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Seagate EXOS X18 16TB ST16000NM000J SATA 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM US$202.50 (~A$310.21) Delivered @ Eastdigital HK eBay


A very good deal. As per the previous deals warranty is 3 years via them.

Check previous deals for comments. Speedy shipping via FedEx usually as well.

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    • so what's really being sold ?

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      Whats being sold? The few negative feedback was people complaining about customs fees and a few foreign written feedback I couldn't be bothered translating.

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        Exactly. They have relatively excellent feedback and have sold through the various GBs and deals probably over 1000 drives (guesstimate) to people in Australia.

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        I purchased a 12tb exo from these guys last month, payment in local currency came to $251aud.. didnt pay anything more. Drive was packaged very well… no complaints at all

        • Nice. Was it still sent via Fedex?

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            @Spizz: Soz cant remember. It was speedy though.. arrived in 6 days!

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          I'd already bought 3 16TB X18's from them via a Neology deal last year. Beautifully packaged, fast delivery, no problems whatsoever. Drives currently sitting in my NAS and running without any issues in a Lian-Li case with 3 fans in a room that's currently 32° and they haven't given me a second's problem. I'm guessing most whingeing is to do with local customs regs and not with East Digital themselves because I, personally, can't fault them…so much so that I've just bought another one.

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      Looks fine to me. 5 negative reviews and 3 for customs payments and looks to be mostly in Europe somewhere.

      • I'm not defending eototo, but you should take eBay reviews with a grain of salt. My experience, eBay has the capacity and will delete negative reviews. Many confirm cases where this happens.

          • @Klagan: never ruin a good story with the truth

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            @Klagan: They do remove negative reviews sometimes, I had one of mine removed. I don't know how widespread it is, but it is a thing !

            • @Nom: It's a lot more than people know or willing to admit.

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    As if local warranty wasn't painful enough

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      For an extra $250 you can have local warranty if thats important.

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    Bought a few previously. Drives look new, so probably oem drives that were not used for whatever reason.

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    I bought two 16TB from them last deal and I just received the package today. Both looks new to me and I am putting them into my NAS soon.

    • I also use them for nas, but they overheat inside a nas very easily at 7200rpm. So i am replacing them with wd reds.

      • oh?

      • Had my 5 running in a NAS for 12 months now, and have not skipped a beat!

        • +1

          Same - have a few different drives and the exos is one of the cooler drives - equal with 6TB reds.
          8TB WD HGST is by far the hottest (and noisiest). 8TB Ironwolfs couple degrees warmer than the exos.

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        I run HC550s in mine, have 5 with 1 fan and no overheating issues.

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    I've got 3 of them running in a NAS. No complains, bought in a GB organised by neology last year (supplied by the same seller). No complains here. However, some people on OzB have suggested these are actually used (ex-crypto mining systems) with SMART data erased and better value (lower $/GB) can be had if you buy proper second hand item instead.

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      I would still purchase these new ones over saving $40 for used. All you have to do is look at the comments for people whom bought these-


      They are now receiving them with 16,000 hours on them, and poorly packaged. People saying they are glad they didn’t buy those. Let alone 3 month warranty vs 3 years via Eastdigital which is a known factor in their service.

      • -1

        If these drives have the SMARTs erased, isn't it possible that they might could possibly have more than 15,000 hours on them?

    • It depends, I've heard some drives on the market are originally for Huawei.

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      Smart data is definitely reset.

    • If they are ex crypto then 3 yrs warranty will be enough to cover any issues

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    if you're buying at least 3 or more- best to contact them and they'll give you better pricing and as what others mentioned, the shipping is very very fast.

    • I contacted them, they offered US$165 but wanted communications via an email address they sent as an picture attached to the eBay message. Can't say I care much for that sort of skirting around eBay's policies and what it would mean for trying to chase up future issues.

      • +1

        you can use paypal for payment in that way you're protected of sorts.

        • and they sent invoice via email
        • pay via paypal
        • they send and still running after 2 years :)
      • Was that US$165 for the 16TB drive? Nice deal if it includes postage? Was that for 3 drives or less?

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          It was for these 16tb drives, I was asking about 4 and that included postage.

            • @Spizz: I contacted them via email and they said US$178 transferred via PayPal freind/family which as far as I know has no protection. Too many hoops and sus work arounds for me, I'd rather just pay the extra and have some sort of coverage.

      • I asked them the same a couple hours ago, but they offered me US$175 each with free shipping with no minimum purchase. Only issue is they want me to pay via Paypal and send as "friends" which from my understanding offers no buyers protection via Paypal.

        • Just remember to factor in the fees if paying via f&f. Should be around $268 AUD shipped.

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    I've purchased 3 thru their eBay store before, and another 2 via Neology. All drives have been humming away very nicely. :)

    • Which did you prefer getting from

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        Albeit a little more expensive, I preferred the Neology experience.

        Quicker responses to general questions, requested and was provided an invoice very quickly.

  • How are warranty returns usually handled by them? Would we be responsible for shipping it back to them at our cost?

  • -5

    I bought one of these from their 25th November deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/816124

    It's been 20 days and still not delivered. I'm in Melbourne.
    They sent it via some tracking company I've never heard of (https://t.17track.net)
    The last update was on 27th Nov when it was handed over to Australia Post, but there's no further updates and no comms from either AusPost nor these 17Track people.

    Really disappointed considering some people saying they got theirs in 6 days via FedEx.

    • +1

      I got 3 delivered pretty quick. So not really a downvote reason

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        If some customers get a great experience, and others have a poor experience, I think it's valid to Neg vote based on that.

        I am personally not impressed with them, at all. It shouldn't take upwards of a month for a single HDD to be delivered.

        I've used Neology before and his service is excellent, but not buying direct from HK.

        • Have ordered quite a bit mid to late Nov, quite a number of parcels hit Melbourne and then no updates for 3-4 weeks.

          Packages have started arriving though. I think its just this time of the year and postal services.

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      17track isn't a shipper, it's just a shipping tracking aggregator

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      I thought it was obvious that 17track is just a site to track shipments through 100s of global carriers .. they are not the carrier. Very useful, been using it for years -especial if its a shipment from china.

      Sounds like just a Customs, Aust Post / time of year delay. I wouldn't neg the seller for that.

      • -4

        Fair enough, but no, its not obvious that 17track is an aggregator.

        Looks like mine was sent with Hong Kong Post, who handed it over to AusPost. That was 3 weeks ago.

        None the less, why are some people getting their deliveries in 6 days with FedEx while others are waiting upwards of a month? Who is to blame for that if not the seller?

        • +1

          Mine came through hk and ap in 7 days

        • How is it not obvious? It's literally called 17"track" lmao

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      Neg AusPost bro, not Eastdigital.

      • -5

        If Eastdigital use AusPost, it's on them.

        • +1

          It's almost certain they don't get a say.
          They're the default handler for international packages, if the shipping company doesn't have a local presence.

          • @MasterScythe: Then why do they use FedEx for direct delivery for some customers, and not for others?

            • +1

              @vicerum: I don't work for them sorry, you'd be better off contacting their support for questions like that.

              If I was forced to guess however, I'd say "they" in this instance, are Australia Post (using FedEx), and would depend on location.
              AusPost have contracts with FedEx for areas that their recently aquired Startrack arm doesn't cover.

              This isn't an uncommon practice, as an example, when I was delivering to remote communities where air-drop is the only delivery method, REX airlines was the only option for the last step of the leg, regardless of how premium or express you posted your item.

              • @MasterScythe: I did contact them, there's been no reply for 3 days.
                I'm located in inner Melbourne, not exactly a remote community. So I don't see how that's relevant?

                'They' in this instance is Eastdigital HK, who choose their shipping service and it's a coin flip on whether you get a decent shipping experience or it's delayed for mysterious reasons unknown.

                To clarify - My issue is with No communication, no updates, radio silence for >3 weeks.
                I understand that Christmas logistics can lead to delays, but this was ordered 24 Nov. There's no excuses for keeping customers in complete dark.

            • @vicerum: Because FedEx doesn't cover all of Australia like ap do FedEx parcels get sent through ap all the time

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    i purchased a 16tb SAS drive from the deal just a few weeks ago. arrived dead. not functioning at all. i returned it and got a full refund. they paid for return postage.

  • US $206.80
    ApproximatelyAU $315.25

  • +2

    I got in on the last deal with 4 x 16TB drives. My experience:

    Paid extra for expedited shipping and they arrived with FedEx who left them outside my apartment door. No biggie though my apartment block is secured and it's unlikely that anyone would see the parcel. Delivery took 10 days but I needed to change the delivery address so maybe that's why it took so long.

    Drives came encased in a foam cube with each drive securely inserted into a slot inside the cube.

    The drives look brand new. Date of manufacture is August 2021. No visible scratching on any exterior surface or inside the screw holes. When checking them on the seagate website they come up as a legit drive. They were sold as OEM though so no official warranty through Seagate. They are not marked as recertified.

    I've just set them up in a 4 x 16TB (14TB in reality) ZFS mirror VDEV and copied 4TB to the mirror. So far so good. Despite what other people are saying they don't seem noisy or hot compared to the 10yr old 2TB WD Green drives they replaced.

  • +1

    bought Seagate Exos ST18000NM000J from their ebay store on June 12th

    hard drive has dead blocks since Dec 6th, sent back drive still no warranty replacement yet…..

    So be warned about this guys

    • That sounds out of the norm as someone mentioned above they had a warranty issue which they rectified pretty quickly and Eastdigital even paid for the return shipping.

      • The difference being that a DoA would fall within the paypal/ebay buyer protection window, whereas customer service after 5 months you're at the mercy of the seller.

  • Hmm… I currently have 2x ST16000NM001G in my NAS which I got from one of Neology's Group Buys a while back and was looking to add another (maybe 2)…
    Are there any downsides in adding ST16000NM000J instead? Or is it better to just stick with the same model?

  • Anyone comment on how loud these run in a NAS? Would presume the EXOS run louder than IW Pro because these are enterprise but happy to be corrected

  • +1

    Just FYI that they withdrawn the supply of 5th GB back few months ago and create massive issues for us. (After we set up ecommerce platform and payment gateway etc on our own cost in order to run the GB)

    We ended up paying more to get stocks from other suppliers to fullfill all the orders for 5th GB. That's why we are not running another GB.

    For details: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/790209

    We've PMed @Spizz to make him aware of the situation on the 24 Nov when he posted the previous ED deal.

    • As I said via PM, disappointing they pulled the stock from you after all the sales you have done for them. Should of supplied the stock to you and then let you know going forth that due to local pressure they could no longer supply for any further GB and could only supply directly from HK.

      I'm assuming this post from that thread was referring to them-

      " This has now lead us to another unexpected situation at the moment. Apparently the price of GB makes the already-competitive market even more intensive, and it has threaten to some people (may be our competitors?). Our supplier of the new HDD range just decided to stop suppling the HDD stocks and demanded us to withdraw the GB, as they don't want to get trouble from Seagate. Shipment to our warehouse had been recalled. "

      • Thanks for your reply.

        You probabaly need to make the buyers/OzBers be aware of the risks associated with this seller when you post a deal, as the circustances had changed from previous GBs: their customer service and logistics are no longer with us

        That's why we PM'ed you at the first place.

        • People are buying and still receiving their goods as posted above numerous times (and in the previous deal), also have had a warranty issues dealt with, one is still waiting. Only one has mentioned a delay in receiving goods in a timely/response in a timely manner/and or reply but as it is Christmas it may be the exception to the rule.

          Overall I see no reason to post this as you already have mentioned it in your GB thread (and above) and it seems from what you have posted in that thread yourself they felt pressure from Seagate supplying locally and that is why they pulled the stock from the GB.

          It wasn't right of them to pull the stock from you and cause the headaches you have/had but as far as I can see nothing has changed in regards to them sending direct from HK otherwise with the 300 drives (guesstimate) sold in those 2 posts alone there would of been numerous people mentioning issues..

  • +1

    Just an update on my negative comments above - It's now been basically a month, and still no change to the item tracking.

    I'm beginning to think it literally fell of a conveyor belt somewhere in the HK warehouse and was forgotten about.

    Not sure what to do now… tempted to issue a chargeback but it's not really fair on the seller. At the same time I either want my $310 back or the item to be delivered. Thoughts on my options?

    • Send them another email or message. List the dates you’ve try to contact them. Tell them if you haven’t heard back in x time you’ll forward the correspondence onto your credit card company and have no choice but to pursue a charge back, if purchase via eBay your options are easier.

      • +1

        I'll reach out to the Eastdigital directly via Ebay again, if no luck there I'll raise it with Ebay or even Paypal.

    • If the ETA provided on the eBay listing at the time of your order has elapsed, you could raise it with eBay.

      • +1

        Yeah it passed long ago. I will reach out to the Eastdigital first directly via Ebay, if no luck I'll raise it with Ebay directly.

    • Hey just letting you know I am in the same boat, ordered the Nov deal and no hard drive received, no change to tracking for ages. First time ordering from Eastdigital.

      Order date: 24 Nov, 2023
      Sent: Est. delivery Wed 6 Dec - Fri 22 Dec

      I have sent a message on 23 Dec, no response. Sent another one today 26 Dec.

      Any luck so far on your end?

      • Keep a track of messages through ebay and keep contacting them through it. Itvis unusual to have issues with them like you and another poster above are experiecing. At least you are covered either through or eBay or if direct via your CC.

        It is odd as usual shipping is extremely quick from them.

      • +1


        Received Auspost tracking email on 27 Dec, and delivered today 28 Dec. No reply on eBay so I am guessing it was the Christmas volume that held it up.

        Very well packaged in thick grey foam.

        • Great news.

  • +1

    Just some general feedback on this seller - I've now bought 9 HDD's off them in the last 2 years without any issues. Shipping can take a bit since they are doing stuff in massive batches but they would still be my go to for any more drives.

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