[NAB] Bonus $10 Smart eGift Card with $150+ Prezzee Smart eGift Card @ Prezzee via National Australia Bank


Note: You need to follow the nab offer link as per post and not access the Smart eGift card from Prezzee homepage

Eligible customers: This offer is available to all NAB customers.

  • Purchase a $150 or more Prezzee Smart eGift Card
  • Complete your profile details
  • Enter code NAB at checkout to have your bonus $10 Prezzee Smart eGift Card offer applied
  • Use your NAB card to pay
  • This offer is limited to the first 75,000 orders. Limit of one per person.

Once you’ve completed your order, you’ll be e-mailed your $10 bonus Prezzee Smart eGift Card within 1 business day after you’ve purchased the initial Prezzee Smart eGift Card.

Full T&Cs on linked page

Different to the Bonus $10 Smart eGift Card with $150+ Black Friday Smart eGift Card @ Prezzee

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  • +2

    Took a gamble and ordered one using PayPal lol.
    I do have a Nab account but couldn't be bothered getting the card from my wallet

    • +2

      let us know if you get the bonus

  • I think you should use the card directly

  • no westpac no deal bahaha

  • +1

    I did it and it worked with PayPal

  • +4

    I used the code and paid via paypal {no NAB} and received both instantly

    • Same

    • Same

    • same

    • same, paypal with cba awards card
      $10 bonus come immediately even before paypal receipt

  • Anyone purchased more than once , did you get extra $10?

    • There's got this deal as well so you can get 2 cards with extra $10

      • Have you tested if this stacks?

        • Yes received both $10 bonuses

          • @reivaxX: You mean you bought both Prezzee smart e-gift card and Black Friday smart e-gift card? Two transactions separately?

          • +3

            @reivaxX: Stacking means you buy the black friday GC with NAB code to get both $10 bonus from that deal and $10 from this nab deal.

            If you're buying 2 cards to get $10 from each deal it is not stacking?

            EDIT: NAB code does not work on black friday smart card

            • @CodeXD: Okay there's a misunderstanding. I purchased from the two deals separately, but I understood @Bigboy97 as did I manage to get both $10 bonuses from each deal.

              My original answer to @FujiFruit was there is the Black Friday deal to take advantage

            • @CodeXD: Yeah doesn’t seem you can add the NAB code to the Black Friday card :(

  • worked with PayPal

  • Worked with paypal balance. got the $10 GC within a few seconds.

  • +1

    Interesting… would it stack with additional $10 if buying black friday card?

    EDIT: NAB code does not work on black friday smart card

  • It worked with citi credit card via paypal too.

  • Prezzee website + PayPal works fine

  • Worked… Thanks…. Via app
    Using a non nab card via PayPal

  • I get error when checking out

  • +1

    got this: this code is not valid

  • I just used the code and it still works. Got the $10 bonus card.

  • Code works. Used Paypal - paid with Amex card

    • Huh? So not need NAB backed cards?

  • Worked with a Coles Mastercard (NAB issuer)

  • +1

    Thanks also got one using prepaid gift card via PayPal. Notes 70,000 redemptions which is quite a lot. Only 348 clicks so far!

  • Cheers OP, thanks!

  • Paid with ANZ card via paypal, no $10 bonus (yet - but usually instant with prezee, so dont reckon it'll come - but note conditions that up to 1 bus day, so hope remains lol)

    • EDIT: $10 came in a separate 'gift' email doh - woot

  • Paid with NAB card but didn't recieve $10 gift card yet

    • +2

      It seems the gift email i got was for the $10 bonus gift card while the main gift card got delivered directly to my wallet.
      I had to open the $10 gift from the email to add to my wallet

      • ugh thanks for this - thought I didnt get it…!

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Got the bonus using a NAB debit card :)

  • Thanks commenter, used PayPal worked

  • Which this get ozbargained in a few days

  • +2

    When I enter the NAB code I get:

    “This promo code is invalid, please check it and try again.”

    Tried both Prezzee website and app, no luck :(

    • +3

      Had the same issue but it worked for me when i clicked through via the "Prezzee website" link in the NAB link.

    • +3

      Use this link. It is a special product that starts from $150, not the standard version.


      • I've used this link and paid by PayPal, however, haven't yet received the $10 gift card. How long did you have to wait?
        People below said it arrived within seconds, but not i my case :-(

        • Maybe you did not add code. Contact Support.

          For others: Don't forget to add the NAB promo code.

          • @Neoika: Thanks! That was it!

            How did I miss the code?!…..will just buy another card :-)

            • +1

              @vrsac: Contact support to explain it or cancel the order and eGC. From previous reports, it should be easy to deal with support.

              • @Neoika: Just called their support. It was super easy to cancel it and get a full refund. Great customer service and very polite service rep.

  • +1

    I'll take NAB over Westpac

    • Bought today (paid with NAB card) got $10 bonus card immediately.

  • +3

    Love how fast Prezzee sends out the bonus every time. Thanks!

  • +1

    I am an NAB customer but never get any notice about this.

    • Likewise. So thank you OP!

  • Paid with Apple Pay and received bonus instantly, non NAB card.

  • Invalid code via app (?)

    • +2

      Use OP's link for code to work

  • Thanks OP. Paid with non NAB card via Apple Pay.

  • Thanks op, received the bonus instantly in a separate email

  • Thanks Op. Code worked nicely.

  • It works with Apple Pay with Amex card lol

  • Thanks OP, worked with paypal for me too

  • Anyone knows when this deal expires?

    • +2

      It's limited to 75,000 redemptions rather than having an expiry date. I guess you can assume the promo is still active so long as the promo code is still accepted when you check out.

  • +1

    Worked paying with Amex.

  • +5

    For those wondering if you can buy this [NAB] Smart eGift Card more than once and get multiple $10 bonus.

    I can confirm I have purchased this [NAB] Smart eGift Card two times on the Prezzee app and paid using my PayPal with Amex.

    Both times I received $10 bonus instantly via email.

    Total bonus $20 so far.

    Haven't tried third time yet, but very tempting.

    • Same account?

      • +1

        Yes same account

        • Sorry forgot to ask that if you purchased from same Prezzee account.

  • Cheers OP! 🍺

  • Still working , just paid with PayPal and $10 gift card game through instantly

  • legend, used Paypal with Kogan Card and got $10 instantly. Cheers

  • thanks OP, still working and got $10 gift card instantly

    • Code no longer working?

  • Thanks OP, used PayPal to buy $150 yesterday no problems.

    It seems PayPal not working today, tried the bank card and it worked, bought another $150.

    Got $10 instantly both.

  • Has anyone got this recently. I am getting "This promo code is invalid, please check it and try again." as of now.

  • Just worked again for me

    • thank you.. just tried again and it worked…

  • Thanks OP
    Worked for me using paypal

  • Thanks OP
    CBA via Paypal just worked

    • What the hell
      Did a second one direct with CBA card

      • Do a third one and report back

        • +2

          did it 3 times with paypal successfully

  • It seems it rejects paypal payments now..

    • +1

      I just used the NAB code and paid with paypal a few minutes ago and got the $10 bonus gift card. Maybe try again later?

      • will try again later, thanks!

        • This morning i did same, used paypal and NAB code. but no $10 voucher. is there any support line to reach if it doesn't come through?

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