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Ozito 2000W Variable Temperature Heat Gun $19.95 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ OnePass with $80 Online Order) @ Bunnings


It was very popular last time. RRP $49

Pricehipster Now is historic low

Credit to @Solx

Nozzles and scrapers included to increase the tools versatility
Easily control the temperature between 50-600°C
2 Speed airflow allows you to select the right air speed to suit the application
Sure grip handle provides a more secure, comfortable grip
Built-in stand support allows the gun to stand upright for hands free use
2000W of power makes this Ozito heat gun ideal for a variety of paint stripping jobs around the home.

The four interchangeable nozzles tailor the heat gun to additional applications, including heat shrink tubing, bending and welding plastic, softening adhesives and drying materials.

The two included scrapers allow users to easily remove paint from large flat surfaces and in hard-to-reach corners.

With two speed settings and variable temperature, it is easy to control the temperature to suit a variety of different applications and materials.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2022

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  • +3

    Bunnings matching Total Tools with their own brand

    • Does 'Detroit' brand have variable temp? (I can't see that.)

  • how much was this before?

    can we use hair driers instead?

    • RRP 49

    • +3

      Don't think hair dryers are as hot

      • +2

        I sick of using an old hairdryer for odd jobs. Time to finally get a heat gun.

        • +1

          Same - regardless of whether they have a stand, they're not balanced in a way to stay in a position unheld

        • Really? I just take my comb and mirror up on the roof and do one for the heat adhesive, one for me!

    • +2

      Hair dryers make things warm. Heat guns can melt and burn.

    • +3

      can we use hair driers instead?

      No, hair dryers don't even reach 100 degrees. High temperatures will set your hair on fire, hair dryers are designed to prevent that from happening.

    • Hair dryers also mean you have to hold things a bit more steady like if you're applying heatshrink to something small.

      I ended up buying an XU1 (for more than this, sigh) after trying to make do with an old hairdryer.

  • Thanks OP, missed out last time waiting to go in store to pay with gift cards, just forked out cash for it this time.

  • I only need one to open mobile phones, would a hair dryer do?

    • +4

      yes, less likely to kill the phone too

      • +2

        Great thanks, I did kill an s7 edge with an industrial heat gun so great advice 👍

        • +2

          This isnt an industrial grade though. Has a sticker on the gun cable "Only for DIY purpose". But yeah, industrial would definitely send the phone to hell.

          • +1

            @Mukhlou: What does "industrial" mean though? The maximum amount of power you can draw from a regular power plug is 2400w. This is 2000w. The most expensive heat guns you can buy from Bunnings, Total Tools, Sydney Tools, etc, are all 2000w. The fancy German made Metabo is 2000w. These all have plenty enough power to destroy a phone, with air temperatures over 500 degrees C on high, including the Ozito.

            • @GhostofB: Valid point. Most probably build quality, amount of use and probably lifespan.. But then again it could just be a marketing stunt.

            • +2

              @GhostofB: I've always assumed the "Only for DIY" tag is the manufacturers' get out of jail card when it comes to warranties. They're built differently vs industrial ones hence not expected to last as long. If you use on a work site week in/ week out. Don't complain when it breaks.

              • @deck_oz: Not suitable for 5hrs+ use day in, day out. These tools are fine, but expect it to fatigue sooner than an tool designed for industry specific tasks.

            • @GhostofB: Duty cycle for DIY things is generally about 5 min.
              Industrial should be longer, or may even be continuous.

        • And you're still asking?

  • +4

    Got it last time and used it to melt and repair damage to car bumper. Happy with purchase.

  • +2

    Had mine for about 4 years - still going strong and heats up quick!

  • Good deal. Bought at $49, used a handful of times already and worked well each time.

  • +1

    Good price bought one. Handy to have

  • +1

    Thanks OP, literally nearly bought one Monday for a job I’ll grab one today

  • +2

    awesome heat gun, use it to bend pvc pipe

  • +5

    Is this hot enough to crackle pork belly?

    • +3


    • +2

      Can you do that? Not sure if joking or if I now have a use for this.

      • +6

        You can definitely do it. Its more to finish it off imo, and get the spots that didnt crackle during the cook

        • What about creme brulee? Seriously though.

    • Omg genius.

      I have this https://www.bunnings.com.au/matador-2000w-600-c-corded-charc… but Ozito branded. That would also work pretty well too

    • Now that's a thought.

      I'm getting tired of having to heat up the BBQ to finish sous vide meat. Love the tenderness and juiciness, but it needs searing.

      This might do a good job.

  • +1

    Should I buy before the comments section gets…. heated?

  • 1̶1̶ 10 left at Frankston.
    For $19… 🤷‍♂️

  • Brilliant. Bought one.

  • +9

    so awesome, have one, bought it for $49 years ago, its a bargain at $49!!

    At $19……I just want to buy another one so I feel like I have bought a bargain…..

    but I really dont need two of them…..do i?

    "duelling heat gun man"?

    • flip later or keep as a backup

  • Ordered. Missed out last time.

  • +1

    thanks op!, this is so handy for Starting charcoal lol

    • Do you use this instead of heat beads? Aren't they quicker/less work?

    • Bought one because of this comment.
      With barbecue season around the corner, I'm hopeless lighting heartbeads. I use a whole pack of firefighters each time and it still takes forever.

      So many barbecues cooked in the dark after sunset.
      This changes everything.

    • You can just use a hair dryer, only need the air flow to get heat beads going once they are lit

  • Finally got myself a heavy-duty hair dryer. Thanks.

  • +1

    Also can be used to reflow and replace smd parts if used carefully.

    • Was going to ask this, looking for a heat gun for a few game console mobo repair jobs.

  • Thanks

  • Always wanted one, not sure why but ordered thanks OP

  • The price at store still $49.95, the guy couldn't believe his eyes when he scanned it at the checkout. He then said he would get one for himself.

  • Just wondering what to use it for?

    • I mostly use it for stripping off old paint.

    • +1

      Do you smoke?

    • Coffee roasting

    • Heat shrink tubes to cover joined wires and prevent water penetration and corrosion.
      Removing stubborn stickers from surfaces
      Stripping paint around window frames
      Bending plastic pipes
      Softening plastic pipes to get them to join together. Great for black reticulation hoses.
      Killing weeds between the cracks of cement

    • Speed up flash-off during spray-painting.

  • +2

    Bunnings website sucks. I just tried ordering four times - two stores, using PayPal and giving Bunnings my CC details. Every time my order was cancelled within seconds.

    I rang one of the stores, asked for the tool shop, and the person there kindly offered to put one aside. If anyone else is having problems ordering, I recommend you ring them.

  • Will come in handy for bending hard tube's for water cooling pc. Thanks purchased one.

  • Thanks Op grabbed one will be having a hot time with it.

  • +7

    The vast majority of you will never use or need this lol.

    • I would think quite a lot of people would use them for paint stripping. I know I will be this summer

  • +2

    This is wonderful for coffee roasting, all you need is a breadmaker and this heat gun. Look up the corretto method!

  • +3

    For anyone wanting to bend plastic pipes with this, and you don't want the pipes to kink, search for "bending spring" on eBay.

    You insert the spring into the tube prior to bending, bend the tube, and pull the spring out after the plastic has become solid again.

    You can tie a cord to the spring if you want to bend a long pipe in the middle, and use a magnet from the outside of the pipe to "feel" the spring position is correct before bending.

  • +1

    Has anyone used these for charring a sous vide steak? Does it get hot enough?

  • Is this one good for melting soldier for replacing circuit parts?

    • no clue but I also bought this for the purpose of reflowing. Will see how we go

    • Was mentioned above that it could be if used carefully, I'm getting one for this too

      • +1

        Yep, confirmed, I'm blind.
        Plenty of youtube reflowing use a similar heat gun.

        • Yep, hopefully this allows me to carefully transplant some ASIC chips from one motherboard to another!

      • The real risk is burning the plastic on components. Do a few tests to get the right temperature.

        Also worth mentioning that you should use low temp solder (usually with lead) and clean with flux for best results.

        • Tin-lead-silver alloy is readily available, and has a lower melting temperature than ordinary tin-lead solder.

          It's often called "LMP" by sellers, for "Low Melting Point".

          There are solders with even lower melting temperatures, even below 100 Celsius, but they're not suitable for making a permanent electrical joint. They're only used for desoldering. Look up "Chip Quick" for an example.

    • Is this one good for melting soldier for replacing circuit parts?

      honestly i'd get an 858d off aliexpress for around AU$50-60 rather than this

  • My order is ready for collection, 2 hours since order placed

  • Nice find mate

  • This reminds me of when I used a heatgun to fix my phat ps3 with ylod. It lasted another month before it dies again

  • +1

    Good as charcoal starter?

    • +1

      Great as a charcoal starter.

      • Really? Didn't think these would get hot enough.

        Edit: just watched a few vids of people comparing with BBQ starters and chimneys. These are actually faster, I'm gobsmacked.

        • +1

          It's not so much the heat, it's the airflow that makes it go.

  • Great bargain post OP - bought 2

  • +2

    Bought in Aug 2022. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/721437
    Still unopened. Time to return it and get this deal.

    • I bought in Aug too. Can you return something from 3 months ago?

    • +1

      That's Unacceptable. OK, I'll see myself out.

  • Thanks OP … also useful to add / remove vehicle wrap.

    • Wow - you'd have to be really careful with the heat on the paint I guess?

  • I've been waiting for a good price on a heat gun. Thanks!.

  • +1

    These are the best heat guns. I use heatguns daily for work and this one is better than every other one i've purchased.
    Even better than the most expensive ones. It just doesnt die.

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