There is no option for that on the pixel so its a bit hard to compare the two. They are probably last about the same for my usage.

        Everything else seems fine, does what i need it to do. I mainly got it for the cameras but i havent really had to use them yet, but they should be better then the S21.

        Those two problems above have made me appreciate Samsung phones more and they could bug me enough to look at the S24 Ultra when it arrives and sell off the Pixel 8 pro. Will see….

      • +2

        Love the Pixel 8 Pro. Of course nothing is perfect but it's the android phone that I find myself using more than any other android phones. I have the S23U (sold), Fold 5, OP (sold), Nothing Phone 1(sold) then 2, Pixel 5, 6 (sold), 7 Pro (sold), 8 Pro, Iphone 15 Pro and Pro Max, iphone 11 Pro (sold). I do phone reviews hence that many phones haha.
        If I have to use one phone only and if I cannot pick an iphone, the pixel 8 Pro would be the closest in term of feature and stability for me.

        • Why better than the S23 Ultra?

          • @Borg: I didn't say it's better. I tend to use it more than anything else

        • man you crazy if you prefer the pixel 8 series over the s23ultra.

          Performance and battery is just way better on s23u.

          The only thing I'm missing are "Now Playing" and a few small things but still rate the S23U way better.

          • +2

            @bisaya: you're right. Everyone has different needs however. I don't do game so performance is not my preference, that's why I still keep the pixel 5. Battery isn't a problem either because I charge my phone every night anyways.
            I like the look of the pixel 8 pro. It feels just as premium as anything else. I do photos a lot and I appreciate the way photos look taken on pixel.

      • +1

        All excellent views, thanks heaps. It's between P8P vs S23U for me.

        I guess top things that matter to me are:
        - battery life (S23U wins)
        - camera (tie?)
        - ease of fingerprint unlocking (heard it sucks on the P8P?)
        - dislike curved screens / screen protector problem (P8P wins)
        - niche edge: vanilla android (P8P) vs S Pen (S23U)

        Why must life be so hard?

        • +1

          honest you can't go wrong with both. But S23U wins hands down in most cases.

        • S23U > P8P for video

      • +1

        Iv had the p8 for a week now, first time using andoid in long time. I got it mainly for social media photos which it excels in!! My only complaint would be the slow fingerprint sensor and phone can run a little warm

        Though iv noticed the microphone on this device is really good though! Better all my previous devices.

        • This comment re fingerprint sensor is enough to turn me off ā€“ will be looking out for the next S23U deal!

          Well anybody in Melbourne who regretted getting S23U during the JB trade-in deal, and want to get rid of it new/sealed at cost price, let me know! ;)

          • @manofsteel: I guess it depends on what your intentions are,.

            I think most people that go with this device are more in it for the stuff that are ubique to this phone pixels. photos/editing/clean os/screen calling etc. or even just used to ecosystem.

            Edit: Fingerprint sensor is quite bad yea i even setup 4 fingerprints 2 copies of left thumb and 2 copies of right thumb and its still hit n miss. With other devices iv used near instant you don't have to lay your finger just tap the screen boom unlocked, btw noone can pm you, you have it set to not accept new conversations.

            • @[Deactivated]: You're a legend, I've updated my messaging preferences. Thank you!

              You're right. TBH… P8P's post-shot photo edit capabilities and clean Android OS really appealed to me. But having used Mate 20 Pro for five years and been driven insane with its fingerprint scanner, I think I have had enough :(

    • not sure why you got negged.

      I had it for a month and I just couldnt stand it anymore.

      Traded in for a S23U last week and it was the best thing ever.

      So much more goodies, way better battery, no overheating. Performance is way better, no more lag etc etc.

      All I had to do was trade-in and pay an extra $108. That's worth it to me

  • +1

    Google must be struggling to move these big time

    • You would think so, considering how much they upped their prices this year

  • Not sure if was posted yet as a separate deal, but same offer is at at officeworks.

  • +1

    Pixel 8 128gb was $899 + $100 gift card on black friday, I wonder if we will see another sale on cyber monday?

    • +1

      They are $78 more than Friday and $200 off RRP. The fact these phones are $300-$400 off (with the $100 GC) within a month of launch suggests they're not moving.

      The Pixel 8 is $200 more than the Pixel 7 and the Pro 8 is $400 more than the Pro 7, with little upgrades.

  • Currently thinking to upgrade S21U. Should I get pixel 8pro 256gb or wait for S24U. No gaming, normal phone usage + photos.

    • +1

      Obviously just get a S23U for cheap on samsung education store. It will be fine for the next 4+ years.

    • S23U is the way

  • Have the pixel 8 great phone however having difficulty switching over from IOS after about almost 15 years of apple. so back to using my iphone. Pretty much an unwanted device now. i do however sometimes use it soley for photos (esp of moving subjects) and edit then send to my iphone šŸ™ƒ

  • Just wondering if anyone has experienced a strange screen flickering (P8)? Seems to shit itself sometimes like when swiping up the screen (to access apps or getting ready to screen shot etc) in low light now and again. Bit hard to replicate but will look into it.

    There was actually nothing wrong with the P7 and I'd say even though they are much the same phone it was slightly better. Wanted to get a tax receipt anyway but no doubt will sus out the P9 when the time comes. Still don't know if there are even any good screen protectors yet (curved screen edges is disappointing and had to get an expensive nano custom film fitted.

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