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Oral-B Smart 1 Electric Toothbrush $69.99 ($62.99 S&S) Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Though not as good as the epic Coles deal, this is the best deal right now.

About this item

  • BLUETOOTH SMART COACHING: Connect with the Oral-B App via bluetooth for an instant feedback and to track your brushing progress
  • 2 MINUTE TIMER: Helps you brush the dentist recommended 2 minutes
  • VISIBLE PRESSURE SENSOR: Alerts you and reduces speed to ensure that you dont press too hard on gums
  • 3 MODES for a personalised experience: Daily Clean, Sensitive Clean and Whitening
  • Li-ION Battery: More than 2 weeks of brushing with 1 full charge
  • Comes with an Australian charger for ease of use
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • +9

    subscribe and save on an electric toothbrush?

    • +1

      I guess they just categorised everything under "toothbrush" as S&S

      • +2

        its like theyre encouraging you to get the 10% and cancel straight away haha.

        • +6

          Reminds me need to do another purge.

        • They’re not stupid.

        • +1

          Pretty sure one of the options when cancelling a s&s is that you wanted the 10% discount too lol

    • is a strange idea, but can be cancelled immediately after you get the first one, or maybe a cheaper way to buy two….? (one for use on work days, one for the weekend??? )

  • Is this better than the Chemist Warehouse one the other day?

    • Doesn't seem to be the case

    • nope

    • One is a genius, one is just.. smart.

      What do you think? :)

      • +4

        Pro < Smart < Genius < iO

        • +1

          Exactly. And IO needs more expensive heads.
          So seems like Genius is a decent price point.

          • +1

            @Schrodinger: Genius is overly heavy. I have one.
            Prefer my kid's higher end smart

    • +5

      No, but whether the other one is better really depends on whether at this point in your life you think you need a "brushing coach" that uses a tilt sensor to detect whether you are brushing your upper or lower teeth and a bunch of brushing modes other than "as fast and as clean as possible". Ignoring these useless additions, they are the same.

      • +1

        The genius one allows you to turn off without having to hold the power button.

        • This model allows you to disable all but one brushing mode such that you can turn it off without holding, if that's what you mean.

          • @xmail: How can you disable the brushing mode?

            • @nightelves: Connect the phone app to it and disable all the wuss modes leaving just the single brush properly mode.

  • is this better then the chemist warehouse one from last week? i bought the chemist warehouse one.

    • +1

      Look above your post :)

  • +7

    For those trying to make sense of the OralB range, I found this chart useful. Smart 1 isn't specifically here, but you get the gist of where it fits.


    • +1

      Unfortunately oral b are very secretive on what the actual differences are and it seems idiotic to have like 30 different brushes for sale at once.

      Not really sure what the benefit is above pro 2000 unless you are after the gimmicky stuff, but pretty sure after a week most people will just use it the same as a vitality

      • +1

        Agree, I got the Pro 2000 for the charging indicator and the hard travel case, and stopped thinking about what "features" I am missing.

        My teeth are clean and my dentist is happy. 😁

      • They do have a chart at the bottom of the product postings. It's just a simple check box thing because those are literally all the differences. It's basically
        - timer (useful, but also something they all have and can easily live without)
        - number of modes (you only need 1),
        - bluetooth connectivity (only useful to disable useless modes. Might be useful for kids to see if they've been brushing?),
        - travel case (ok? just chuck it in your toiletry bag),
        - 'position detection' (I learnt to brush at 2 years old)
        - 'pressure sensor' (I learnt to brush at 2 years old)
        - 360° Smart Ring (I learnt to brush at 2 years old, and don't share my toothbrush)

  • nice

  • +2

    What was the epic Coles deal

  • getting this for travel. But also looking to upgrade my home-use triump pro care 5000 handle that came with an actual bluetooth timer that i can put on my vanity. does anyone know if any of the new models with bluetooth are compatible with these timers? I don't really wanna fire up an app on my phone to use a timer, just sayin.

    • It gives vibrating feedback every 30 seconds, so imho don't really need a timer.

      • agreed but ive been used to (or rather, spoilt) getting to look at the timer at any given moment and know how long i have left. Also sometimes when it vibrates, i'm not sure how far into the brush i am when i lose count.

        furthermore, it's a really useful clock on my vanity that tells me the time in the morning when i prepare for work.

        i've been using it for almost a decade now and i don't think i can live without it anymore…

    • Being Bluetooth you can always use home assistant to display timer on Google or Alex screens automatically

  • how many of you guys received the toothbrush. I just recevied the email and saying they out of stock and refund my order after 2 weeks long.

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