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Apple MacBook Pro 14 with M3 Pro Chip, 18GB RAM, 512GB SSD $3147 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ C&C/ In-Store) @ Officeworks


Officeworks currently selling M3 Pro with M3 Pro chip, 18gb unified memory and 512GB SSD space for 14inch laptop

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    Has 10GB more RAM than necessary

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      Lol nah Mac OS just needs 4gb ram.

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        if your a video editor then the more ram the better. 16gb would be the min anything above that would be more for 4k raw pro res and even that woudl require hours of footage before you have a slow down.

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          If you're a video editor, you probably want the M2 Pro/M1 Pro over this due to Apple nerfing the memory bandwidth, or you want a 16" version.

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            @chrisandrew: Yep, from memory I think it was M2 is 200Mbps and M3 is 150Mbps. M2 FTW.

            • @Trishool: Those specs are just numbers m3 still fatster in lower power

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      it's actually just 8gb. the extra 10 is an illusion.

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      "640K ought to be enough for anybody." - Bill Gates

      • Gates meant that 640kb was enough at the time and he does have an interview where he confirms this.

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    wish this was the price for the 1tb model with 18gb ram.

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      Can always chuck a sdxc card in the slot for non essential files. Not ideal but saves a shitton

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      Oh that's not a problem. You should be grateful you are getting 18gb of ram (yippeee) and for storage you can always velcro external ssd of your choice or carry a briefcase of files - Apple fans recommendation :)

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      3 grand laptop and not even 1TB SSD… Cook cant be surprised the're not selling well in 2023.

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        if you can afford this you can afford your own flash NAS

        • +10

          People can afford it, but dont want to feel ripped off. It's the principle.

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    It’s expensive

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    Nope; no deal.

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    no deal, $3109.70 delivered via apple aoc store. you don't need a student id or similar.

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      Agreed. Use the 20x Everday Reward points on Apple Gift Cards for 10% off (to spend at Woolworths). $2798 not bad

    • I dont understand this, why dont they ask for id? Everyone would take this route otherwise?

  • i'm just waiting for apple to show up to the party RE gaming.

    i'll be all over that. currently, it's not it.

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      If you want to make your PC feel like it's gaming on Mac, just install Cities: Skylines II

    • I know nothing about this, where do they fall short? Other than needing win or emulation

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    How do you even get 18gb of ram?
    16gb + a 2gb chip?
    3 x 6gb chips?
    2 x 9gb (is that even possible?)

    • +5

      The middle one

    • +6

      When the ram is SoC, most of the existing rules are off the table.

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    512GB for $3000+. Thank you APPLE, GOLD SSD.

    • Does this suffer the same issue with the Pros in where the read and write speeds for the 512GB is much slower, and Apple wants you to upgrade to 1TB to get the speeds it should run at?

  • I think the only positive to the m3 pro series is the baseline is 18gb ram, so that means the occasional sale might have a usable laptop. The other thing too and i hate to use this as a positive, is that the ram upgrades are "cheaper". You pay the same price to upgrade the ram and get a "free" extra 2gb. Ok im drawing at strings to justify that right?

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    Got a 38GB M3 Pro 1TB SSD for $3,800 through AOC. Was able to net 40,000 QFFs

  • Apple macs are excellent for gaming. Use it as mousepads and to look up tips while you do real gaming on your pc πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    Is 'unified' the technical name for 'shared'?

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      essentially, it's just the GPU and CPU share the same pool of ram.

  • Isn't this thing able to do RT on SOC and equal a similar price PC laptop? Although I guess there isn't much Mac games that does RT?

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    finally space black on mac 😍

  • It is an eco system for high flyers.

    Gamers have their own camps.

    Vloggers love such dream creators!

  • I cant seem to find the deal on Officeworks, are they still live anywhere?

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    $3497.00 on the Officeworks website now.

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