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Huawei Watch Buds 1.43" AMOLED Smartwatch $657.99 Delivered @ pqr_commerce eBay


Ear Buds inside your watch. Some good reviews on Ebay. Just not crazy about the CCP being in my ear all day, but cant find any other that is not a cheap knockoff idea.

HUAWEI Watch Buds, 2-in-1 Smartwatch and Headphones. The innovative pop-up cover and magnetic design combine smart watch and headphones for added comfort. The smart watch features a curved 3D glass, a stainless steel dial and a full-grain leather strap. The headphones are compact and feature a full-frequency flat diaphragm unit, active noise cancellation and AI noise cancellation for calls, as well as innovative touch control for easy operation. The smart watch has more than 80 workout modes and 24/7 health management with blood oxygen measurement, heart rate measurement and HUAWEI TruSleep™ 3.0, so you always have the latest fitness data.

Also available on Amazon for $662

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  • Assumed that buds share the watch battery to charge? How long does the watch battery last?

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      yes, shares battery for 3 days charge. Buds last 4 hours before needing a 1 hour charge.

      • +1

        amazing… if only watchos by google can have the same battery efficiency…

        • it's combined so probably depends on the earbud use. if you use them for calls everyday (means less than 4 hours use, more like 1.5 or 2 hours), every 1 hour recharge of buds could consume half day of watch battery life. so like recharge buds 3 times in 1 day, and the watch battery might only last 1.5 days.

  • Those earbuds look rather..uncomfortably.

    They look like "oh no.. they might fall out so just push them in more."

  • +1

    I was thinking for a second this was a dirt cheap eBay find and how cool I would look opening up my watch like a convertible and putting my earbuds on.

    then I read the title again. SIX HUNDRED HUNGIES!

    are you sure these are discounted? is normal price like $1000?

    edit to answer my own question. google search reveals eBay average price is $950~$1045.

    • +1

      Best not to look at the Apple Watch Ultra. Might give you a heart attack.

      • yeah no way I am getting any Apple watch.

        cheapest is ~$300 and that's like the oldest and smallest model. probably will get slow in 1~2 years and stop getting updates as well. not worth the investment especially with only 24 hour battery life out of the box.

  • watch buds? say what lol

    I just want what their product team is smoking

  • -1

    Living up to the Huawei legend: Really far ahead / 遙遙領先🤣🤣

    Don't forget to put money aside for ear specialist, you will need one for your ear infection.

  • watch bud? ear buds in a watch? what will they think of next? Cam Phone?

  • +1

    I think it's a bit silly. But if Apple were to do this, I don't doubt there would be legions of people raving about how "genius" this is. And then I might also fall for it, and buy one :|

    • and pay $2000 for them too

    • what about my idea? pocket toilet. no? genius?

      • steve jobs would be envious of your mind.

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