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iPhone 15 Pro 1TB $2689, 256GB $1989, 128GB $1789 (EXP) / Pro Max 256GB $2149 (OOS) / Plus 512GB $2099 @ Xtreme Communications


Limited colours available. I was able to Price Beat @ Officeworks.

$9.95 delivery. $0 pickup in QLD & NSW.

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    Spending 2k on a phone is not a bargain…

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        I know someone who owns a small business where they use their phone for work. They said if they can PB at OW (5%) also use their Ultimate GC (another 15% off) it’s starting to get a substantial reduction. Also, if they can time the phone purchase with a work trip overseas they will get TRS (10%). Then they’ll claim the purchase off their tax too (top marginal tax bracket). It’s good if you can line this all up.

        • My friend done that last deal 15% off Ultimate gc + TRS 10%.

        • -6

          Please note that if you bring the phone back to Australia, then that TRS bit is tax fraud. But then since everybody is doing it, who cares — right? It’s the OzBargain way…

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            @tharlow: There have been zero prosecutions of the TRS in the programs history. The report basically says it’s not audited unless they get a tip off.

            • @dualcore: I've seen first hand prosecutions. Friend was pulled into a room with officers, investigation, the whole shebang. Repercussions with the ATO, too (close watch on his personal dealings with the ATO, for life).

              The falsely claimed item was higher in value than an iPhone, but regardless - risk cannot be discounted

          • +3

            @tharlow: BS. Families can pool allowances. $900 per adult, $450 per child. Cost of iPhone easily covered under the TRS rules.

          • @tharlow: No it’s not tax fraud. There are limits on what u can bring back tho over which tax is paid. However it will be second hand by then so worth less

        • Maybe I have this wrong but if you claim TRS are you supposed to bring the item back into Australia with you?

          Wouldn't want to be audited, naaa that will never happen ;-)

        • Ooooo I’m actually needing a new iPhone currently living in Nz and leave in Jan for Melbourne. Do you know much about the duty claiming? I’ve never done it before?

    • +35

      I agree, only tomorrow's half-priced Philadelphia cream cheese at Woolies is a bargain. Literally nothing else is a bargain.

      Admins, please proceed to punish.

    • +14

      this shtty comment comes up every single time when a new iPhone comes out. To some people who use their phone everyday, absolutely worth it.

      • +3

        You will use your phone everyday iPhone or not

        • +14

          So why not spend more for a nicer phone? This point everyone makes on an iPhone deal is ridiculous. Enjoy your $400 Oppo lmao

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            @OzBerghainer: the iPhone haters in here will totally disagree with you…

          • +1

            @OzBerghainer: When it rings does the person on the other side sound better or do the texts go out gold plated. Does the internet look different. It sits in your pocket out of site…

          • @OzBerghainer: Corolla of Porsche? What would u rather use for work everyday?

        • +1

          I rather use a nice phone

      • -3

        I use my phone every day, and it's a second hand iPhone 8 Plus. I've purchased two properties on it…literally signed contracts & done the deal. I continue to trade crypto & shares on it and other business & work related tasks…and keep in touch with family, take photos & play games. Tell me again how I need a $3k phone to run my life…

        • +14

          Seriously nobody cares what phone you use. Similarly you shouldn't care what phones other people use.

          • -1

            @lunchbox99: Agreed. I have an iPhone 11 for work which I'm still figuring out how to use (I prefer a home button hence I stick to my 8+), and wifey has a new 14, but the photos it makes are incredible.

        • +1

          If your life changes based on a $3k phone, idk what else to say.

          Also, on ozbargain everyone owns at least 3 properties and $400k annual income.

        • +2

          Taking pictures with the old crappy camera and it will soon run out of iOS updates.

      • you should spend that money for a better bed, you sleep 8 hours on it.

    • +2

      it's not cheap, but for something you use every single day for 2-3 years, and can then resell at the end of it and get probably 700-800 odd back.

      I don't think it's a rip off personally.

    • +1

      Can you give examples of what you consider a bargain to be then?

      • +1

        iPhone 14 Pro 128 GB was $1547 for weeks not long ago at OfficeWorks and other places.

        iPhone 15 Pro 128 GB now $1789…. and you consider that a bargain?

    • +8

      You’ve been on here 13 years and never posted a single bargain. Not sure youre even qualified to judge.

      • +1

        You don’t have to post bargains to have an opinion. It’s funny when people look up other people’s account details just to win a petty ozb argument lol

      • Bruh. This guy trying to pull the I'm older than you card.

    • +3

      it really depends on your income. if you are poor, a 2k phone probably won't be the best purchase. if you make 2k in a few days, then the phone isn't a big deal.

      • Not even income. It depends on how much savings you havE.

        • lol

          how much savings do you need then?

          dont forget you are also paying for a phone plan, subscriptions, etc… so you need a steady stream of income, not savings.

          what good is 2k savings but can only afford mi goreng for breakfast, lunch, and dinner forever?

    • Buying a non-pro is a waste of time.
      Missing a true fast port.
      The 13 series is still a value for money option.

      • FALSE
        most don't need pro.

        though most people that buy pro think they are social media famous, but aren't. very little make it to the point where they don't have to work. the rest are trying to get there, but almost impossible to do. the regular iPhone is more then sufficient for most people.

        • +1

          Wish the non pro model had 120hz refresh rate. But that would cannibalize iPhone Pro sales.

          • @Griffindinho: 120hz is nice,

            but 120hz isn't even necessary for such a small screen, not to mention you will kill your battery at record speed. lol

            maybe on a bigger screen promax playing high fps games, but even then its pointless. go actually play on a proper gaming pc on a 32in monitor.

            if i want to watch a fast action movie, im not doing it on my phone. do it on a 100in tv at home with your surround sound system.

            120hz is pointless on a little phone. even 8K would be pointless on a tiny screen.

        • Iphones are still the king of video. Plug an ext memory in to rival cameras that cost in the 100's of grands.
          Taking just photos, any Pixel or similar flagship can outdo Iphones on most shots and there are tons of youtubes to proove it.
          Making just calls? Get a Nokia!

        • So a bigger d term is if no use to the 40 plus crowd with poor eyesight. What nonsense. Stick to $49 Telstra burner phones buddy

    • Wow, I wasn't expect this. Just a random reply when I saw it…I don't hate apple, actually there are two Macbooks and one iPad in my home and 2k for a phone is way too much…I am not refering iPhone in particular.

      Pixel 8 is good value for money in my opinion.

    • I came here to gasp at the $2689 price, is 1TB of onboard storage really worth that much?

      • yes, and also cheaper as you calculate the price from the smallest to largest. (Price/GB)

      • No. Look at the cost of SD cards. It's gouging/sucker born every minute.

    • +2

      You don’t understand what bargain means. A free lesson for you: “bargain” is not equal to “cheap” or “free”.

    • +1

      Are these really just "phones" anymore? They've become so much more than that and these companies know it.

      • More over for huge swathes of people particularly younger followers these are status symbols. No longer just a phone but being in the in crowd. Nice camera yes but as a "phone" it works no different to a $100 job. Calls and texts.

  • +1

    I think the basic iPhone 15 is the best value for money, Pro is certainly good but not everyone needs to shoot in RAW and large photo processing

    • +5

      You get 120 Hz display refresh rate in the 15 Pro, plus the superior A17 processor, compared to only 60 Hz and A16 in the base 15. It's not just the camera.

      • -3

        Won't make much difference if you are an average consumer. It won't lag like android phone and $500 more expensive

      • Yeah the Pro is actually more like what the iPhone 16 or 17 will be.

      • Well that and ray tracing if you are a gamer.

      • On such a small screen it's just buzz words. Most people wouldn't even notice any difference.

    • +1


      i always a had a promax every year for the longest time, then last year went down to the pro and love the size. this year i went regular and honestly the regular iPhone im more then enough for most people. unless you are one of the very few people that can live off of just content creation, you most likely won't need it. it is definitely nice to have, but honestly overkill for most.

      • +1

        So you went from an iPhone 14 Pro to a base 15? Considering the 15 has the same processor as the 14 Pro but with an inferior display and camera, I would consider that a downgrade.

  • -4

    You could buy that iPhone, or get a really sweet gaming notebook…

    • +3

      I don’t game so how is that even relevant?

      • -2

        It can be relevant to other people, without additionally being relevant to you

        • +7

          You can also get ~1250 slurpees

          Might be relevant for some

    • +1

      I am fairly certain almost everyone on this website spends more time on their phones than a gaming notebook.

    • +3

      Or 1000 large chippies tomorrow at Maccas.

      The choice is quite clear.

    • +2

      You could get married or save money subscribing to Pornhub.
      Life is what you make of it.
      Some overspend on a Bimmer only to be overtaken by cheaper Teslas.

  • 15 Pro Max is OOS

    • edited title, thanks

    • +1

      I am more than 5 hours too late. 15 pro max is the one I want to buy :(

  • +1

    ihphone 15 series selling soooooo well they dont need to discount it
    very bullish signal for economy

    • +1

      Maybe reserve bank should use iphone sales as an indicator

      • There was some guy in The Australian who used to compare consumer buying power by comparing prices of iPods in each country.

        A variant on the Big Mac index.

        • +1

          There are thousands: Life won't be easy under Al…..

          • +1

            @payless69: At least theres 500k more uber drivers than before

    • All the in crowd " I want one instead of I need one to look good in front of my mates" are loaning up to get them.

  • Xtremr pricing

  • Big price jump from 256GB to 1TB.

  • +2

    Watch out don't say anything negative about apple!

    Bought my ROG 6 Pro 512GB for almost $2000 cheaper than the 1TB Pro Max about 2 weeks ago and I have a headphone jack, front firing speakers, a better DaC, a bigger battery, a better screen @160hz and it came with a beast of charger. lol @ apple

    • +5

      Great that you have all those specs but you still have an ROG phone 😆

      • +2

        I had an Iphone 13 Pro Max - best thing I ever did was get out of that ecosystem.

    • +1

      Rog phone? lmao. Will be slow af in 12 months.

    • You really just compared the price of the terabyte model to your half a terabyte phone. Seems a little biased.

    • Cool. Android? Some people don't want their every usage of their phone sold off to advertisers. Enjoy your data-conscious user's nightmare

  • Will JB Hi Fi price match this?

    • +5

      why price match when u can get it price beaten at OW

  • Shame only the 128gb natural titanium 15pro looks to be a good price.. 128gb tho… everything up is either sold out or too big of a price jump

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