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Ozito 2000W Variable Temperature Heat Gun $19.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass ) @ Bunnings


Was in need of a heat gun and just noticed it on the bunnings site for $19.95 now.

This has been a very popular item in the past - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/740671

Typically retails for $49 and is very popular.

Plenty of stock around

Guess they are price matching with Total Tools on the Detroit 2000W Heat Gun, but that one doesn't appear to have variable temperature control.

2 Speed airflow allows you to select the right air speed to suit the application
Easily control the temperature between 50-600°C
Nozzles and scrapers included to increase the tools versatility
Sure grip handle provides a more secure, comfortable grip
Built-in stand support allows the gun to stand upright for hands free use
2000W of power makes this Ozito heat gun ideal for a variety of paint stripping jobs around the home.

The four interchangeable nozzles tailor the heat gun to additional applications, including heat shrink tubing, bending and welding plastic, softening adhesives and drying materials.

The two included scrapers allow users to easily remove paint from large flat surfaces and in hard-to-reach corners.

With two speed settings and variable temperature, it is easy to control the temperature to suit a variety of different applications and materials.

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  • +2

    Good price, plus the ozito replacement warranty is better than the Detroit one. I have one of these to start my charcoal bbq. Works well

    • +1

      That's what I was going to ask - how good would this be to start a charcoal bbq. You've answered my question. Thanks

      • +1

        Not as good as a Looftlighter, but those do not seem to be available anymore and when they were, the cheapest was $40.

        This seems like a very reasonable solution at $20.

      • +1

        Works great from my experience, bought mine for that purpose.

  • -3

    I wonder if this will go off like the personal touch massager

  • -2

    Sounds like a sticky situation

  • +3

    Use this quite often. Bought it November 2019 and it still goes strong

    • +2

      Out of curiosity what do you use it for?

      • +4

        Heat guns are great for removing stickers/labels that normally self destruct when you try to peel them off.
        Another situation is anytime you need to bend/warp something, heat it up and you'll bend something without snapping it.
        Drying something quick is also another use.

  • +1

    Temperature control is good, I've used it from warming boots to use wax on them to bending plastic without melting it

  • +1

    have…is good

  • Heat gun works well.

    I did however find the temperature control knob rotates fairly easily so an accidental knock can land you on a different temp setting without noticing.

  • Thanks OP.
    Plenty of stock at my local Bunnings 👍

  • +1

    What's the day to day use for this thing?

    • +2

      Hair styling, Mrs would love it for birthday

      • +6

        She'd prefer the massage deal mate

    • +6

      Can use it to sear the edges of steaks and stuff if your pan hasn’t done a great job/too lazy to hold it up.

      Works great to rescue pork crackling that hasn’t quite formed.

      • +1

        Sounds like a great option for drying out duck skin prior to cooking.

      • +1

        Creme Brulee 😀

      • Omg, no way, that's a bloody great idea!
        How long do you hold it over the area for? Any tips/tricks/videos you can point me to? @Whodis

    • +7

      I was curious too so asked the gpt oracle;

      A 2000W handheld heat gun is a versatile tool with several practical applications, especially in industrial, automotive, and DIY projects. Its day-to-day uses include:

      1. Paint Stripping: Removing old paint from surfaces such as walls, doors, or furniture.
      2. Welding Plastics: Used in plastic fabrication and repair, such as in automotive bumpers or plastic piping.
      3. Shrinking Heat Shrink Tubing: Common in electrical projects for insulating wires and connections.
      4. Drying: Accelerating the drying process for damp surfaces or freshly applied adhesives.
      5. Thawing Frozen Pipes: Gently applying heat to thaw frozen metal or plastic pipes.
      6. Bending and Molding Plastics: Shaping plastic sheets in DIY or commercial fabrication.
      7. Softening Adhesives: For easier removal of floor tiles, linoleum, or window films.
      8. Automotive Repair: Loosening rusted or over-torqued nuts and bolts.

      Its high wattage indicates a powerful heating capability, making it suitable for tasks that require consistent and high heat levels. Safety precautions are essential when using such a tool, considering its high operating temperature.

    • These are really good for warming up items from ikea (gently) to remove the god damn sticky labels that tear otherwise

  • +1

    Bought one last year same price. It a must have tools I reckon.

  • What is this gun used for?

    Is it for the heatshrink cable?

    • +2

      Anything that needs heat applied.
      Melting and molding plastics
      Removing logos from cars

      I use mine to start my bbq when im too lazy to use a chimney

      • +1


        Haha do you ever use it for cheese toastie or creme brulee

    • +1

      There's a million things you might want to apply heat to. A very common usage is melting glue, such as the glue used on wallpaper or laminates or floor tiles or lino etc. The other day I used a gas burning stove to heat some PVC pipe to bend it, but a heat gun would have been perfect and wouldn't have discoloured the pipe. Paint stripping is another use. Also drying things… There's also a bunch of niche things like shrinking vinyl wrap or tint for windows or heating a metal surface to extract a screw etc.

      • Oh i see thanks

      • how close did you need to go to to melt?

    • Pork crackles….

    • another use is to prep or take up grip tape on a skateboard…

      • I see thanks

  • Strange Pricehipster didn't pick up the price drop.

  • Good to keep you warm on those cold winter nights.

    • +10

      got a heymix for that..

      • +1

        I think the fella just wants to keep warm but not burn down his house. ;)

  • I'm guessing this would work well with a cricut to do wood burning projects with wood burning paste?

  • Bought one last time. Works well and keep finding new uses for it. Worth its $20.
    Dry pool liner before applying sealant; soften irrigation polypipe; etc etc

  • +1

    I've thought about getting a heat gun 100 times but have persevered with a hair dryer. At this price can't say no.

    • Can't agree more…Missues hair dryer works well for odd jobs. So far successfully used for carpet drying, car dent removal etc.

      • +15

        I got shouted at for using the missuses dyson,, I had to invest in this for my personal safety.

  • +2

    Gonna use this for fixing my shit ovens inabiltiy to do pork crackling

  • Awsome price. It's actually a pretty good unit, and for this money it's crazy value. It's something I use a few times a year so this quality is perfectly acceptable.

  • No more burning my fingers!

  • Thanks OP, I use this to warm my toes in summer.

  • Thanks, purchased! Need to use one to replace my cracked phone screen.

    • Or use a heat pack warmed in microwave.
      Had a mobile's battery to replace. Considered buying heat gun, but found heat pack works well to melt glue. Already had a few of those.

      • Presumably that method would also heat the battery too? The same issue with using a hair dryer. Not much of a problem when you're replacing the battery anyway, but not great when you just want to replace a screen and your battery is in good health.

        • Easy to regulate the temp with hot pack to avoid that. Try first at lower temp, until find right temp & time applied to melt glue.

          Method is recommended by some phone parts suppliers.
          Professional repairers use heat gun, but they are experienced in its use. Most of us only need to do this once, so lack that experience.

          In my case screen looked as new, but battery failed. Manufacturer had replaced first battery just out of Warranty.
          Battery had swelled, partly lifting screen out of case. So was easy job. Was more concerned of damaging screen with too much heat from heat gun.

          Best of luck!

  • Is the total tool's one better to reflect it's RRP?

    • No. Total tools doesn't have a temperature control dial, just two fan+heat options.

      Both are RRP $50

      • True. Somehow I read $59 on my phone before. Thanks.

  • Thanks. I've purchased it and hopefully will work out what to use it on.

  • Thanks OP, have been looking for a cheap solution to reflow a BGA

    • +1

      Back Gapped Arse?

      • Ball Grid Array, means the solder on the bottom of computer chips.

  • +2

    For those who have a suction cup that doesn't stick anymore. These are great to heat the plastic back into shape

  • +1

    A good gun - been roasting coffee with it forever. Might pick up another in case it dies.

  • Slightly off track, any recommendations for a good bang for buck glue gun, for DIY purposes

  • +3

    +1 if you haven’t used or opened since you got it from the last deal 😂
    I haven’t used mine lol

  • Got one of these. I've had it for nearly 3 years. Fantastic heat gun.

  • good for opening iPhone?

  • +2

    Got this model. Use it for removing shipping labels from Amazon boxes and padded mailers to reuse. Only takes a few seconds and the labels come off in one piece. Also for drying wet shoes and boots - very carefully though, on low heat.

    • +1

      Ah thanks, been struggling removing amazon labels especially now cartons are so thin.

  • The amount of times I've NEEDED one and gave up has been too high.

    Thanks for posting!

  • +1

    Thanks Op.

    Never had one before but reading comments seems like it could be handy so picked it up

  • +9

    Thanks, bought due to peer pressure from ozb.

  • -5

    Still $20 overpriced. Had one, useless, returned it. Better off with a hair dryer.

  • The forbidden hair dryer

  • -2

    Realistically this is a $19.95 item but you know…..inflation and small things like pay increases for Chinese workers to increase the middle class numbers there and what not. So not complaining, great buy in current times.

  • Just bought one. Seems alright.

  • Thanks OP dont need it but still ordered.

  • +3

    Thanks OP. Got me one. Finally get the stickers off the boys bedroom doors. They're now in their 30's lol

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought and was surprised at free shipping with onepass. 19.95 delivered to my door. That's excellent.

  • if no one has mentioned, these work excellent for heating up heat beads for the BBQ

  • Thanks OP. Bought 1 but dnt know why I need this.. thinking I may need it

    • That's the ozbargain way.

  • For the people who use it light charcoals how long does it usually take? I've got a pretty good routine going now with the chimney, 30min set and forget, prep stuff in the meantime, and won't be chewing up electricity in the mean time.

    I've got the cheapie XU1 one at the moment, thinking if this is noticeably better or not…

    • I got the Ozito bbq starter (2000w, 600^) and it takes around 5min to light a stack of charcoal in the chimney

  • +1

    Got one! Never had the variable temp on a heat gun before: useful!
    On lowest setting it's just warm - can comfortably hold hand in front of - perfect for drying stuff.

  • +2

    If you have solar, use this during the day to kill weeds in your driveway /sidewalk.

    • Great idea. Does it really work?

    • It definitely won't set the plant/garden on fire? Stuff like this triggers some kind phobia 🫣

      • the weeds are green, not brown/dry so they're not going to suddenly be set alight.
        when using this, they dry up and shrivel around the edges first, then go black and burnt.
        for weed killing, you don't need to go to burnt. just enough to evaporate the moisture and light brown is enough.
        not as fast or as fun as a blow torch but.

  • Deal back on

  • unlike the TT one , this one can stand up on its end . Handsfree

  • Would this work as a steriliser for garden cutters etc.? Similar to a small blowtorch

    • +1

      It might, but it'd take too long. Pretty sure it wouldn't reach the highest heat needed to kill a majority of bacteria.

      • +1

        Highest heat is 600C. Most bacteria will die at 120C.

    • Surely you'd just dip the end into a tub of bleach if you want to sterilize a tool ?

  • Still available for $20! Purchased today 03/0/1/2024 Harrisdale, WA

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