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Samsung 85" QN85C Neo QLED 4K Smart TV $2621.70 Delivered (First App Order & Loyalty Discount) @ Samsung via App


Well I bit the bullet on Black Friday buying the TV for $2682.60 (15% first order + 25% off loyalty voucher, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/814957) and i went to check my order and low and behold, the price on the TV has dropped further to $3884. Thus, if you use the 10% off on first order discount for the APP as well as the 25% off loyalty voucher from Samsung, the price should get to $2621.70.

Once again, I have been screwed by Samsung but i hope this helps someone.

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  • Good luck to those seeking a 25% voucher. I didn't manage to get one last time even though I own a range of Samsung products.

    • Call and ask for the Customer Engagement Team, they gave me the voucher last time.

    • It has nothing to do with you (nor what products you own - usually) and everything to do with timing and how many voucher allocations they are provided to give out; don't be disheartened. When you're ready to buy, it's worth checking in with them which products they're currently offering vouchers for.

  • Given how much hate there is for IPS panels in TV's, this is very impressive: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/samsung/qn85c-qn85cd-qled

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      It might not be IPS. If you read further down, there are VA variants.

      I'd imagine it's the case here too, but we usually get european variant of stuff

      • Yep, and if we do get VA, even better.

        • Sorry would you be able to explain why VA is better than IPS for TV? I've always heard IPS better for monitors but not as familiar with TVs

            • @1r4n14n: IPS seems even better for TV based on this link?
              Viewing angles are even more important for a TV than with a monitor right since you'll have people seated in your room in different places?

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                @jay wala: Sure, but at what cost? Are you happy for blacks to look grey? If we use LG's QNED and Sony's X77/80L series TV's for example, they have a terrible contrast ratio and black uniformity. Samsung have mitigated this problem IPS panels have suffered from for many years. PC monitors on the other hand, they're completely acceptable and widely favored: https://www.rtings.com/monitor/learn/ips-vs-va-vs-tn

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                  @1r4n14n: Yep, VA is superior full stop. Hell for this price I preferred getting a Sony x95k in 75" as is the superior tv quality wise

                • @1r4n14n: But if you were buying a TV for great contrast wouldnt you be buying OLED. My understanding is QLED is more brighter well lit rooms and OLED for dark theatre rooms for better contrast

                  • @jay wala: Traditionally, yes. When OLED was dim and more expensive than LED, this was the mindset. These days however, it is much more affordable and brighter than it used to be with the likes of Samsung's QD-OLED and LG's MLA WOLED making it the better all rounder. Micro LED will be the true competitor to OLED.

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    Managed to get a 15% loyalty voucher over this past weekend - however also explicitly told unstackable with app purchase.

    • It stacks

      • Mine stacked too with my soundbar

  • How do you get the loyalty voucher?
    They are offering me 15% voucher if I am upgrading an old Samsung TV/Sound Bar on the chat.

    I've had every Samsung phone since the S2 and have Samsung vacuum / monitor but not TV/Sound Bar

    • They don't check, just say that you are and provide a model number when asked.

      • They asked me to send a photo of the TV serial number. This was using the sales bot thing on Samsung website :(

    • i called them, went to the z concierge, told them about a friend getting a 25% off voucher, got told they could only offer me 20% off and that was unfair so they passed me on to the Customer Engagement Team where a nice girl generated a voucher for me on the phone and tried that it works before sending it to my email.

  • Compare to X90L, I think this one is a win.

    • Really how?

  • Hi All, Is this a better TV than TCL C845?

    • +1

      check the description mate its a SAMMMMM SUNNNN.

      Samsung >>> TCL

    • +2

      Whilst the C845 is an exceptional TV, if you are a pedantic videophile who will nitpick at the slightest imperfection, you may want to avoid it. From what I have seen in person and the research I have done on several A/V forums, it seems that people complain about artefacts when watching fast moving images (motion blur) and poor black gradient (color depth). Blooming is another reported problem but that's hard to mitigate with an LED panel (until Micro LED hits the consumer market, that is). Interestingly, Hisense suffers from the exact same problems (probably the same SoC). My advice is to compare in store as you will read different opinions online. Mine is coming from experience having worked in the industry for several years.

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        Thanks heaps for the detail info mate, appreciate it

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      If you watch a lot of freeview or sports I'd avoid the TCL. Went in-store and compared all the mini LEDs on display, the Samsung was better than the TCL when watching Freeview and sports but not as good as the Sony X95k. I personally thought the Sony looked almost as good as the LG C3 if not a tad bit better.

      • Thanks for your input mate, I was inclined towards X95K, but the price difference is huge compared to this :(

  • What's the go to brand for reliability and customer service? I haven't had a great run with higher end Samsung's in the past.

  • I tried, no loyalty code offered without photo evidence. Also tried price matching at HN with no luck. Great deal if you can get it, but I would assume very few will, I would probably consider it a targeted deal.

  • +1

    This or X90L?

  • Anyone have spare 25% voucher can be given away? trying to buy buy TV but can’t get hold onto 25% voucher

    • Contact their customer engagement team.

      • How to get to them. I asked to be transferred from online chat but they only offered me 15%off and said cannot transfer to engagement team and they will contact me if I am eligible.

  • I've tried and was only offered 15%. Chat and call. If anyone has any better ideas of how to get the 25% voucher, I'd love to hear. Better still, if anyone had a voucher they won't be using, please DM me.

  • Has anyone successfully used 15% and first app voucher. Chat gave me 15 % voucher when I put that it in I ma loosing my first appt 10% . Any tricks anyone have to use both

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