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[Price Error] Mountain Dew 24 Pack $4.21 + Delivery & Service Fee @ Coles via Uber Eats


Don't need to say much!!

Mountain Dew 24 Pack $4.21 + Delivery & Service fee @ Coles via Uber Eats

Go Go Go!!!

Credit to MAA

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  • +2

    Can’t find it 😭

  • Thanks just ordered

  • This seems to be location specific. I can see it for some delivery locations and not others

    • +15

      Can only be delivered to your mum's basement, and only if you're male over 30.

  • +1

    None Brisbane

  • Edmondson Park, NSW has it for $4.21.

  • Rhodes NSW has it for $4.21 too.

  • +7

    Fees and delivery kill it.

    • +3

      Yup. $19.18 for me to get it delivered.

  • +9

    Estimated subtotal $4.21
    Delivery Fee ® $12.99
    Fees $6.99
    Estimated total $24.18 🤔

    • +1

      Estimated subtotal $4.21
      Delivery Fee $7.99
      Fees $6.98
      Estimated total $19.18

      Not sure if its worth it…

  • +1

    dont see it at my local coles

  • +3

    Delivery plus service fee kills it

  • +13

    Will claim recycling on all cans and get $2.40 back..

    Now that is true ozbargainer

  • cheaper the other day, got 3

  • +14

    Ewww. I’ll take the crab juice

  • pretty cheap battery acid

    • You mean antifreeze

  • +6

    Usually coles and uber prices match.. but now I see uber have higher prices comapre to coles.

    • +1

      Just had a look and thought the same thing, didn't last long to have "in store prices"

      • +1

        Yeah I noticed 2L Coke was $5.10 instead of $3.65 on Uber Eats and DoorDash now so I looked at the t&c of service and it says that they are no longer matching all in-store prices.

    • +7

      uber just notified driver do not leave coles receipt in the bag as customer will get digital copy = they will charge customer more than the store price.

    • Well shit, what am I gonna do with those gift cards I stocked up on

  • Now here's a deal for jv

  • OOS

  • +2

    Estimated subtotal $4.21
    Delivery Fee $7.99
    Fees $6.99
    Estimated total $19.19

    Has a 99% chance of getting cancelled/refunded and it's basically the same price at Woolies anyway

    • $20 for 1 carton vs 2 with this?

      I've got 2 coming for $20.39

      • I've got 2 coming for $20.39

        You had 2 ordered lol, that's a lot different to 2 coming. The irony of there only been one also isn't lost on me.

  • +5

    1 cent too high

  • +1

    Mountain Dew Soft Drink 24 pack x2 $8.42

    Coles RSPCA Approved Chicken Breast Fillets Large Pack approx. 1.4kg $16.94

    Coles RSPCA Approved Chicken Thigh Cutlets approx. 1.1kg $10.89

    Pauls Zymil Low Fat Milk 1L $4.29

    Estimated subtotal $40.54
    Service Fee $4.05
    Delivery Fee $5.99
    Delivery discount -$5.99

    Chicken & milk potentially no stock and will get refunded

    • Risky, you're gonna end up paying 32 for the other stuff tbh

      • Should have chosen deli per @mrctan

      • Mrs said chicken ok

        2 x 24 pack classic coke

  • +1

    (Uber One) To reach the $40 minimum, order items from the Deli (that is closed) and select refund if not available. You'll still get free shipping and a refund on the Deli items.

    • My store is closed and when it reopens again, so will the deli…

      • +1

        Price probably fixed by the time the store reopens too… You can try adding roast chickens. No way they have some ready early morning.

        • +1

          Yeah hence why I didn't bother, risky with extra items and not worth it without

        • can I ask what did you order from deli? I am worried they might send the packed stuff like olives and ham

  • +1

    Ordered 2 to make it more worth, but driver/support cancelled order because of the price difference..

  • +1

    If it's your First order at Coles on Uber Eats…. Try stacking with $20 off at Coles - coles6j2e6b.

  • Seems to be some available at Coles Donvale (Tunstall Square) if anyone in Doncaster VIC area. Order them & 5 x Bertocchi Leg Ham 100g from Deli. Ask for no subs and/or call the driver to beg him to not sub. Delivery is covered by Uber One, so was around $4 service fees. I didn’t order I’m personally too far from the store and would cop $14 delivery lol. Hope this helps someone.

    • I ordered from here, still got charged delivery and service charge eventho on uber one.
      Also driver called support and they cancelled 🥲

  • +4

    uber only delivered 2 bottles. FxxK

    • +2


    • My spastic just cancelled them…

      • +2

        Couldnt be bothered carrying 2 cartons.

  • My order got cancelled

  • +4

    driver is heading to store hmmmm. 2x cans 1x apple juice

    update 1
    Packing in Progress…..
    apple juice oos requested refund
    update 3
    mountain dew found and checking out
    update 4 seems to have now found the apple juice
    update 5 taking too long assume its gonna be canned,
    seems like its cancelled.

    • +4

      First driver just cancelled the job but not the order.

      2nd driver again cancelled the job but not the order

      I then tried to cancel felt bad wasting their time, couldn't

      assigned to 3rd driver, messaged him asking to cancel order as price error. he didn't reply until he said he has already paid and is on way.

      now he had been going round in cirlces for the last 10 mins

      Why did i bother..

      • +4

        Yep. I just wasted 1 hour of my night. Lol 🤦‍♂️

  • Markdown Addicts?

    • +5

      Yeah, MAA it's short for Markdown Addicts Australia.

  • Uber cancelled it :(

  • Order cancelled only because there was only 1 carton on the shelf :(

  • +7

    I just got charged $15.40 for 2x Coles tuna cans because the driver was unable to checkout with the Mtn Dew cans using the payment card Uber gives them.

    Unobtainable deal

  • I remember back in school kids would say that Mountain Dew had a er… unusual effect on your urine. Did anyone else hear those rumours?

  • Finally received the items at 9.36 ordered around 7.45.

    Feel bad as Im worried the driver paid for them himself and claiming back hopefully he doesnt have any problems.

    But $15.49 for 2x 24 cans and 1 coles apple and blackcurrant juice.

    • +3

      Congrat! I guess you are one of rare person succeeded.

  • +3

    I’d never rely on a price error on Uber for groceries. If the driver even bothers picking the product (they might not want to carry it and can say it’s OOS when it’s not) he will be scanning it at the price the store sells it for and paying for it outside of the Uber app and can simply adjust back the price you get charged. This happens whenever you buy meat products as the weight isn’t known until it’s picked and scanned . Uber drivers are horrendous I’ll never use them for groceries again (even if they offer me another spend $50 get $30 back)

  • +1

    Ordered last night but then cancelled because of the uncertainty with a driver being have to pay the full price.

  • +1

    Well eventful first order.

    Two cartons replaced with two 1.25 litres bottles. Then driver delivered to wrong house and my account charged over $25.

    Tried to contact support and got a full refund issued without even being able to notify driver and have him locate missing goods and deliver to correct house.


    Will see what order 2 brings 😂

    • Sorry, it was quicker to deliver to the house next door to coles.

  • Cancelled and refunded, had placed a future order for today and got cancellation notification saying they have issue with driver delivery app. Waste of time

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