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Free 1GB of Global Data (Virtual eSIM, Data Valid for 2 Years) @ Eskimo.travel


Use the link during the sign up process

Important details:

Make sure to turn on data roaming.
Sim is provided by Singtel and has a Singaporean IP address.

Countries included:
Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

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Alternate code: ESKIMO4U - Thanks Scrooge McDeal Expired

Alternatively, get a unique code with your email address . Gift codes expire in 24 hours. New Eskimo sign-ups only.

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Referee receives 500MB at sign up and referrer receives 500MB after the referee purchases a data plan.

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  • +5

    I used their 1GB promo recently on an OS trip. It was so easy to set up and made WhatsApp messaging with my driver stress-free upon arrival.

    • Yep same so glad I got it. Going to buy a pack tomorrow with the current discount they have going.

      • +1

        What discount do they have? Couldn’t see anything on their site.

        • Right now they have


  • I want to set up at my sons Apple Watch for the trip, can I get a new number for that?

    • +2

      You don’t get a number, it’s a data plan.

      • so can i add it to my sons apple watch?

        • -1

          Sure, but data only.

        • Good question, I’ve got an Apple Watch but I activated it on my phone. My watch is connected to my phone so it worked. However I don’t have a sim on my watch so not sure if that’s what you mean by getting a number?

          • @bobwokeup: if its data plan, it should have a number in order to have data?
            I dont need a number but as long as i can track my sons apple watch ( data)

            • @CDG: Nope you don’t have a number. You activate the eSIM on the iPhone and then the Apple Watch connects to your iPhone. So if he is out and about without the connected iPhone it won’t have any data so you can’t track it.

              • @bobwokeup: so i cant setup the esim on the apple watch? (my watch is cellular)

                • @CDG: I believe not but support is really good and quick, you can ask them. I’ve never setup a data plan on the watch only so not sure.

  • +6

    Thanks OP. Got one.
    Now I need free international flights to use thi eSIM 😜

    • +3

      Not really, Australia is included too.

  • What are the speeds like? Although conscious running speedtest could chew through that free 1GB of data very quickly…

    • +1

      I've got over 200mbps in past speedtests on the eskimo Sim.

    • +1

      Yeah i guess 1gb is good for your initial moments before switching to a calls+data sim

    • +1

      Not the best or the worst.
      For Aus the network is Optus.
      For Vietnam, it's Mobifone. Coverage is good but not best, may not work for rural areas.

      Armenia - Veon 4G/LTE
      Australia -Optus 4G/LTE
      Austria -Hutchison 4G/LTE

      Bangladesh -Robi (Axiata) 4G/LTE
      Belgium -Belgacom (Proximus) 4G/LTE
      Brunei Darussalam -UNN 4G/LTE
      Bulgaria -Telenor 4G/LTE

      Cambodia -Viettel (Metfone) 4G/LTE
      Canada -Rogers 4G/LTE
      Chad -Airtel 4G/LTE
      China -China Unicom 4G/LTE
      Congo -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Congo (DRC) -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Croatia -Croatian Telecom 4G/LTE
      Czech Republic -T-Mobile 4G/LTE

      Denmark - Telenor 4G/LTE

      Estonia -Telia 4G/LTE

      Faroe Islands -Faroese Telecom 4G/LTE
      Finland -Telia 4G/LTE
      France -Orange 4G/LTE

      Gabon -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Georgia -Cellfie 4G/LTE
      Germany -Telekom Deutschland 4G/LTE
      Greece -Cosmote 4G/LTE
      Guernsey -Jersey Telecom / Sure 4G/LTE

      Hawaii -AT&T 4G/LTE
      Hong Kong - CSL 4G/LTE
      Hungary - Magyar Tel (T-Mobile) 4G/LTE

      India -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Indonesia -Telkomsel 4G/LTE
      Iraq -Zain 4G/LTE
      Ireland -Three Ireland 4G/LTE
      Isle of Man -Pronto GSM (Manx Tel) 4G/LTE
      Israel -Cellcom 4G/LTE
      Italy -WIND 4G/LTE

      Japan -SoftBank 4G/LTE
      KDDI 4G/LTE -Jersey
      Jersey - Telecom (Sure) 4G/LTE

      Kazakhstan -Kar-Tel (Beeline) 4G/LTE
      Kenya -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Kuwait -Ooredoo 4G/LTE
      Kyrgyzstan -Sky Mobile 4G/LTE

      Laos -Laotel 4G/LTE
      Latvia -LMT (Telia) 4G/LTE
      Lithuania -Telia 4G/LTE
      Luxembourg -POST Luxembourg 4G/LTE

      Macau -CTM 4G/LTE
      Madagascar -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Malawi -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Malaysia -Maxis 4G/LTE
      Mexico - AT&T (Iusacell) 4G/LTE
      Moldova -Orange 4G/LTE
      Montenegro -Telenor 4G/LTE

      Nepal -Ncell 4G/LTE
      Netherlands -KPN 4G/LTE
      New Zealand -Spark NZ 4G/LTE
      Niger -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Nigeria -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Norway -Telenor 4G/LTE

      Pakistan -Jazz 4G/LTE
      Philippines -Globe 4G/LTE
      Poland -T-Mobile 4G/LTE

      Romania -Telekom Romanian 4G/LTE
      Russia -VimpelCom (Beeline) 4G/LTE
      Rwanda -Airtel 4G/LTE

      Seychelles -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Slovakia -Slovak Telekom 4G/LTE
      South Korea -KT Corp 4G/LTE
      Spain -Orange Spain 4G/LTE
      Sri Lanka -Dialog 4G/LTE
      Sweden -Hi3G Access (Hutchison) 4G/LTE
      Switzerland -Sunrise 4G/LTE

      Taiwan -Taiwan Mobile 4G/LTE
      Tajikistan -Tacom 4G/LTE
      Tanzania -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Thailand -AIS 4G/LTE
      Timor-Leste -Telkomsel 4G/LTE
      Turkey -Turk Telecom (AVEA) 4G/LTE

      Uganda -Airtel 4G/LTE
      Ukraine -Kyivstar 4G/LTE
      United Arab Emirates -du 4G/LTE
      United Kingdom -EE 4G/LTE 3UK 4G/LTE
      United States -AT&T 4G/LTE
      Uzbekistan -Unitel 4G/LTE

      Vietnam -Mobifone 4G/LTE

      Zambia -Airtel 4G/LTE

  • It says singapore IP but not singapore? Odd.

    • Guessing whatever plan they're on with singtel is seperate from a local plan that includes the home country.

  • Is there a way to bypass the 1 account per device restriction?

    Already used their 1GB during previous deal in Thailand and was very happy with it

    • +1

      I've managed to bypass it by using secure folder on a Samsung device.

      • +3

        Can you share instructions on how to do this and how to use it once it has been set up? And what do you do for subsequent set ups?

      • +2

        care to elaborate? Also helpful on getting around with an iPhone too. Thanks in advance!

        • "Secure folder" is a very handy feature on Samsung Phone (not sure anything similar available for iPhone)
          You can have 2 different profile on same phone. I can run 2 different profiles for same app on the same phone, very handy.

  • What network does it use in Aus?

  • Do I have to buy an esim to get the free 1 Gb data?

  • Is this only for new account?

    • +1

      Yep I just tried it on my existing account

      • -1

        Yep I just tried it on my existing account

        Shouldn't that be…

        No I just tried it on my existing account


  • I used this when the sim I bought in the france wasn't working, came in clutch with 1gb to talk to the other sims support

  • Just wondering, would they also have these fair use policy where your data speed will be reduced if you use much data like streaming?
    Been checking out a few esims for Japan and pretty much most of them mention about this in their disclaimer.

    • +2

      These companies won't reduce your data speed, seeing as they only sell you data allowances. There's no unlimited plans here, you just use and pay for a set GB worth. And seeing as 10Gb worth of Aussie data is gonna set you back at least US$21, and 10Gb worth of Japanese data will be at least US$29, you'll find that heavy streaming comes at a heavy cost compared to local sim options.

      "Additional Information
      No daily data limit or throttling.
      Supports personal hotspot"

      there's also a concurrent deal for "roamless" on here, offering pretty much the same thing, similar cost per Gb, but with a lifetime credit validity. Might as well grab both, esims can be left on your device and turned on when needed.

  • Never used esim. Is it stuck to one phone after installation? What if i change phones?

    • +1

      You have to deactivate it on your old phone and request a new esim QR code from the carrier. With Eskimo, you'll need to purchase a new plan from them to get that new QR code.

      • Thank you for the reply.

        I have a dual sim (Optus and Telstra) doogee and i'm assuming that i can only have two lines active at any one time. So does that mean that I can take Telstra sim card out when I travel, install/activate Eskimo, come home, pop Telstra sim back in and my phone will go back to Optus and Telstra? And the next time I travel I just pop Telstra sim out and Eskimo will be available again?

        Any experience?

        • +1

          Please make sure that your phone supports esim - there's a limited number of devices that do have this feature.
          With my Samsung, I can have one physical and one esim active at one time. The phone can store multiple esim and I can deactivate and activate them at will.
          Hence, in your case you will likely need to deactivate one of your physical sims and activate the esim from phone settings (i.e. possibly you won't need to remove the Telstra sim, but that depends on the device). Then, do it in a reverse order when you come back.

        • +1

          On my phone, I've got 2 physical slots with sim cards, and three esims (although I could have more) . I can choose any combination of maximum 2 to use at anyone time.

          There's no need to remove any Sims, although it's not a terrible idea to leave one home in case your phone gets stolen or whatever.

          You might want to ask your telstra and optus services for Esims instead. That way, you'll have free slots for cheap overseas local sims if required.

          • +1

            @Robc: Thank you Crimzic and Robc for taking time to write such detailed answers. Cheers

  • I get a Promo code invalid! Message

  • I go to Eskimo, Data, Redeem, and there's a space to enter a code but my keyboard does not come up and no cursor. Just me?

    I still have 1.5Gb from the last promo but when I was in Singapore in September couldn't get the eSim to work (was activated and chosen for data but got no connection even after waiting 10 minutes).

    • I am planning to use this esim in Singapore as well. How does it work? Is this an AUS eSim with roaming or a local eSim ? The website does not have Singapore in the country list

      • I think I might have answered my own question by doing some reading above. Singapore is not included on the countries list :(. Singapore IP but doesn't actually work in Singapore.

        Pretty sad for a GLOBAL sim not to include Singapore but at least I guess I didn't spend money on it :)

        • It has Asia Pacific regional Sim . Maybe this will work in Singapore?

      • +1

        Phone services based in Singapore don't offer their roaming services in Singapore….

        There's a member on here who helped me out with another service called yesim. He's got access to a promo code that gives 10€ free credit on sign up, which is generally worth a GB or so in most countries. The only (small) catch is that you need to spend 50c for the first activation. YESIMs country list is large and includes singapore.

        I can pm you his name if you are interested, or I'll tag this post and let him reply directly.

        • +1

          Thanks for the reply Robc

          I'm heading there again 30th December BUT the place is so well covered in WiFi I didn't actually miss not having data and we're only there for 2 free days before we jump on a cruise to Thailand and Vietnam (where the Eskimo and BICS SIMS WILL come in handy).

          Much appreciate you taking the time to respond though.

  • thanks OP,
    I got to the screen that says check device compatibility and install esim.
    Does the 2 year validity start when I install the esim?
    Or would it be better to install it a few days before leaving the country?
    I'm travelling Feb 2024 so thinking if it would be too early to install it if I don't need it yet.
    Sorry, first time to use esim.

    • Pretty sure it starts from when you redeemed the code, not from when you add the eSIM to your device.

    • I just registered mine and it said I have to activate it before 31/12/2023.
      The 2 years start when I activate it.
      I recommend checking your activation deadline, just in case.

  • Hi everyone, just want to double check… it won’t work on international cruise, right?

    • +1

      It'll work absolutely fine if your international cruise is within line of sight of a shore based cell tower.

      Generally speaking that'll be pretty close to land…

      If you want satellite data, you'll find it cheaper to buy cruise ship WiFi. Musk has promised us satellite links pretty much everywhere, but that's not really applicable currently.

      • Thanks mate! I might do that instead

  • +1

    Thank OP. Straightforward to install and claimed the 1GB data. Will come in handy when I travel to Malaysia and Singapore.

    • +1

      It doesn't work in Singapore

      • Thanks for the clarification.

  • Anyone know if this can be used in Indonesia?
    Currently in Indonesia you cannot use overseas phone unless you register the imei

    • The app said it supports Indonesia, but hey, if local laws don't allow, maybe just buy a local sim at the airport. Plenty of booths last time I was there.

    • bro read above bro

      • +1

        That restriction only applies to using overseas phone with a local SIM card - there’s prepaid options for tourists which have hard expiries (no top up). I believe this deal is a Singapore SIM card.

  • Any idea if this supports only 4G connectivity or will it support 5G as well?

    EDIT: Don't worry about it, seems like only 4G LTE is supported

  • Thank you for this post ! Glad it was listed in daily email. I’m in BALI right now and needed it. Perfect timing .

  • went to install, had a bit of confusion about "This code is only for new subscriptions".. finally found I got this 1G in May, plus 500G must be a referral - thanks Kev! :)

  • Promo code is invalid!
    Please check with the issuer.

    • Tested with 'DBTF-1' and still working

    • Same. Just did an fresh install 10.20am 30/11/23 and sign up.
      DBTF-1 code worked when entered during the registration page of the signup.

    • It worked just now for me.

  • Is all traffic routed via Singapore? Depending on what you use your mobile data for, this could be an issue ;)

    • +1

      All traffic is routed via Singapore

  • Esim doesnt seem to work in mainland china, the Tel-U works great though

    • And you can still YouTube/google/Facebook in mainland China on telu?

      • +1

        Yup. And to clarify my comment. The Eskimo esim doesnt work in mainland China, there's no signal

      • Ok, update: it seems like Eskimo works in certain parts of china. Im in a metropolitan area (GuangZhou) and now i get signal

  • Thanks for sharing, good deal.

  • Is it possible to get the 1 GB and 500 mb for using a referral code?

  • Great deal thanks OP! eSims are so convenient.

  • Are there any current promo codes?

  • Expired - "Sorry, this code has been fully redeemed"

    • get a unique code with your email address

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