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Catch Connect 365-Days Prepaid Plan: 60GB $99, 120GB $119, 200GB $150 @ Catch Connect


These are the only cheap long expiry options left from Optus MVNOs, with Optus and Coles increasing prices significantly. Get in quick before Catch follows in their path. Combine with 3.5% cashback.

Recharges at $120 60GB, $150 120GB and $200 200GB.

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Catch Connect
Catch Connect

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    price increased from $89 to $99

    • still a good. can someone comment on the signal differences between catch connect and amaysim?

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    Cant find how long the sim is valid for, I'm good til June 29th but will be on the hunt then for cheap 365 day plans and prices are going up, not counting on Amaysim to send the normal end of term $90 offer on my current one.

    Activate SIM within 30 days of purchase, or by the date advertised in a promotion, whichever is earlier, to receive advertised inclusions.


    Just got off support, fine to activate this 6mnths from now and still get the advertised 60gb

    • hmm tempted to get this, as i am good till Feb 2024 or maybe better wait for better deal ?

      • Upto you, most 60gb 365 day plans are gone now and prices are going up, I'm gonna watch this and cashback rates and hope for an upsized cashback and then hope some more, the usualy activate 30day window for cashback is not enforced like I've seen happen with Shopback/Amaysim and Cashrewards/Boost.

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    Maybe this is off topic but be ware that items on Catch are much more expensive compared to the same item and merchant from eBay.
    I just bought a second hand laptop, I looked at it on Catch then I found the same one on eBay from the same seller, $200 cheaper plus $70 voucher from the seller so totally a saving of $270!

  • Much better value from Kogan Mobile

    • +2

      Thats subjective.
      1. Vodafone's network.
      2. Not everyone needs more than 60gb

      • +1

        hmm but jsut $1 more and kogan has esim. as long both can receive sms when we overseas without paying roaming, i'll take kogan

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    Missing the days of Amaysim's $60 for 60 GB (plus cashback). Why have prices gone up so much in this market?

    • I was hoping to renew this deal, Amaysing price

      • I'm doubtful they'll send out the targetted $90 renewals now with all the changes.

        • Amaysim gave me 25% discount on the $200 renewals I have due tomorrow and next week via online chat. I was intending to move to Catch but got caught out because it didn't occur to me they wouldn't have esim and had to mail them out (I would have been happy to purchase a 1 month plan from another company then move to Catch).

          Black Friday promos for Amaysim were a real let down compared to prior years, so I'm pretty happy with their discount as the plans have significant data bank to roll over, will be interesting to see the state of the market in 12 months for the next lot of renewals.

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    OnePass members can save a further $10 off from OP’s prices

    So the $120 plan is now $89; $150 plan is now $109

  • I ported out from Woolworths mobile to catch this morning and so far after 4 hr number isn't ported out so now the mobile don't work and when I call catch the offices are closed… !

    Make sure if anyone but this deal then do the transfer on working days.. !

  • Will porting from Coles mobile to Catch Connect be okay? Considering both are based on Optus backbone network?

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