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Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 7800 XT 16GB Graphics Card $799 + Shipping ($0 C&C) @ JW Computers and Centre Com


Similar to the Umart recent deal where the cost of postage was completed borked (+$100 to capitals). Postage seems to be fine on this one, and appears fixed on the other deal (at least for Melb).

This is not the same as the reference card from that deal, though it is a similar two fan design.

Includes copy of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/810333

Edit: Seems JW Computers have price matched. Their postage was $2 cheaper to Melb

Edit 2: Also Centrecom! https://www.centrecom.com.au/sapphire-pulse-amd-radeon-rx-78…

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  • $800 for a top tier card?

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      mid tier

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        mid tier? are you sure???? in't it top tier in the AMD range?

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          7900 XT(X) is top tier

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          AMD have changed their naming convention again this generation. 7800 XT is really a 7700 XT in the 6 series nomenclature (and it barely outperforms a 6800 XT).

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            @xyron: Really? Since when? This is crazy. Doesn't surprise me though…. I have a 6700XT and that card can handle pretty much anything at 1440p…. heck it can even handle 4K gaming.

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              @BargainHunterJohnnyB: Since Nvidia did it, AMD feels like they have to keep up with "model number inflation". The 7900XTX is a RTX 4080 competitor, which itself should really be called an RTX 4070 in keeping with naming schemes from past generations. Look at independent benchmarks, you can't trust the model numbers to indicate anything more than relative performance within a given generation from a given brand these days. I believe the RTX 4060 Ti loses to the 3060 Ti in some benchmarks and has fewer CUDA cores…things have gone completely crazy in GPU-land.

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                @xxBARGAINGODxx: Didn't nvidia already re-release the 4080 as the 4070?

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                  @BargainHunterJohnnyB: That was for the 4080 12GB which was rebranded to the 4070 Ti. That one was an AD104 die which is usually for the xx60 Ti or xx70/Ti cards. They only changed that one because of the intense backlash due to it being marketed as a lower VRAM version of the 4080 (16 GB) which has a completely different die (AD103).

                  • @xxBARGAINGODxx: Yeah I think it's because we're at a point where GPUs are so powerful that even the xx60/Ti can render 4k successfully.

                    Look at the 3060 for example…. you can play pretty much any game at 1080 with the highest settings - it can even do 4k!

                    If they made the 4060 an actual 4060, then they couldn't sell the higher ranked cards that well because it would be hitting 60-70 fps at 4k anyway….

                    • @BargainHunterJohnnyB: I think they would still sell, just not for the prices the companies are asking this generation. I think both the Radeon 7000 and RTX 40 series generally should be skipped if anyone has an option.

                      • @xxBARGAINGODxx: What if I do need to upgrade my rigs recently? I've noticed that the 7800XT not really much better than the 6800XT.. Should have got on the BPC deal of 6800 earlier this year I guess that one was best as performance to value wise :( If I choose to w8 for 8000 series that would be another whole year??

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                          @StephenCurry: I'd get something from the 6000 series, a lot of them are great value.

                          • @xxBARGAINGODxx: True.. But I think the stock level of 6000 series might have been ran out or something? It might be hard to find with good price nowadays :(

                            • @StephenCurry: Still some limited stock out there. The used market is also very good and the risk isn't really as big as people make it out to be, especially if you buy off eBay.

                  • @xxBARGAINGODxx: Which die did the gtx 1080 and rtx 2080 have
                    Both 104 dies

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            @xyron: you've been brainwashed

        • AMD believes that the RX 7800 XT is the true successor to the RX 6800, not even the 6800 XT

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            @cloudzhou: Yeah the RX 6800 is OK but not at the same level as a 6800XT which is one of the most powerful cards out there

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          The 7800 XT should technically be a 6700 XT successor but Nvidia and AMD's greed this generation means they pushed lower tier cards above a tier to justify charging more. The 4070 should be a 4060, the 4070 Ti should be a 4070 (Nvidia initially tried to make the 4070 Ti a 4080 "12GB"). The 7800 XT should be a 7700 XT, the 7900 XT should be a 7800 XT.

          • -2

            @Yuri Lowell: Yuppp, I have an 6700XT from Sapphire and it can churn through pretty much anything at 4K UHD, let alone 1440p…

            I can see why AMD didn't release a true successor to the 6700XT as the 7700XT, because who would bother buying the higher ranked cards anymore.

            That's what i was saying in a prior post, GPUs these days are so powerful that even a cheap 3060 can be used as a 4K rendering GPU.

    • The numbers are so big! It must be top tier!

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    I'm a bit assumed to get a search alert for my own post 😂

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    QC is not great. Some 7800XT have issues where it just freeze and PC reboots.

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      Sounds like typical Radeon drivers.

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        Tried installing the latest drivers, it didn't help

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          Did you try DDU in safe mode?

    • Sounds like a power supply issue, check +12v rails if it fluctuates like crazy

      • check +12v rails

        Not sure how to do this, but I replaced it with 4070Ti and it is working nicely :-)
        The PSU is 750W 80 Plus Gold.

        • Assuming 4070ti probably more power efficient or just might be a specific 7800xt card issue. I've upgraded my daughter's gtx1050ti to rx6700xt by going to safe mode and uninstall drivers then plugging the new gpu. It's been more stable and smoother than her previous Nvidia apparently.

          • @lagur: If you look on reddit, there is a known issue with 7800xt

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    So the 6900XT that was cheap during the week is a much better card?

    • Absolutely, but there wasn't enough stock so deal was really unobtainable.

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      6950xt can be had for $150 extra than this deal

    • I think the 6900XT is not a much better card than the 7800XT, it's a bit better. The 7800XT is a lot newer

  • Anyone find a review or comparison table between this Pulse and reference MBA one at the same price? Cant decide which is better. Pulse might be quieter?

    • +1

      I could only find reviews of the reference and Nitro by Sapphire, so I went by previous reviews of Pulse series cards and general good reputation of Sapphire. Very happy with my 7800xt.

      Zero RPM at low usage, which I think most GPUs are these days. Sucks down a lot of watts, depending on game, but 250watts isn't unusual. But relatively quiet at lower loads. Can't tell if it's super noisy at high loads as everything is pretty noisy when the system is getting down to business, even with tweaked fan curves.

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      JW re-neged? back up to 849 there
      Centrecom still 799 + free shipping

      • Ah yes, looks like both JW and Umart have expired.

  • is this worth an upgrade from my 2 year old 6600XT?

    • nah, just lower your resolution.

      • yeah I looking at improving my VR quality so lowering res is going to make it worse lol. the headset I have now has a much higher resolution.

        • -2

          for VR you should get a 4070Ti.
          AMD isn't good for VR.

          • @congo: its been fine up until I upgraded my headset, which now demands more resources. But never had a problem when I was on my quest 2 last time. I am not a fan of Nvidia I tend to not go with them ever.

  • think gpu prices will drop down anytime soon?

    • Nope, AI will be the next wave..

      • Was supposed to be replaced by cloud gaming… too soon

    • If we're lucky we might see some movement around this price segment with the release of the RTX 4070 (Ti) Super cards. As ever, I'm not holding my breathe though.

    • Offer sellers on ebay/marketplace $200 less. I got a 3080 for $320 and didn't take long. There's a huge supply of gpu's on facebook atm.

      Forget new lol. The 6900xt was $899 over a year ago, this deal is essentially no different.

      • Would love to see some links for 3080s at $300

        • Won't be for a while. Just make offers

  • Buy from Kogan (JW) get another 10% if you get TCN Shop gc from Woolies. $8.95 delivery fee

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