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70% off All Stock - Board Games, RPG, Puzzles + $12 Delivery ($0 MEL C&C/ $200 Order) @ Dirty Rascal Games


Looks like these guys are going out of business which is a shame. I'm not sure how much stock of anything they have left as I picked up a couple of things which are now sold out. A couple of things that seem like decent deals:

Rise to Nobility $27 - BGO BoardGameGeek - Sold Out
My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game - Izuku Midoriya vs Katsuki Bakugo 2-Player Rival Box $15 - Sold out
Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Begins $16.50 - Sold Out
Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Halloween Edition $6 - Sold Out
Clementoni Marvel Puzzle (1000 Pieces) $9 - Sold Out
Drawn To Adventure $12 BGO Flagged as an expansion in their description but this is standalone

Edit: Mostly puzzles and TTRPG books left to save you clicking through if you're not interested.

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Dirty Rascal Games
Dirty Rascal Games

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    Not much of anything left but still can probably get a good deal if there is something that catches your eye. Thanks!

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    never heard of most of these games. must be crap…lol

  • OOS allround 😞

  • Q-Workshop Advent calendar still in stock. Cheaper than everywhere else for those people that just can't get enough dice.

    • How are these typically? Each and every calendar is different or just each year is different? Read a review on Amazon that they were missing a die from door 24 in both their original calendar and their replacement calendar.

      • Honestly, I think they’re way overpriced usually coming in at $80+. At the discounted price (not sure what shipping is) could be okay maybe for the novelty of the set.
        In the end you get one set of Chessex dice in this years theme, and 16 other random dice, and a metal coin. At best, you may be getting 3 sets of 7 dice, of which only one is a complete matching set.
        I bought one at full price (2022), decided it wasn’t worth it for following years, I have more than enough dice so even discounted I won’t be jumping on this.

        Edit: fixed year to 2022 set

        • Thanks for your sharing your experience.

          I did a quick calculation earlier and even at the discount price + delivery, I thought it would be too much for me, unless these were really good. I don't even use dice really but I got a couple of sets via Amazon's toy clearances. They will probably be fine for quite a while. If I really get into gaming where you need them I can always start looking for specific sets then.

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