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Paw Patrol AA 1.5v Alkaline Batteries (Pack of 10) $3.60 (RRP $11.99) Delivered @ Toys R Us

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Top performance 10-Pack of LR6 AA 1.5v alkaline batteries with each battery featuring Chase, Marshall and Skye! Find reliable and long-lasting energy solutions for your gadgets, from remote controls to portable devices. Ensure uninterrupted performance and convenience with our selection of batteries designed to meet various power needs. Explore our range today and keep your devices running smoothly.

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  • +54

    I'm not sure what's the point of kids branded battery; it's not a toy kids should be playing with (and can potentially be harmful if swallowed).

      • +4

        It's about the branding, what's the point of it.?They will be enclosed in a device not about IQs.

        • It's about the branding, what's the point of it.?

          Obviously you don't have kids. It's to get kids to see them and annoy their parents into buying them.

          • @Trishool: I do actually, I'm a.breeder πŸ˜€
            My kids pester me in the toy section, not the batteries isle 😎

            • +3

              @N1ghthawk: Well Toys R Us is a toy store, so they could plonk these anywhere in the store without having to get customers to walk to the batteries isle, and likely something like this will also be at the checkout for that last minute kiddie whinge to bump up your bill.

      • +2

        Elon and Kimbal in the house.

        • He actually named the daughter Grimes and now regrets it post-divorce

      • +4

        15 point drop second time around? I reckon your youngest has been noshing them on the sly…

      • +2

        Smart kids ! No wonder their chromosomes rejected to inherit your IQ.

      • +3

        Good to know you've done their IQ tests.
        Should do a paternity test as well because they clearly didn't inherit your IQ (and thank God for that).

      • +4

        You know your 3 and 5 yos IQs?! πŸ˜‚

      • +2

        Thanks for the next OzB meme πŸ˜‚

      • I know your comment is but un popular, maybe how you approached it. I did have teached my 4yo what is batteries and what is lollies. But when i was a kid, i did have put my tongue between 9v battery 🀣🀣

        • +2

          I was just being a smug parent from one of those facebook groups :' (

    • -2
    • +5

      If it was rechargeable, I wouldn't mind the kid branding. These are toxic rubbish end of the cycle.

      • +3

        There is a use for alkaline batteries. My pet feeder for example will only give you an accurate low battery indicator with alkaline, which the book says should start indicating low after about a year. It'll take rechargeable just fine, but the low battery indicator will start blinking straight away, so you don't know when it's low. You have only 60 seconds to swap batteries otherwise all your carefully programmed settings will disappear.

      • +1

        Not sure about you, but I recycle all my used batteries at Aldi. Not sure if they end up actually getting recycled or dumped, but im hoping Aldi, and their partners, are doing the right thing with them.

        • You do have a point. The catch is we should not make batteries unless they are rechargeable, because the production phase is also toxic, that is my hearsay, read knowledge. With the rechargeable ones, the pollution is worth in the long run for rechargeable batteries.

          • +1

            @GuestShopper: Absolutely get that and agree, most of my batteries are rechargeable, but also have a supply of non rechargeable ones that go to recycling once they're dead. I'm going to find out what aldi do with them and who their partners are, you've got me curious.

    • +2

      Came here to say the exact same thing. Not just swallowing, physical damage to the batteries while playing with them, small children could submerge these in cup/bottle of water, etc etc.
      Most companies are bitter coating batteries to avoid children swallowing them. It's just plain stupid to have such toys branded batteries. Serves no purpose whatsoever!

    • Xmas gift that requires batteries. The Paw Patrol branding sparks joy.

  • +5

    This just seems like a bad idea

  • +5

    These or Eneloops?

  • Thanks OP
    i also got a free Duplo toy with purchase of any other duplo item

  • +2

    This will go well with my Bluey car battery and Dora the Explorer AAA's

  • How many do I need for my Tesla 3?

  • +4

    Whenever there's a problem down adventure bay. Ryder and his team of pups, are gonna save the day!

  • +4

    My son gonna eat this thing

  • +11

    Whenever you're in trouble, we'll be there on the double A-s

  • +8

    Something tells me that if you were in the "bedroom" and in need of some double aa's and said 'rubble on the double' and dragged some of these out, it wouldn't be as funny as it is in my mind :)

    • +3

      If it's not funny then they're not the one

    • Get Li Ion rechargeable ones. Much better than the money you save chucking these out.

  • WTF, i thought toys r us went out of business

    • They're online only. Someone bought the name when they went out of business.

      Like Dick Smith.

      • well there will be Stores coming back next year

        • really, wow. that's awesome, i would go for pure nostalgia

  • Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Just bought 2 packs, handy for my Gameboy Advance :D

    • Update I got 200 batteries for $7.20…. ummmm

      • yeah, I ordered 1 pack for $3.60 and got 100 batteries. Just came here to see if anyone else did as well.

  • Bought one pack. Got a kid at home who loves paw patrol. Thanks OP.

  • +4

    My son loves eating these. Just bought him a few packs

  • I thought toys r us went bankrupt?

    • +1

      I think they changed from physical stores to only online store now

  • Smh article regarding toys r us
    Tldr - they're losing money but planning physical stores.

    • This is one of the worst incoming CEO interviews I've read in a while. "We need to raise capital"…… "50% of revenue is done in the last two months before Christmas"….."We aren't set up and our platform is unstable"….. Immediately apparent she's setting up a soft landing for when she inevitably blows it.

  • What flavors do they come in?

  • +1

    The fact that their purchasing team still has 2000+ of these and 3000+ of the 4 pack goes someway to explain how a company this size loses $56m over the last two years. Unreal.

  • +4

    Anyone else got 100 batteries? I thought these were just pack of 10, but really, a box of 10 packs.

    • +4

      Can confirm received 100 batteries (10pcs x10 packs). Expiry 2026.

    • damn, what a deal then
      Regret not impulse paw patrolling :)

      • Who knew Pack of 10 would be 10x10. There were about 350+ of this item sold from this deal post irrespective of the deal upvote numbers.

        • Also received 100x batteries from my end.

    • +1

      Came to see if I was the only one. Score!!!

  • +1

    Received 100 pack for $3

  • +1

    Recieved 200 batteries for $7.2, quite a deal.

  • I just got an email saying my order has been cancelled due to stock issues!

  • Lmao also got a hundred pack box. Cheers OP.

  • +1

    also got 10 packs of 10.

    best before 2026

  • +1

    Amazing deal for 100, got mine today.

  • +1

    Got 100 batteries :)

  • +1

    200 batteries πŸ˜†

  • Just back from holidays to find a heavy box of 10 x AA batteries… 100 ?
    I suspect the warehouse picker got it wrong, when you look at the inventory description, it could be interpreted as 10 packs of 10, which is exactly 1 carton which many received.

    "Paw Patrol 10 X Aa 1.5V Alkaline Batteries (8-Pack + 2 Free) (Pack of 10) Γ— 1"

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