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[PS5] Like a Dragon: Ishin! $19 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Finally the PS5 version of LAD Ishin! has followed the other console versions and dropped in price.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Price matching JB! Available on PS4 and XB at JB as well.

  • Is there a free upgrade for the PS4 Disc version?

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  • Is this game any good? It’s relatively new right? Wonder why it has dropped so much in price so quickly

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      If you like Yakuza games, yes its good and its relatively new. It dropped so much because you can play the game for free if you have xbox ultimate game pass or pc pass.

      • Do you expect the upcoming Like a Dragon will go down quickly as well?

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          The new gaiden game is also included. Get the game pass trial for $1 and give it a go for free(technically not free cos you pay a $1 but there are whole lot of good games included) if you have xbox or pc. Personally I got the pc game pass.

        • As for your question for the upcoming like a dragon game, I wish I had a crystal ball and be able to tell you that for sure. But I wouldnt be surprised if it will be included in game pass as soon as it releases. Then a drop in price will be more likely.

    • When I played it briefly on Game Pass, I didn't like it.

      The game just felt really rushed, like the devs didn't have enough time to give it the full treatment. Would recommend playing other entries to the series if you've never played a Yakuza game before i.e. Kiwami 1

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      It's relatively new, but it's also something of a faithful remake of the 2014 original Japan-only release, so a lot of the gameplay would reflect that.

      As far as price drop, I think that's pretty normal for RGG games. See: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/761505

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    Played the original version in Japanese, bought this one to support the dev.

    • Would you know if this version supports Japanese? If not would you mind telling me where you got the Japanese release? Last time I tried Yakuza: Like a Dragon it didn't have Japanese, only audio.

      • This game is japanese audio only.

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          Thanks, that's unfortunate.

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          No English audio?

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            @proudwanderer: Like a Dragon: Ishin! does not have an English dub. Most of the voice dialogue is reused from the original release anyways except for re-recording lines for some of the characters that were recast, so I'd imagine it wouldn't have been worth the time to also record English audio alongside the effort to translate everything into English.

            The current Like a Dragon games that have an English dub is Judgement, Lost Judgement, Yakuza: Like A Dragon and Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name did not launch with an English dub but will receive one in a future update. (The original release of Yakuza 1 on PS2 also has an English dub but you cannot get that legally without hunting down a used copy and is not of the same quality of the other games listed anyways.)

      • You'll need to import from Japan or buy from someone (coughmecough) that has them locally.

      • I am not sure if you can buy the original one in Japanese now as I bought the game while visited Tokyo few years ago. You can GG the game Ryu GA Gotoku Ishin Japan PS4. I quickly looked at ebay, few sellers have it for around $100 for a brand new copy.

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    My least favourite in the whole Yakuza/Dragon series.

    Just didnt click with me.

    But for 19 bucks its worth a try.

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        Can you not read? He's tried it, didn't like it, but is recommending others to give it a try because of how cheap it is.

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            @plmko: Nah it's not fam

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            @plmko: Which part of his comment is ambiguous? There's nothing ambiguous about it LMAO.
            You just can't read.

  • Cheers! Will pick one up.

  • curious is this like a sekrio type game? or completely different?

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      Totally different type of game….

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      Different. Sekiro is more like souls style game. This one is not as hard.

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      it's a mix up of shenmue and GTA set in fedal Japan.

  • Needs the silly mod

  • Impulse buy complete. No brainer @ $19

  • Thanks OP. Ordered. Going to try this for $19!

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    Currently playing this and I've played all the mainstream titles besides Gaiden. The movement and combat in this game feels kinda dated for me. Feels like im playing the remasters of 3, 4 and 5 but with much higher visuals. Still, for $19 it's worth it. Same charm, goofiness, amazing acting and cutscenes as every other game. I average 90-100 hours per title and this feels like it will be the same.

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    It's a bit rougher than other RGG games that have launched recently due to effectively being a port of the PS3 game with a deal of remastering. I still enjoyed it though.

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    Cracker of a deal. Thanks OP

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    Grabbed a copy from my local jbhifi instead. Nice deal and adding it to my pile of shame.

    Wifu won't be happy, but Kiryu is hard to resist!

  • I wish crystal ball told me about don't buy that PS5 game until 29th November & order it from Amazon AU or JBHIFI.

    I got PS4 version for $25 from Gamesmen Ebay store last month. It comes with free PS5 upgrade anyway.

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