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10% off iPhone 15 Series: 128GB iPhone 15 $1338, 15 Plus $1482 | 256GB 15 Pro $1842, 15 Pro Max $1977 Delivered @ Amazon AU


All latest iPhone 15s are 10% off at Amazon checkout (when you go to checkout you'll see the updated price). Not sure why but seems good for those wanting to buy a new phone. Shipping seems quick too, though depends where you live. Enjoy!

iPhone 15
iPhone 15 Plus
iPhone 15 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro Max

Maybe price matching is possible somewhere, good luck trying!

Screenshots of iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Pro price, not sure if they will help but gl :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    oh no its tempting me

  • +19

    Save 10% when you spend $250.

    looks like amazon matching HN's bonus gift card offer but with an instant discount

    full list of eligible items here

    • +5

      Thanks, the amazn deal is wayyyy better deal than funding the GH machine

  • +1

    looks like iphone 15 series is selling very well

  • +1

    Amazon e-gift cards 4.5% off for those with GU Health (eg corp firms from US). Capped at $500 though

    • +3

      Why not get it from Gift Card Exchange for additional 6% off?

      • Or Prezzee for 6.25% off - Can be purchased multiple times

      • +2

        The following gift cards are excluded from gift card exchange 6.5% promotion

        Flight Centre

        • +4

          Comments in that thread suggest buy this card and swap it later on

  • +1

    You reckon Officeworks would beat it?

    • +3

      depends on the person you talk to? i find price match is so bloody hit and miss.
      i usually try my luck in the more busy inner city ones where the attendants are so flustered you might have a better chance

      • do you reckon ow onlline can match this? never do the price match online with ow

        • +1

          never tried online tbh - but maybe they would be more willing to take every deal.

          i definitely have better success price matching jb via live chat than in store thats for sure.

        • i think ow have the best price match policy, i personally match successful grey import, amazon us and costco price with them.

          • @renkash: tried just now on the phone. she said no, as the amazon shows the exactly same price on their website.

    • If you got HCF you can buy Amazon giftcards at 4.5% off currently. So don't really need to price match.

      OTOH, if you got discounted OW cards…….

    • Tried just now, Officeworks Phone Support lady said as the discount is applied at checkout, it does not qualify. Amazon only goes with the advertised price for price beat guarantee.

  • +3

    Thanks OP - off to 28 degrees price protection I go.

    • Mind to share how does the price protection work?

      • +1

        If you buy something on your 28 Degrees card and you have price drop protection which they don't offer to new customers anymore and haven't for a while, you can put in a claim on their site to get a refund between whatever you paid and what it is now, for any price drops up to 12 months after you bought it.

        • +3

          it's been grandfathered, no longer offered to new customers

  • Yikes just got one from Amaysim…

    Oh well.

  • +1

    Damn, JB is not price matching :( saying you need to have an account to login

    • +1

      yep jb get sucks,i am trying price match pokemon card of bigw in the morning, they didnt honor coz its "clearence price" 🐶

    • +2

      technically they are right

    • +4

      Lmao JB's pricematches are such a joke, they might as well get rid of it. I get it if it requires a paid membership like Costco but you don't even need Amazon Prime to get that discount.

      • I think they're told instore not to match iPhone prices, as they'll happily match MacBooks and iPads etc probably holding onto stock for Xmas to sell at full price

  • If anyone managed to get a screen shot of the pro max 256gb could you send it to me for a 28degrees price protection claim?

    • i have never been asked to provide a screenshot of proof.

      • +2

        I'm guessing this person has, which is why they're asking. I have been asked before too, rarely but it happens.

      • Oh what really!
        I haven’t but I just always upload proof every time 😅

        • +1

          Yeah usually the cheaper prices are referenced very well on ozbargain so the proof in a way is crowdsourced too haha

  • +1

    has any one try to price match with JB?

    • Wasn't easy but I managed to in store.

  • Just call apple not able to get a price match

    • Same here. Called 2 and both rejected

  • -2

    Damn. Bought from Apple with discounted GC last week. Do they offer price protection and refund the difference?

    • you can just return.

    • still 10% off gift cards wasn't it?

    • +13

      Seriously… Just enjoy your purchase. Given you've already purchased it with discounted cards, stressing over few more bucks aint worth your time / health…

      • +8

        Ozbargain way money before health

        • If you have no health, then you have nothing.

  • -1

    Tip for those using gift cards. Place order first and the go to your orders page. Click "view or edit order" and then you can apply gift card balance. Not sure if you can apply more than one gift card though.

    • +4

      You can add multiple gift cards to your Amazon balance first then just use your balance at checkout.

  • +1

    how much money I am saving :)

    • +1

      10% of the RRP mate. So around $180 or more.

      • Thanks mate

  • -4

    Early sign economy is plummeting, s&p 500 overbought. Normally they never discount the new model this early.

    • Michele Bullock is not convinced

  • Black 128GB doesn’t seem to be part of the deal..

  • +1

    anyone tried price beat officeworks

    • See comments above, not much luck I think

  • +2

    Does anyone know if we can claim TRS tax back from the airport with purchases via amazon? Also is there a way to tell if this is an Australian Model?

    • +1

      Yes, no issue with that

      • Thanks @psqpower. So it's Australian model (new) and not grey?

        • why does model matter ?
          for TRS, you need the invoice with your name on it (>1000), ABN number and GST amount, I dont think they check model if it is Australian or not, correct me if i am wrong ?

          • @coolbzk: Important: you must also purchase less than 60 days before departure!

    • Does anyone know if this is the Australia model?

    • Want to know about TRS too. Good find OP!

  • no one has successfully price match/beat this amazon deal?

  • +3

    Already tried JB and they won’t price match. Reason for being the final discounted price is only showing at the checkout and the item is still showing full price when you select and proceed to purchase.

    • Yes, I been told the same

    • +1

      Same excuse from the Apple

    • thanks, there is no need for me to contact JB then.

    • Same excuse from Officeworks.

    • +2

      What a joke of an excuse is that lol

  • -1

    Can you return an iPhone to Amazon under the "Change of Mind" policy if the box has been opened? (Like the Apple Store).

  • +8

    Was successfully able to price match with Apple and purchased the iphone 15 pro max 256GB. Finally utilised my discounted Apple gift cards (15%). Thanks OP!!!

    • Can you PM me the receipt. I called twice and both failed

      • Just sent you a PM.

        • Can you send me a PM

        • I was literally on my way to OW, any chance you could share the receipt, cheers!

          • @Alrightm8: any luck?

            • @aec: I only just got here and the deal was not longer available.

          • +1

            @Alrightm8: can we price match off a receipt?

        • Can you PM me please

    • Did you call them or in store?

    • +1

      I called and they are asking for a screenshot. Please share if you have.

      • +1

        It is important to screenshot the Amazon checkout price. Apple will ask for it upon purchase.

        • +1

          Can you share the screenshot. As the price is no longer showing on amazon. Please share your screenshot.

    • Please can you PM?

    • I did the same thing. I was ready to wait for a deal like this until January, didn’t expect it to come this early

    • Hi there
      Could you please share receipts? Do you know if we still can price match with receipt? Thanks

      • +2

        I'm thinking it is now too late. Apple will check the price on Amazon and see that the deal is over.

    • Hi, would love a pm of the receipt if possible. Thank you!

    • Awesome! What was your final price? Must have been a great discount :)

      • $1682.25. The missus will be a happy camper this Christmas.

  • Tried Officeworks. They gave essentially same excuse as JB.

    • +1

      Same here. JB Hi-Fi rejected price matching. What a joke of price match policy.

  • Just price matched with Apple over the phone and used my Apple gift cards from Woolworths. Very happy, thanks OP. (Although they did reduce it by 10% of their price but it was $2 difference and I wasn't going to argue with that!)

    • Can you share the screenshot of the amazon store

    • Was this instore?

      • over the phone

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