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$2.80 Back in Shping Rewards on Maltesers Share Pack 400g (Currently $7 at Woolworths) @ Shping (Activation Required)


Your Shping rewards are immediately transferrable to your Australian bank account straight from the app. No 3 month wait periods here… Withdrawal fee may apply.

Download the app
Activate your favourite offers
Shop as normal
Upload your receipt

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  • +17

    $2.80 - $1.50 withdrawal fee + stress of reuploading receipt 5 times to get it approved x unsubscribing from emails but still getting them = no deal

    • -5

      Hey, you definitely shouldn't be getting emails after unsub, can you please DM us your email address and we'll investigate! Thanks.

      • +6

        That’s your takeaway?
        Anyway, I’ve already blocked the email address, so send all you want

        • I'll send you spam. What's your email?

      • +4

        Why don’t you reply to all of my messages?

        • Hey there, Please check your DMs i've replied to you. Thanks

      • +5

        Rep, you have been awarded the Lead Balloon badge, given how this post has gone.

        Also, if your username is the same as store, shouldn't you be "rep" and not "associated"?

    • +4

      Is there actually a fee to withdraw? No wonder these guys are not that popular on ozb.

      • +4

        You get a grace period of fee free withdrawals, but afterwards you need to save a lot up to make it worth withdrawing on which they earn interest

        • +6

          imo not worth it

        • +4

          Your "money" is stored as an unpopular cryptocoin. I can't imagine they're earning interest on it given it's neither cash nor a coin that people would want to borrow.

          I assume the withdrawal fee is to a) cover their costs in selling the coins and paying transfer fees and b) an attempt to keep you within the "Shping" ecosystem. When I challenged them at the beginning they came up with a nonsense story about this becoming a global system we'd all be using for shopping, which is obviously never going to happen.

      • -4

        We waive any withdrawal fees for the 1st 25 days on the app, beynd that there is a $1.50 withdrawal fee. We'll be offering 'one free withdrawal' per month early next year too.

        Feel free to DM us with any questions.

        • +2

          "early next year" yeah i'm sure

  • +5

    Thank you for providing your data for free. CEO -(probably)

    • +1

      You're not providing it for free, you're providing it for $3.

  • +3

    Way too trivial and fiddly

  • +6

    This seems super spammy for a saving of $1.30

  • +6

    Withdrawal fee may apply.
    Just be honest.

    Too many games.

    • -3

      Hey Jessie, Withdrawal fees don't apply for new users for their 1st 25 days, so we're being transparent here they may apply.

      • +7


        If you were being transparent then you would write that in the opening post. "Withdrawal fees may apply" is not only not transparent, it's awful marketing. You're trying to get new customers to join, but by saying they MAY apply, people will assume they DO apply. I've challenged you on this so many times I had given up, but why on Earth don't you just write what it is instead of being cryptic?

        "Free withdrawals for the first 25 days - a fee of $1.50 applies thereafter."

      • +2

        I never read or saw anywhere about withdrawal fees so when I first signed up I was quite happy, even though some receipts and even more common , items on receipts, weren't recognised however after a short period fees to withdraw started to appear. I wrote to customer service and was told after 30 DAYS withdrawal fees are applicable. Given it was not 30 days since joining I didn't understand but let it go. After reading all this I was even given the wrong info by Shping staff. Since then I have written numerous times about receipts having no value, items not recognised even after mapping numerous times and also about duplicate products of same item on receipts not ALL being recognised. After getting back short replies that did not address my issues I then get an email saying my issue was closed and to mark the service as good or bad. Even after writing back again and again my issues still have not been addressed including asking HOW is the fee calculated as the figure constantly changes.
        I was ultimately told that you can fix BOOSTERS if the bonus doesn't automatically apply but in regards to items, you can't do anything !!!!! Even thou though on one particular store receipt 2 of the same product recognised but only 1 out of 4 other identical products get recognised. Does not make any logical sense but seems your staff either can't or can't be bothered to fix or even explain why it is happening.

        In the end I've given up. I saved up enough to make it barely worthwhile paying the withdrawal and cashed out
        Most frustrating company I've ever dealt with and you are definitely not being upfront about exactly how your system works and your staff are hopeless at addressing concerns.

  • +2

    Rep failed to address concerns on previous post

    That is a warning sign for me that shping team do not value their customers.

    • +1

      I thought you were a fan? What were the concerns previously?

      I've turned over just under $1k in AUD from this in 2023 (withdrawn) so I'm happy to far, but if there's something to be wary of it would be good to know

      • Just to name a few,

        Difficulty getting harder.
        Halving rewards
        Limiting reciepts per week.

        Your 1k in 2023 = few hundred in 2024

      • -3

        They're just annoyed that Shping are cutting down on the ability to abuse the app to rake in hundreds of dollars for free.

        As long as the money you're earning is still worth your time, there's nothing you need to avoid.

        • +2

          Not really worth the time with the ongoing changes TBH.

          Takes hours a month for a mere $75 at highest level, otherwise $50/$45/$40/$30/$20 per month at other levels

          Expect it to get harder every month

          abuse the app to rake in hundreds of dollars for free.

          You can rake hundreds but you are limited per month with the amount you can withdraw.

          • -4

            @easternculture: And that's fine - stop doing it then.

            You know full well however that this was NOT designed to be used the way you have been. As long as you don't break any rules I have no issue at all with you taking advantage of it and getting your $1k while you could, but moaning when that gets restricted seems incredibly entitled.

            I use it the way it actually was designed to be used, earn a few dollars a week and spend virtually no time whatsoever doing so.

              • @easternculture: I suggest you learn to read before throwing out insults.

                I DO spend virtually no time whatsoever doing this, have never written a review and have never said I "progress in the stages".

                In fact, I've spent more time responding to your childish temper-tantrums about how it's so unfair you can't keep rinsing them for free money - which is clearly a much bigger waste of my time, so goodbye.

                  • -1

                    @easternculture: It's hilarious that you think you have a big "gotcha" moment, but you've quoted a completely different person. You are pathetic.

                    Oh, and you'll actually find I'm stuck on "basic" level, not bronze…

                    • +2

                      @callum9999: Lol, i take it back then. Haha responding to wrong comments

                      • -4

                        @easternculture: Jesus Christ. I HAVE NOT EARNT JUST UNDER $1K AND HAVE NEVER CLAIMED I HAVE.

                        PLEASE learn how to read. I've already told you that you're quoting a completely different person to me - what does it take to get those words through your skull?

                        Don't bother responding, my willpower has been restored and I won't be reading it!

                        EDIT: In case anyone else reads this - they have edited their comment, it was repeating the same accusation again with insulting language, which they've now deleted.

                        • @callum9999: You're a bit entitled having a rant in a public forum. Settle down, child. The grown ups are coming.

                          • @arcticmonkey: How is telling someone to stop lying and insulting me "entitled"? Do you know what the word means?

                            They've cowardly deleted the messages I replied to, but they repeatedly insulted me and called me a liar while quoting someone else and claiming it was me. When I told them it was someone else, they replied again claiming it was me. I think it's perfectly reasonable to rant against that…

                        • +1

                          @callum9999: OTT. Ec has been great here for helping some of us to navigate the complexities of using the Shping app. If he Is giving it up now you can hardly blame him. Most of us feel like doing the same.

                          • -3

                            @povertytrap: Why are none of you able (or willing) to read? What part of "that's fine - stop using it then" means I'm "blaming" them for not wanting to use it?

                            I couldn't care less whether people stop using it or not, which should be pretty obvious given I've posted criticism of it on almost every single deal - even before your hero started posting on them.

  • +1

    Who shares their Maltesers?

  • -2

    $7 for these is a joke in the first place. Exorbitant!

    • -3

      $7 is a perfectly reasonable price for 400g of branded chocolate…

      Granted I'd never pay full price, but $7 is not remotely exorbitant.

      • Lol? These used to be $5 on special all the time. And it's bottom of the barrel chocolate. Get real..

        • -3

          Oh, you're one of those people who can't comprehend the concept of inflation. Why stop at $5? Why not rave about when it used to be $1? Or the good old days when it was 4 shillings and sixpence?

  • +4

    Your Shping rewards are immediately transferrable to your Australian bank account straight from the app

    No they're not. I think what you mean is

    If you happen to have made enough money last month to withdraw, then next month we'll let you withdraw your $2.80

  • Too complex to withdraw in my view. Keep it simple. None of this crypto rubbish.

    Get the hint, OP. I think this is spam now. I'm angry I signed up to get a supposedly free peanut butter and am finding if very difficult to get my money.

  • +1

    Seems my $1k p/a comment was twisted, but right now, I am finding it extremely easy to get $75 p/month (or $900 AUD p/a) which I withdraw immediately into Coinbase, and at least over this year, when converting to AUD at the right times i'm getting about 50% growth on these so I'd anticipate I can actually get more than $1k per year, with extremely little risk and as someone who already scans my receipts or received them digitally, it's only a miniscule amount of effort

    • +1

      It might work for you but given the fact the OP is getting more negative votes than positive, it's telling me he needs to simplify his offering or make changes as the crowd have spoken.

      It's very hard to get more negatives than positives so I would think twice before the OP posts his next deal. The offering is far too complex in my view.

      • -3

        You now refer to yourselves as "the crowd"!? You're seven people throwing a hissy fit because you can't make hundreds of dollars from a stupid crypto app any more…

        • +1

          Why are you so angry?

          • -3

            @Jessie Ryder: Because stupidity and herd mentality annoys me? Because having someone verbally abuse me and lie about what I've said because I challenged their viewpoint, delete all the posts where they did so and then have a gang of people jump in and join them annoys me?

            Though I'd find it hard to classify this as "anger". I do indeed put up with too much sometimes, but if this was actually making me angry then I assure you I would no longer have an OzBargain account!

            • +1

              @callum9999: You sound a bit sick to me. Have you ever had any counselling? The other poster is right. You seem abnormally angry about some comments from a random on an internet forum.

              Turn off the computer and have a lie down, boy.

            • +1

              @callum9999: @callum9999 Time to have some quiet time Champ.
              I'd hate to cross your path on the road, judging by your response here you would probably pull a tireiron out if someone beeped their horn at you.

  • +1

    Just tried using the Arnots Honey Soy boost item and it didn’t recognise, even after mapping didn’t get a boost :/ nowhere to even email

    • Hi there, Please DM us with your account details and i'll look into this for you. Alternatively please feel free to email us on [email protected]. Cheers

  • If you withdraw the 'Shping' coins to your CoinBase wallet, does that still incur a $1.50 fee? What if you withdraw less than $1.50 worth?

    • -1

      I've never been charged a fee no

      • How do the coinbase sell fees compare to the shping 1.50 fee?

        • Depends how regularly you convert to AUD, but so far I've converted on two separate occasions for a total of $876 AUD for a total combined fees of $9.27

          • @isthisreallife22: So that fee is about 6 Shping withdrawal fees, sounds like coinbase will be the cheaper way to withdraw.

            • +2

              @HopSkipJumpFallSplat: It's scheduled to be announced in our newsletter later this week but the $1.50 fee has been waived for the Festive Season. Our newsletter will have more details.

            • @HopSkipJumpFallSplat: Note I only convert to AUD on Coinbase infrequently when there is a spike in the value of shping. I imagine the fees would go up if I converted more regularly

  • Just ban already

  • +2

    So many angry people here lol….It is not the perfect app but I am happy to grow with it. Also happy with the extra $70+ a month from scanning receipts. I use receiptjar and scan weekly for 120+ points - for a whole year I get $50….so. This is just for fun you know. Not a side hussle or investment app. I save more here than waiting for giftcards to discount further ;) Just my 2cents.

    • Are we buddies yet? Pls turn on your DM :)

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