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Halo 4: Pre-Order $49.99 - OzGameShop


OzGameshop have Halo 4 on pre-order for $49.99.
There seem to be two different ones on the website, one for $64.99 and this one for $49.99.

Get in while it's available!

As per the website:
This is a pre-order - the item will be dispatched to you on or before the release date of 06/11/2012 - subject to change by the publisher.

Please note: this is the NTSC-J version of the game which is fully compatible with PAL systems.

Thanks ProspectiveDarkness

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  • Please note: this is the NTSC-J version of the game which is fully compatible with PAL systems.

    That's reason for the price difference - this one's from Japan / Asia. The only noticeable difference might, might be some Japanese or Chinese on the cover. I'm not sure what the state of such imports is these days (in terms of foreign lettering, that is)

    • this one's from Japan

      Hmmm…so no affect on DLC?

      dvd.co.uk have the PAL version for ~ $54:


      • Edit: answered by Puff Braddy

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        It won't affect DLC at all. For the X360 all DLC is universal, you can download content from the US store and use it for your PAL copy of the game. That's how I'm managing to play the arcade title The Walking Dead, and get DLC for the banned Mortal Kombat title ;-)

        • It won't affect DLC at all.

          Is that for NTSC-J or the Halo series in particular?

          I don't know either way, although there was a deal from Mighty Ape yesterday that said:

          "All imports are in English and will work in Australia"

          "U.S version, region free. Not compatible with DLC on the NZ/AU Xbox Live network."


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          They might have just been saying that to cover their ass, there's no DLC for SH:D at all.
          My comment was for NTSC-J overall. I could'v sworn I read somewhere that DLC is region free, but am yet to find where I read that. Leave it with me though. From my experience, and it's fairly extensive as I'm quite the Xbox nerd and import the vast majority of my games, as long as the game works on your console all DLC associated with it will too. I know it doesn't on the PS3, their DLC is region locked despite games being region free.. But for the X360 I'm yet to encounter a problem. And I import from UK, US, Hong Kong, NZ. Have never ever had a DLC compatibility problem.

      • Hmm good call there. I guess if the DLC is region free it doesn't matter too much.

    • These are three NTSC-J games I bought a long time back (before the UK online retailers started popping up and I still used PlayAsia): http://imgur.com/M9YDK

      In my experience most NTSC-J have a little bit of fairly unobtrusive Chinese script on them. However if you're unlucky you might get something like this with a fully stylised Chinese title: http://www.maxqubit.com/masseffectregionfree/me_ntscj_cover....

      I had that Mass Effect game. But had to offload it on eBay because it was hurting my eyes every time I looked at it.

      Also I have never had trouble with DLC on any NTSC-J or NTSC Xbox 360 games before.

  • It should also be considered that Big W have been having some killer prices on new release games, lately. Might be worth the wait for release, to see if it can be had cheaper, locally.

    • What sort of specials have you been seeing there? I haven't been checking BigW for a while.

      • I could have sworn there were more Big W bargains than my search turned up. The most significant one recently, though, was Diablo 3 for $48. There might've been a couple more, but I can't be bothered checking them right now :-)

      • JB HI FI have it for $69 already so Big W price should be similar.

    • True that. I remember when Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition came out last year. Big W had it for $35 when it released (on special of course), where everywhere else it was close to $70.

  • Well, it hasn't been released, so no one will know for sure that it will be region free. Just because all previous Halo games were doesn't mean that Halo 4 will be. It is a new studio as well, so it may be region locked. Best to wait until it is released and confirmed to be region free, else you will be stuck with a game you can't play.

  • Probably might not be the case here, but just to let you know I have the Korean version of Halo 3, and all the dialogue is in Korean. Still has English subtitles, but the spoken word is Korean.

    Which is actually alot of fun.