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Kookaburra Red Dragon Cricket Ball - Men's - $1.55 Delivered


Sendit.com usually charge around $6 Delivery, but it's free at the moment, maybe a balls-up but seems quite a catch to me!

Price is £0.99 x 1.5675 aud - gbp = $1.55

Some other decent kookaburra deals also to be had. Just search for 'kookaburra' on their home page.

A great cricket ball is one that delivers all round performance in terms of durability, flight and bounce making it a joy to bowl, catch or despatch to the boundary. Kookaburra's range of cricket balls is world-renowned for their quality and excellent seam and shape retention. The Kookaburra Red Dragon is a great quality cricket ball. It is hand sewn with layers of cork and worsted around a natural cork centre. It features alum tanned hide cover with fine linen stitching and is waxed and finished to M. C. C requirements. Colour: Dark Red

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    +1 for all the intended PUN

    • -2


  • is it leather? :)

    • Appears so, just added description to the post above.

  • Just in time for Cricket season too, thanks!

  • +15

    Absolutely marvellous post there…that bargain has been struck right off the meat of the keyboard and cracked straight onto the front page of Ozbargain…not even scotty would've been able to get a finger on that one…boy, the lucky Ozbargainers are loving watching this fellow have at it tonight!

    • +1

      Shuuper posht that!

  • Seems a good deal, will place and order……..cannot order….Sold Out !

  • Just ordered. Free postage as stated. Never heard of the site but backed by The Hut and at UKP0.99 it's worth the punt. +1 from me.

  • +1

    Looks like it's sold out :(

    But on the other leg you can save £195 off a thigh guard!

    • For left handers though :(

    • +1

      I'd love to know the features of a £200 thigh pad!

  • -1

    i bet this is cheaper than going out to find a nice rock to put through someone's window. with the added + of being an innocent mistake.

  • I ordered 3 fine :)

    • same, hope i get atleast one. thanks OP

      PS: for those wondering about the other cheap cricket gear on there, SB (gloves) stands for small boys and LH (thigh pad) is left handed

  • +2

    sold out. they don't have the balls to sell so cheap anymore

  • +5

    Sold Out. HOWZAT!?

  • Sold out already.

  • wow! thats cheap!

  • Ordered 5 of these, but received an email last night telling me that my order had been 'successfully cancelled' and that my card was not charged- anyone else receive this?

    • I just ordered 1 and received the same cancellation email.

      • +1

        No mate, got my confirmation email confirming it had been shipped the day after :/

    • I got the cancellation email.

      Cricket scandal!

  • My order cancelled too…received the email last night.

  • yep cancelled, tried to get three.seemed too good to be true

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