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Manila One Way Airfare: Depart Melbourne from $189, Depart Sydney from $199, Fly 1/8/24 to 30/11/24 @ Cebu Pacific


I was waiting for a sale to the Philippines from Melbourne for next year and came across this today. I looked on the 3rd party sites couldn't find anything cheaper. i just booked for August and got $472 return with 20kg of checked baggage. sale ends 18th December

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  • just a big reminder.
    this is such a hit or miss.
    you get what you pay for.

    • meh i flew the same flights last month, they were on time. its all about your luck mate.

    • What do you mean, even QANTAS and PAL are both hit and miss.

      They all just the same. Only difference is the leg room.

      • +2

        And seat width 16.5”, closest to the smallest in the world. Fine for everyone that’s not me haha

        • +1

          Yeah flown many times with them and I'm tired of playing arm wrestle for the arm rest.

    • you get what you pay for.

      Exactly. Do not buy this if you are expecting bells and whistles.
      But if you want to get trom A to B cheaply then this is a steal.

  • No way CebuPac 🤣

  • 'Our way or highway'

  • USA homicide rate: 4.96
    Philippines rate: 6.46

    Even more dangerous than gun-crazy USA… just something to keep in mind.

    • +1

      Both are safer than Queensland tho. Not much to Melbourne.

    • +1

      Avoid the south. (For both countries).

      Most countries are more dangerous then Australia.

      • Yes but "most countries" aren't popular holiday destinations. If we limit the parameters to that, then the majority are safe, much safer than PH. I can only think of Mexico and Brazil as being more dangerous.

        • +1

          Maybe if you want to go to western europe. The safe areas of Philippines is probably as safe as most other Asian countries.

    • +4

      I’m here right now and I’m fi

      • +3

        Are you sure? You didn't finish your sentence…

  • Cheap!

  • Such a weird website, i clicked on the $23 fare one way and by the end it was $538 one way but you dont know that till the very end of the booking process.

    Ive flown them a few times 4 or 6 domestically and 4 times internationally, but not lately they were ok, ive heard horror storys of cancellations but that never happend to me.

  • +1

    Why do they only put these sales on for 8-12 months in advance? i dont know what I am doing on Thursday let alone before Christmas next year.

  • Whoever changed my status the 20kg of checked baggage isn't included in the 189 and 199.

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