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[SUBS, XB1, XSX, PC] Xbox Game Pass Additions: Remnant 2 & Remnant: From the Ashes + More @ Xbox


No announcement from Xbox but it's visible on the Game Pass App.

Source: windowscentral

One of the best games of the year just released to absolutely zero fanfair into Game Pass.

What you need to know

• Remnant 2 is a unique take on the Soulslike genre but features co-op and guns.
• The game launched earlier this year in July and was well-received.
• The Awakened King DLC recently launched.
Remnant 2 and Remnant: From the Ashes both just randomly dropped into Game Pass without as much as a tweet from Xbox or the developers.

Remnant II - Standard Edition

Remnant: From the Ashes

Edit: Whole list of Games Available on Game Pass

Credit to billbil-kun

• Remnant II (Cloud, Console and PC): Already available

• Remnant: From The Ashes (Cloud, Console and PC): Already available

• SteamWorld Build (Cloud, Console and PC): Available Day One from December 1st

• Far Cry 6 (Cloud, Console and PC)

• World War Z: Aftermath (Cloud, Console and PC)

• Goat Simulator 3 (Cloud, Console and PC)

• Rise of the Tomb Raider (Cloud, Console and PC)

• Against the Storm (PC)

• Clone Drone in the Danger Zone (Cloud, Console and PC)

• Tin Hearts (Cloud, Console and PC)

• While the Iron's Hot (Cloud, Console and PC)

• Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition (Cloud, Console and PC)

Game Pass Core titles (Bonus 2 Games)

• Chivalry II

• Totally Reliable Delivery Service .

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  • +1

    Great! Wanted to play Remnant 2. It cames out a few months ago…surprising that it's been added in Gamepass.

    • Sales-wise probably hasn't done that well with all the competition this year. Makes business sense to get more exposure.

  • I’m hoping balders gate 3 surprise drops on game pass during game awards

    • +2

      I’m tempted just to pay full price the way everyone is raving on about baldurs gate even now. I’m the type of player that will probably end up throwing 100 + hours on it

      • +5

        its worth every dollar to support them makign another one OR DLC.

        You will not be disapointed with BG3, Game of the year for this year and next.

        • I dont like turn based games do you think i would like balders gate?

          • @Jklaro: I'm really enjoying it and I never play turn based games.
            Been playing slowly with a mate and it's been a blast.

          • @Jklaro: Its a hugely immersive game, the turn based thing… i Mean have you played pokemon before> >?

            Thats my expereince with turn based games.

            Also ive never saved and loaded so much before haha

        • I was pretty disappointed with it

  • +11

    For people interested in the dark souls series (souls like games) try Lies of P

    • Would recommend as well. I've played both and preferred lies of P

    • Love lies of P, currently playing NG+

  • woah, Remnant 2 on game pass so soon is wild. Such a good game, and one of the best coop games around

  • +1

    As someone who pre-ordered remnant 2, I'm happy that more people will be able to experience such a great game

  • What a nice surprise! I was thinking about grabbing Remnant 2 on sale recently, but glad that I waited

    Thanks OP for the heads up!

  • Does anyone know how to add games to your library on the Android app?

    • These are Game Pass additions, you don't add them to your account like you would have with the free monthly Games with Gold they used to do.

    • -1

      Games with gold is dead. You keep your old games, as long as you pay for at least gamepass core or whatever they call gold now, but there will be no new games.

      • Xbox 360 and OG games that were on gold remain playable even without continuing your subscription.

  • Thoughts on jumping into Remnant 2 without playing 1?

    • +3

      Remnant 1's story is largely just mumbo jumbo nonsense (like most souls-like games) so i don't see any narrative reason not to jump straight to 2 if that's the one you want to play.

      • Thank yoy

      • Tbh kinda the same with the story for Remnant 2. Dont really play it for the story, instead for the worlds and gameplay.

  • I finally had it happen to me, I just bought Remnant 2 and it goes onto game pass lol.

  • -1

    Need a deal for game pass for this holiday… other deals all have expired.

    • -1

      Just buy a year of Argentinian gold and upgrade to game pass.

      1. Make sure you have no game pass subscription active
      2. Buy the cheapest 12-36 month Xbox live gold you can find (Argentina or Syria tend to be cheap and can be easily activated by using a VPN to those places on your phone and going to
      3. Activate the Xbox live gold on your account
      4. Buy a month of game pass, and all 12-36 months of Xbox live will be upgraded.
  • +1

    For anyone jumping on Remnant 2, the ultimate edition dlc and extras are included by mistake with the Killer Instinct anniversary edition which is also on gamepass.

    I downloaded and can confirm 3 of the 4 items installed.

    Obviously a mistake on microsofts part, but hopefully you can keep it once it is claimed.

    • Did you claim this via console? I just tried to do it but it's only got the option to buy the ultimate edition so they may have closed the loophole.

      • +1

        Yes on console and No you dont download the ultimate edition you download killer instinct anniversary edition, they included the dlc for remnant 2 in there by mistake.

      • +1

        Just double checked my Xbox and the mistake by microsoft is still up, loophole not closed yet!

        Look for 'Killer Instinct: Anniversary Edition' and you will find it bundled in with that

        • Rippah, will try it after work. Thanks mate!

        • Just tried it now and it seems that the loophole isn't there any more. Damn, haha

          • @sandman28: Thats strange I still see it now on xbox!

            Try looking at the recently added games on xbox dashboard and go to killer instinct anniversary edition there, it shows up for me there as included in this bundle, I can see the Remnant 2 dlc.

            Or maybe its showing up still because I had claimed it already, but that doesn’t seem to be the case from the way it is being displayed.

    • Wait… so just to understand this… Remnant 2's DLC can be accessed by installing Killer Instinct???

      • +1

        Yes this is correct, infact you dont even need to download killer instinct, you can cancel the download once it starts and the rest of the dlc (which mistaking includes remanant 2 dlc) will download and install.

        I got theses items this way:
        - Remnant 2 - Deluxe edition items
        - Remnant 2 - Survival pack
        - Remnant 2: The Awakend King

        This however did not install:
        - Remnant 2 DLC bundle

        • i have ultimate and when i go to install on pc it doesn't appear to have those? image . maybe it's xbox only , not pc?

          • +1

            @yupyup: I think they've closed the loophole as it's the same on xbox too.

            • @sandman28: ah missed it. still good on you for giving us the heads up. hopefully you and some others get to keep the dlc :)

          • @yupyup: Just checked gamepass pc and could not see it, think its xbox only.

  • I just saw . This needs game pass ultimate. Game pass PC will not let you get remnant 2.. that's a shame, why they would handicap PC users is unfair. But I think this needs to be put in OP.

    • Strange, it certainly should be available on Game Pass PC, i have never heard of Microsoft gatekeeping a PC game on their game pass service behind the Ultimate sub level, i suspect it will be an error and should show up soon.

    • Just installed it on Game Pass PC - no need for Ultimate.

      • Hopefully yesterday was just a glitch
        Yeah today it's working

  • Thanks I'm gonna start with the first one. Are the stories linked between the 1st and 2nd games?

  • Wow I've been holding out to play remnant 2 after thoroughly enjoying the first, thanks!

  • Remnant is a dope game

  • Cant install though, sad face on gamepass windows app. Anyone else has this?

    • Works on the Xbox app for me, don't think there's a GamePass app.

      • There is a game pass app. And works on it today

    • Thanks all, turned out to be kaspersky blocking connection for Microsoft store

  • +1

    omg.. good thing I didn't buy
    Against the Storm
    or steamworld build :D

  • Play 1 before 2, or jump right into 2?

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