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Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB $499 + Free Delivery Red or Blue Colour


Here is the link for the blue one: http://www.uniquemobiles.com.au/samsung-galaxy-s3-i9300-16gb...

$20 discount + Free Shipping coupon code for blue is S3B499UM

Deal ends in 48 hours

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  • +1

    Damn so tempting..this or the Note 2??

    • +1

      I agree, can't decide S3, S3 4G or Note 2… or wait for Note 2 4G.

      • +11

        unless you live, work and breathe only in the cbd, 4g is pretty pointless (and expensive)

      • +7

        S3 4G has an extra 1GB of Ram

        • +1

          2gb? mind.officially.blown

        • Yeah agreed. I was pretty much decided on getting the 3G version because i don't care about 4G, but an extra 1GB or RAM might just be worth the extra couple of hundreds.

        • are you running a microserver off your phone or something? why do you need that much memory

        • lots of background apps and widgets. MOre memory means more apps can run in the background, allowing you to switch between them without them restarting.

        • +6

          1GB of ram is worth a couple of hundred? I thought this was Ozbargain…

        • 2gb ram is overkill

          Video Comparing 1gb vs 2gb


        • +3

          Don't forget about battery life

        • ballsofsteel - overkill for them, not overkill for others. Everyone uses their phone differently.

          Would you also say 4GB RAM in a PC is overkill? Or does it depend on what the computer is used for?

          edit: On the right side of the video you posted, is this video:

          The conclusion:

          Overall, having an extra gigabyte of RAM doesn't make that big of a difference when you have only a couple of applications running in the background. However, the difference becomes much more noticeable once you start loading over 10-15 apps.

        • They used to say more than 640k is overkill.

        • "he"

        • Yes, ballsofsteel is still living in the stone age.

        • You ballsofsteel just don't understand modern technology

      • HTC One X+ is now also starting to cloud my choice….

        It's display is unbeatable apparently, but the trade-off is no removable battery, and a host of heat issues / severe battery drain.

        • I can see how it's clouding your choice.

    • YESSS!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS DEAL!! Personally would get this, Was considering the note 2, but after seeing the difference in screen size, i think note 2 is overkill and personally would not use the stylus (i have a proper windows slate for that) but still worth the extra $99

      Nooooo!! damn you ozb, i just bought a blue one for my uncle and saw the red one and had to have itttt

      Impulse buy..nooooooooooo!

  • Price for 32GB is pretty handy too ($549)

    • +3

      Or you could spend ~$50 to get a 64gb card and end up with 80gb… Though in-built memory would be faster wouldn't it?

      • Yes. It would be faster.

        • +1

          Faster than class 10? (U1)

        • +1

          I believe so. Remember that with S3 you cannot move your apps to the sd card (I don't know if you can do it with rooting) so when your phone has less free memory to run apps, its going to lag a bit.

        • +2

          If you're like most of us, you'll be filling it with music, movies and maybe some photos.

          It's plenty fast enough for that. :)

      • Can't speak for Samsung, but the built in memory in my One X is definitely slower than a class 10 card. I get transfer speeds of 5.5 to 6.0MB/s.

    • I see it as $559 + shipping or $549 + shipping if using "AU32B3S" code. Is it possible to get $549 shipped?

  • +2

    I just got the 4G and it is awesomely fast. Depending on whether you mainly use wi-fi it may be worth the wait.

    • Also got the 4G last week, and am loving it. If it had come in red though, I think I'd have nabbed that!

      • What colours do you guys have on 4g s3?

        • Saphire Black and Silver

      • can you disable the 4g and just run the phone in 3g?

        • nope

  • no white :(

    great price though

  • +14

    let the sub $500 delivered price wars begin!

  • +1

    Absolute bargain, finally pulled the trigger

  • Great deal! Don't forget cashback :)

    • what cashback????????

      • +1

        up to 3.00% moneyback via StartHere.com.au

        • oh crap i already paid for mine
          is it too late?

        • Does it work? I started shopping from Starthere website, then linked to UM, finished, paid, finally, nothing happened?

          Did I miss anything?

  • +1

    I'm waiting the price drops below $450 or I will buy one with local warranty

    I found the S3 Red with local warranty is only $494 + 29.95 delivery at techrific


        • +9

          You people just too serious…

    • I don't think this is aus stock.. It's still grey import other wise it would have 24 months warranty right? Kogan and SS also provides local warranty for 12 months..

    • Local warranty and Samsung local warranty are two different things. Techrific are grey importers.
      Zip over to Whirlpool and have a look at the techrific threads. You might change your mind.

  • +9

    I bought the iPhone 5 on Tuesday, lol might go refund it and get this instead… $499 delivered is nuts!

    • -9

      And then sell the S3 again and buy the iphone 5 back. Resale value of S3 won't be good because of frequent discounting of the product.

    • Smart man!

  • I like the note for the 32GB:

    Note: Item ships from our Hong Kong warehouse.
    Official Australian stock with local Samsung warranty.

    How did that work? Ship local stock overseas GST free then reimport??

    • +1

      Local stock comes from overseas.. maybe they managed to buy stock that was destined for Australia before it entered Australia.

      • Optus are doing the i9305 (4G), so maybe they cancelled an order?

  • dang. i pulled the trigger too soon at kogan. 3 days ago! :(

    • If you contact them sometimes they will refund you the difference, given the time is close, 3 days might be ok.

      • They offered an amount equal to the price difference in store credit when I bought my wife an iPhone which dropped $30 in price before the one we ordered got delivered.

  • This is the 3G version no? which means dropping $500+ on a last generation phone?

    • Horses for courses. The 4G is still $750+ isn't it?

  • For the Red $499 + $23.99 for shipping WITH INSURANCE?
    Kogan is cheaper at $499 + $19 shipping, already includes insurance.
    How safe is it to buy without insurance?

    "Unique Mobiles strongly recommends transit insurance. This covers the parcel for the complete value should the item be damaged or lost in transit. Customers that don't choose transit insurance will not be covered."

    Sorry, no deal, I will be waiting for Kogan with free shipping.

    Just about to purchase until I read this insurance thing.

    • paypal will cover you

      do these guys come with tracking at least>?

      • or 28 Degrees Card if you have Shopper Protection.

  • Hhhmmmm, tempting to buy and have a play with it, then decide whether to stick with my current iPhone 4 or jump over to SGS3, then sell which ever one i decide to ditch.
    Don't really care about 4G since i rarely use the phone to browse the net and not sure if the faster hardware is actually worth the extra $200-$300 compared to 3G version.
    Must say red looks nice too i might add. Had my eye on either white or silver/titanium, but now I'm thinking about red too.

    • +6

      Bail on the iPhone. You will be pleasantly surprised.

      • +4

        Agree! Although I'm still on the iPhone. But wifey's new HTC-OneX is soooo much better!

  • 16GB v 32GB, does the 32GB model actually partition to give you more app space out of the box? If it doesn't then the 16GB + SD card sounds best?

    • Seeing that it's now just one partition for everything (except OS), I'd be inclined to say yes. The OS is on one partition, apps and all your data on another. Older phones had the apps storage combined with the OS, so you'd quickly run out of space.

      I keep all my media on my micro SD card, so there's about 11GB available for apps (16GB phone). I imagine a 32GB phone would have 27GB free.

      edit: it's 25.57GB .. or more accurately (but annoyingly), GiB.

      • Cool, looks like the 32GB might be better future proofing for large apps as I read out of the box you can't copy apps to SD card (unless you root).

        Another question, this should still be eligible for the 50GB Dropbox account I gather?

        • damn, you've got some large apps there!
          Yeah I'm very certain it's eligible for the 50GB dropbox offer.

        • please elaborate? =)

      • What's GiB mean? Is that the "improper" measurement where 1000MB = 1GB (as opposed to 1024MB = 1GB)?

        • +1

          GB used to be "correct", but in 2000 the IEEE annoyingly adopted the 1000MB = 1GB definition.

          Now, technically, 1GB = 1000MB and 1GiB = 1024MB.

          But everyone still uses 1GB = 1024MB…

  • i do love it

  • how long do they take to ship for those who have been past customers, leaving overseas in 10 days.

    • +2

      Just rang them, 3-5 business days (from overseas). However, they do not provide a regular tax invoice as there is no gst applied. So if you were thinking of TRS refund, don't think you can do this

      • thanks a bunch mate

  • +2

    Does this come with a GST invoice?? Also on the Strathere cashback I assume it is up to unique mobile to pay or not pay??

    I got 4 percent on starthere and if I it together with TSR, it will be $435.50 SWEET……..

    • I would say no GST on this invoice…it is shipped from HK for a reason!

  • +1

    Damn you slight technology changes that make me want to upgrade several times a year for no massively apparent differences!!! Just bit the bullet and bought. Like others have said, jump on Starthere and get the extra $20 off BEFORE you buy.

  • Why does Blue show $519?? - coupon does not work for it

    • +1

      there's another code for blue in the description up there

  • Can anyone confirm that the black will be available for the 3G (not 4G) 16gb variation? I'm quite fuzzy on the details, but if it won't be, I'll jump on this for the boyfriend.

    • +6

      "I'll jump on this for the boyfriend."
      He would probably prefer you jumped on him

      • +3

        Yeah. I thought that as I typed it, haha. Knew I should have re-worded it.

        Also, have just noticed on unique mobiles, they have the black 3G version for $519 + shipping (18.80). Any particular reason why they wouldn't have included it in this deal?

        Edit: Have contacted them and they won't do the deal for the black one (not surprising) and I couldn't get free shipping either. Wasn't expecting anything anyway, but will keep my fingers crossed for a good deal in the next few weeks.

      • +3

        Wow, who would've negged SBOB's comment? It was tasteful enough.

        I'm a good girlfriend, so he would get both. Maybe even both at the same time! Not sure where I could hide it though…

        • +1

          LOL, was about to say something similar, but didn't want it to be misunderstood or taken too serious, but since you mentioned it, i will suggest you buy him a 64GB sd card too. All those video will have to be stored somewhere. :)

        • +1

          Hahaha! I suppose you're right. Lucky Franny just posted a deal for them! http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/81870

        • Perfect timing.
          Future proof yourself and get 2 64GB while you are at it. :)

        • being MICRO sd, you can hide it easily in a slot somewhere…

    • the stig is a girl?

      • +2

        Pfft, of course. Only women can drive that well.

        • -5

          Which is more enjoyable… a stick shift or flappy pedal?

  • When does this phone get jellybean?

    • jelly bean has already been released in some countries, so it will be coming to aus soon

  • Bargain! Even better when jellybean arrives - bagged!

  • I purchased the S3 one week ago today through UM and I'm still waiting. It's gone from HK to CHN to SIN to SYD….is this how Fed Ex does good business? So frustrating! Be prepared for a long wait if it's shipped from HK.

    • I ordered from eGlobal last Sunday, arrived Wednesday morning(however I was not home) and got it redelivered on Thursday
      Delivered by DHL

      As for FedEx, I have dealt with them before, however seemed more smooth than yours

      • DHL over fedex any day. what fedex takes 5-6 days DHL takes 2 days.

        • Don't know about you, but I have a lazy bugger doing my DHL route. Never rings the doorbell, always leaves a card. Then you have to go online to organise a pick up or re-delivery.

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