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MSI Thin GF63 Laptop i7-12650H, 8GB DDR4, 512GB SSD, RTX 2050 4GB 15.6" FHD IPS 144hz $849.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Found this in-store at Costco Auburn (NSW). Not sure if it applies to other stores or not as it does not seem to exist on the Costco website at all (unless someone else can find it).

Specs aren't as good as other recent laptops (eg, this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/817018 or this one https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/817112), but it also not as expensive either.
To my mind, it's a decent laptop for the money.

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  • Nice found !

  • Is memory upgradable?

  • Those hinger looks very fragile. And I bet that what looks like metal is plastic.

    • Ye, MSI have weak hinges

  • Hmm, imagine how cheap this laptop would be with an i5, which is all you need with that GPU.

  • +7

    GF thin is a hot mess it is cheap, but you are paying that for massively worse build quality and cooling over competitors. Jarrod didn't rank it dead last in his 2023 tierlist for no good reason. And no, he doesn't have a bias against budget machines - he did rate LOQs and new TUFs much higher than low end MSI, which speaks volumes about how much MSI have cut corners here.

    Sure you save 150-200$ over comparable budget 3050/3060/4050 models at the 1- 1.1k pricerange. When it fails much earlier than others, you are going to regret this decision.

    Heck, this 2022 nitro 5 was also only $897, and 2022 nitro 5 is already far from a hot mess (jarrod gave it a solid C in his 2022 tierlist) unlike this piece of manufacturered e-waste, or rather, it's engineered to fail.

    Bonus with this 849$ purchase is a pending class action lawsuit against MSI, OzInvestments time?

    • agree i have one and regret. yes cheap but they put dumb USB C on mine, doesnt even support display out.
      also only hdmi 1.0

    • Thanks for the comment… I was mildly interested in it to upgrade a 2013 laptop for my parents.. based on how often they change laptops I don't think I wanna touch this one

  • Where are the 8GB RAM panic artists?

    • +3
      1. Its 800 bucks;

      2. Unlike macbooks, 8gb ram is a cheap 30 - 40 dollar upgrade here;

    • +1

      Non soldered upgradeable so it's fine

  • -4

    512GB SSD

    It's ok if you only do web surfing, work with office applications and only install some very basic programs.
    But if you need to upgrade, it's a pain.

  • Well i rather buy a costco membership than buying this from Centrecom $889

    • +1

      Still expensive for such a sh|t quality laptop, maybe they drop it to $499 then will get ozbargained.

  • NV must have found pallets of these ancient 2050 GPU's at the back of the warehouse because MSI and HP are releasing multiple new models with them

    • I guess technology moves so fast these days that Nvidia 2050 GPU's are now considered ancient.

    • 2050 is basically the same as 3050 MaxQ

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