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Silicon Power Ace A55 512GB 2.5" SSD $29.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Silicon Power AU via Amazon AU

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Was keeping an eye out on cheaper 2.5" SSDs to help give new life to some old laptops. Was mainly looking for at least a half decent brand in the 512GB range for under $30, and it looks like this one just squeezed in for the price.

Reviews on it are mixed depending on what part of the internet you look at, but most reputable places say the drive is decent enough, but if you want more reliability, pay a bit extra and go with the more trusted brands.

Also note this is a DRAM-less drive, but does use SLC Caching, so it's probably better than nothing, and for most real world cases, you wouldn't notice too much difference.

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  • Data speeds are low enough any Dram would be wasted.

    Thanks mate, been looking for a cheap one again for doing dumb experiments with! Got one!

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    Couple of these have completely die on me, just letting everyone know. Not suitable as a reliable medium to store important data.

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      Yes.. even the 870evo's are failing… They don't make 2.5" SSDs as reliable as they used too..i have so many very old MX500 & Sandisk 250GB drives in office PCs that are now 8 years old no issues over 90% health ratings. .. 1 intel and 1 Samsung 840 250GB drive failure after 7 years . they were also 90% health…

      Looks like nand lifespan rating is always the least likely reason for drive failure from my experience

      • 840 were famous for its failure back in the days… surprised yours lasted so long. 830, 850 etc didn't suffer from the problem.

    • Every brand dies. We all know that backup means 3 or more forms of backup. DVD ain't dead yet.

  • These ssd's are always going on sale but people keep posting that fanxiang crap as deal..

    • where is the fanxiang deals? i want one sounds exotic

      • You can get Fanxiang cheaper off eBay if you have ebayplus with the $20 or $30 vouchers.

        Pity the 2TB SP is still full price.

  • Amazon Boxing Day sale .. ALREADY??? .,.. WWHHHAAATTTT !!

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      Amazon: "But our month of Black Friday deals has sadly ended"

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      You sound like a classy person with your comment and profile picture.

  • The only thing id recommend this for and maybe the only thing you should risk it with is steam library etc. I use this in my unraid server only for steam network storage. For a laptop I wouldn't do it due to failure rate.

  • I have found these to be noticeably slower in machines compared other drives with DRAM even when just doing basic productivity stuff. They are painful when doing very large data transfers.

    • What if u put them in a 5 disk raidz1?

      • Far cheaper to buy a drive with built in DRAM.

      • I just bought 6 of them to use in a proxmox server in raid6.

        Should give me 2TB usable with 2 drive fault tolerance. For $180 - Stupidly cheap. I do have a lot of sata ports / bays available though, so definitely not practical for everyone.

        Also have a 2TB one of these used for caching duties (not zfs, specific to a server I run) that is kicking along fine.

  • Is this fine to use as just a steam games drive? Will it last a few years, or will it just break down after a few months. Does anybody who has it know?

    • Should be fine mate, at this price buy 2 and raid1 / mirror them if you're concerned about uptime.

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