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Four Seasons Naked Sensations Condoms 50-Pieces for $14.25 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / Spend $59) @Amazon AU

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Great price assorted condoms @$0.29/pc

Top Highlights
Brand Four Seasons
Size Medium
Special feature Lubricated
Item package quantity 1
Item form Ribbed
Number of items 1
Ultra sensitive condoms
Flavoured, coloured, shiver and ribbed
Lubricated (non-spermicidal)
Reservoir end, transparent
Nominal width 52-54mm

Four Seasons Naked Sensations Condoms are flavoured, coloured, shiver and ribbed. Each with an experience so sheer, you won't believe you're wearing a condom at all. Lubricated (non-spermicidal), reservoir end, transparent, nominal width 52-54mm.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    • No poping with these

      • +10

        We just need to buy one packet for the entire OzBargain members.

        • +16


          I see what you did there.

      • +1

        never heard of that one? is that on the balcony in front of a crowd, or something so dirty you need divine absolution?

    • Are these washable/reusable?

  • +60
    • +10

      More than a lifetime supply for me. I'll use the other 49 as Christmas balloons.

    • +7

      Needs to be updated with
      - 10% off gift card deals: 15% or no deal
      - pre-iphone 15: no usb-c
      - MacBooks: 8Gb of ram in 2023?!

      • +9

        pre-iphone 15: no usb-c

        No Band28

    • Amateur…

    • 2 per week basis lasts 6 months

  • +13

    Here for comments

  • +2

    The only review out there is very negative.

  • Any Elephants?

    Why do Elephants wear condoms on their ears?

    (better than other comments i was thinking of)

  • +4

    Size medium.


  • +5

    Just sorted my grandkids' inheritance, thanks OP.

  • This is facking cheap.

  • +10

    This will last me forty seasons

  • +6

    Won't be needing these so an even bigger saving!

  • +6

    Got 250 for free shipping (don’t have Prime). Should last me until just after Christmas if I restrict myself to dropping 10 water balloons a day

    • +1

      "water balloons"

  • How thick or thin are they? We must know! Grrrr!!!

    • +1

      I’m pretty sure there’s an hotline you can call up and ask

    • +1

      You can ask your momma

  • +11

    Some advice my mates old man used to give to everyone - Never cum in a woman unless your prepared for her to be the mother of your kid.

    • +2

      Bad advice… the truth is NEVER to intercourse if not prepare to get pregnant.
      Sperm can leak at any stage.

      • +9

        Thank you reverand

      • +10

        virginity rocks

    • -4

      That's overkill. There are multiple areas in/on a woman's body where you can cum without the risk of her getting pregnant.

    • You’re dad was so wise, Pimpiticians.

    • That's why we do anal and oral s*x

  • So this really feels like not wearing it or just a name? This is a question for those who actually used it

    Does it comes in xxxxs size?

    • +3

      Ozbargain full of big salaries, big d!ckheads and small candlesticks.

      • green or red candlesticks sounds like it'd need an ointment

  • Where do we go for the size charts for condoms? I think the size medium might be big for me.

    • +1

      First, imagine that your price mistake just shipped. Now quickly consult this link

      • That link is surely an ego booster to make us buy more??

        • +3

          Did you note that it is by circumference, not length

  • +1

    Ahhh. The memories of DNA balloons back in my youthful days.

  • +1

    OP When is the used by date?
    Need to check with my wife if we’ll use them before they start to deteriorate

    • +11

      use them before they start to deteriorate

      How about the condoms though?

    • She might needa bring in a stunt c0ck

      • +2

        Did someone page me lol

        • That was a cunning stunt.

    • +2

      Gotta to ask amazon for this… I have no idea at all… not my product mate… I have nothing to do with the product rather than see and post as a deal

  • I see fireworks 🎆

  • Bought….. Now just need a hole to test it out with.

    • +6

      Oh, the glory.

  • +1

    Medium size? What is this, Condoms for ants?

    • You never find bulk sales on larger sizes

      I would say under 58mm is avg, limited options above 60-65mm

      • Where do I find these larger sizes of 60-65mm in length?

        • Haha, if it's 60mm in length you'll be fine with the small ones

          58/60-65 is the girth.

          Chode power!

  • -2

    Are these Josh Giddey approved rubbers?

  • +5

    I still got half of 10pk i bought in 2018 :(

    • they sure have deteriorated

    • Yup… That's for sure it's time to use them as water balloons at pool

  • +1

    Upvoted … thanks OP for bringing back great memories of yesteryear

  • +10

    This is my wife's boyfriends favourite brand.

  • +1

    Now just need a reason to use them :)

    • +6

      Username implies you have 2 reasons

  • +1

    Sorry I’m too small for these

  • +6

    After reading the comments it seems the ozbargain community really needs to be focusing on trying to get laid more often.

    • Wen ur glued to ozbargin, getting laid is a bit difficult.
      Can only blow balloons with condoms.

    • +1

      Ugh but it’s so much money and work 😩

    • +3

      Waiting on a good deal on GFs/BFs before taking the plunge.

  • Come before Xmas, and cheaper $0.21/count 😜

  • +1

    Have you considered a MG4/Atto3/Tesla?

  • Could this be a sign?

  • +1

    High yield investment!

    • You just have to make sure you sell before they expire…

  • Not a deal, too small for my ginormous member.

    • +1

      Cumfortoss say :- Man who conflates Size of Member with car , drive a mini .
      Alsoooo.. has no chips ..

  • ozbonky

  • sold out

  • +1

    Stockings Stuffers ??….

    • +1

      Good for Santas sack

  • +1

    Well that was an entertaining read!!

  • +3

    This deal really gives you more bang for your buck.

  • +1

    Anyone interested in a group buy for one box to share?

    Just need 49 more people interested.

  • +4

    Thanks for this deal. Ordered! Now waiting for the girlfriend deal on OzB.

  • its free to go raw, as long as your pull out game ain't weak bro

    • +3

      You'd know, judging by your username

    • And if you're lucky you get free herpes

      • -1

        clean as a whistle, i don't need to go to the brothels mate. lol

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