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Sparkle Intel Arc A380 ELF, 6GB GDDR6 Video Card $188.68 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

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I added a cheap <$6 Japanese colouring book to get it an extra 10% off but you can choose whatever is qualifying and what you want.

Gaming performance* lower and around Nvidia 1650 or AMD 6500XT.

*depends on rebar and drivers go to gamersnexus.

I personally bought it for H.264, H.265, AV1, VP9 hardware video decoding.

Note delivery isn't until January next year so you will miss out on the 2 games arc gaming redemptions but the other 2 games and software hopefully will be redeemable.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    It’ll be awesome once we can get something like this as iGPU

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      Well, you are literally talking about the 780M of AMD.

      • Yeah but even on a standard desktop CPU not just mobile.
        That’s their end game here along with data centres

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      Can we keep him

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        My fellow Americans Australians

        Yes, we can!

  • if you're just after something to decode h265, h265, av1 and vp9 then maybe a standalone mini PC with intel n100 chipset for around the same price and around 10w power usage might be of interest. I have one and it's replaced my amlogic android box for 4K HDR Atmos audio playback.

    • Interesting, how many streams can it do on plex transcoding? I heard the a380 can do 2 4k streams and some 1080p streams at the same time but fails as soon as it hits 3 4k streams.

      I like the idea of the AOOSTAR R1 based on the platform. Do you have experience with this platform? What are your results?

      • I think you're talking about encoding not decoding

        • I think it has to do both. Say for example you have a 4k source material of h265 codec but you are using an older tv/device that can't play it at that resolution and or bit rate then the plex server has to be able to decode them first then encode it to fit the device's capabilities. Of course if the client can just play it directly it would be ideal but then you would have to pay for capable clients which isn't ideal.

          Does anyone have experiences with Intel ARC and Jellyfin here? I found some people's experiences but it seems the posts are a bit old so the older drivers may be irrelevant.

    • Why did you replace your amlogic box?

      • Still running CoreElec on my old S905X boxes. Old version, 18.9 I think but doing the job still., I guess because I don't have any 4k TV's.

        Think they're on their last legs though, starting to get random lock ups here and there

    • Are you running LibreELEC on yours?

      I’ve had trouble getting Plex Desktop and Plex HTPC to use hardware decoding properly on various Linux distros with my Beelink n100 box. It works mostly fine on Windows, except refresh rate switching is buggy and results in a black screen.

    • I'd though about these as a HTPC but seems there are limitations such as no Dolby Vision etc. I think the iGPU/GPU needs to support it. My Odroid box with CoreElec can't do DV either but it still has specific video playback optimisations and passes through all audio formats.
      What OS are you running?

      • For Dolby Vision, you need a box that includes the necessary licence/DRM for it to work. There's no getting around that unfortunately.

        There are a couple of CoreELEC boxes that can do Dolby Vision and they get around the licence problem by referencing the required DRM from your Android TV partition.


        What annoys me about AMLogic boxes with CoreELEC is how inconsistent and buggy certain features like suspend/resume can be. Not being able to get such a basic feature working due to buggy firmware is mildly infuriating.

        I can live without Dolby Vision in my x86/x64 Kodi box. If a movie has DV, then I switch to my Apple TV.

        • Thanks for this

  • Does anyone know how this card would perform for CAD programs?

  • My card finally came today. Spent around 2 hours with the drivers and updating things such as bios for the rebar. I'm not sure if the driver application is separate or so as I can't seem to find the settings for it but no matter it works with plex transcoding. I was able to play 4x 4K movies at the same time before the PC crashed (not sure what caused this) but yeah I'm happy as it was stable with 3x 4K movies all playing at the same time being transcoded. I do recommend this card for transcoding for plex or jellybean. Now trying to see if I can get the intel offer for it or not.

    The A380 SKU isn't apart of the deal, dang well the card works for the purpose I got it for.

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